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  • Name: Natalia Fateeva ( Fateeva, Natalia )
  • Date of birth: 23 December 1934.
  • Age: 82 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: divorced

    Natalya Fateyeva: biography

    Natalia Fateeva called «Russian Liz Taylor». Her blue eyes and languid voice penetrate deep into the soul. Actress all my life had to prove that with the appearance of the hidden talent.

    Fateeva was born on December 23, 1934 in Kharkov. Her father was military, mother was the head of couture. Natasha nature has bestowed a good voice and hearing, since childhood, she liked to visit the Opera house and dreamed of performing on stage. Parents were skeptical about the passion for her daughter: the girl is constantly reminded that studying should be in the first place.

    At school Natalya Fateeva wanted to join the drama club, but because of the high growth it was not accepted. Then the parents gave the girl to music school. Father has traded her piano for the boots. Music is not complicated – the girl moved to sports, athletics and continued to dream about the scene.

    In 1952, she entered the Kharkov theatre Institute. Entrance examinations has handed over on «excellent», the University received a scholarship for a good education. But she was expelled from the Institute about the reasons Natalya Fateyeva says.

    Then she went to enter the film Institute. Sergei Gerasimov took her to his Studio once for 4 year (in the history of Cinematography never before and after that was not). In 1958, Natalia Fateeva graduated from the Institute.


    After graduation, she worked in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. There is a serious roles she was offered. A year later, she went to the Theatre Ermolayeva, where he played leading roles in productions of «Three comrades», «Two fools» and quickly became a leading actress. After the birth of her son Fateeva left the theatre.

    A few years later she returned to the stage of the Theatre-Studio of film actor and worked there for quite a long time. Natalia Fateeva memorable role in the production of «Red and black» directed by Sergei Gerasimov.

    In the 2000s, she started performing in theatre companies and independent theatre projects.


    Her film debut was the role in the film «There’s a guy», which was released in 1956. Then there were three more subtle role, but Natalia wanted more.

    Today in its track record — more than 70 different roles. Viewers saw the actress in the film «Gentlemen of fortune», TV serial film «the meeting Place cannot be changed».

    The great popularity came after the Comedy «Three plus two», where the actress had to play the role of Zoe, the lion tamer, girl with a perky personality. On set she had to enter the cage to predators. After painting her for a long time was not a landmark role.

    His best work Fateeva considers the film «From evening until noon», filmed in 1981.The actress played the woman of the new generation, which defends the right to love and live as she wants. The heroine in her performance was convincing.

    In 1991, Natalia Fateeva starred in four films. The most successful was the drama «Anna Karamazoff» in which she played the Actress.

    Natalya Fateyeva, people’s actress of the RSFSR. In 2014, she received the award «Nika» for a role of the second plan in the film «Flying leaves in the wind».


    Fateeva never hid the contempt for the Soviet system. In the midst of perestroika, she actively supported the conversion, was of the party «Democratic choice of Russia». She was a confidant of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin in the presidential election.

    For 10 years, her views on politics have changed dramatically. Since 2010, Natalia Fateeva supports the Russian opposition Alexei Navalny. She opposes the current policy of Russia, and a rare interview draws Parallels with the Stalinist regime.

    Personal life

    First husband Fateeva was the actor Leonid Tarabarinov, whom she met while studying at the Kharkov theatrical Institute. Their life together did not last as long. Soon the couple broke up, the actress left the University and went to Moscow.

    Natalia Fateeva met with Vladimir Basov in 1957, when he starred in the film «the case of the mine eight». Two years later they were married. In the same year, Natalia gave birth to a son, Vladimir.

    Bass was older than Fateeva for 12 years. The actress admits that loved her husband, bore him a thermos shooting, admired his obsession and tolerated his drunkenness. Vladimir Basov tormented with jealousy, so Natalia decided to divorce. After divorce the former husband did everything possible to avoid shooting. Bass not seen my son in 10 years, though he lived on the same street.

    Third husband of Natalia Fateeva – cosmonaut Boris Yegorov. They met at a party. The handsome hero, he’s gone to her head. Egorov was married, but Fateeva was not discouraged. When he divorced, they married. In 1969, in this marriage was born a daughter, Natalia. The relationship was short-lived. It soon became clear that Natalia and Boris – different people read different books, have different ways of thinking, shared goals. After five years they divorced.

    Natalya Fateyeva says that during the divorce the nobility wife disappeared – he sued her apartment and her car, the actress was forced to live with children in a communal apartment. It was rumored that the reason for the divorce was the novel by Boris with actress Natalia Kostinsky. But Fateyev denied this information, saying that the novel happened to them after the break.

    Natalia Fateeva attributed the novel with Andrei Mironov. However, the actress says that they tied a strong friendship and nothing more.

    Her personal life never happened. Fateeva compares his marriage with «the Soviet five-year plan» three years of love, two years is suffering. Around men, she had to wash, to cook, to be like all wives.

    The actress loves animals, cares about the homeless dogs. She doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke, enjoys yoga and professes the philosophy of optimism. Natalya Fateyeva says that he lived a worthy life, she has nothing to be ashamed of.


    • «To kill a man»
    • Songs of the sea
    • «Meeting at the far Meridian»
    • «Iron play»
    • «Moscow, I love you!»
    • «A dream in the hand, or Suitcase»
    • «A wife for the Maitre d'»
    • «Romance»
    • «From evening until noon»
    • «Nobody wanted to leave»


    Natalya Fateeva

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