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  • Name: Natalia Burikov ( Demid Burikov )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: comedian, comedian, player of KVN
  • Marital status: not married

    Natalia Burikov: biography

    Natalia Burikov – Russian humorist and showman, kvnschik, the captain of the team «Pure ponds», which at the festival in Sochi in 2015, created a sensation with the author’s room «French rap».

    Demid was born in 1991. From childhood he loved to joke, constantly come up with some jokes and pranks that entertained classmates and friends. To school always treated cool though was doing good.

    But much more of the guy was carrying the football. He trained in children’s and youth sports school, and later played for the Amateur team «FLB-MSK» in Western Moscow League.

    After school, Natalia Burikov entered the Russian Peoples ‘ Friendship University, where he studied French. But very quickly from textbooks and lectures, the young man began to distract the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful.


    18 years old Natalia Burikov started playing for the young team of my University. With her he performed in Sochi, and then went to Kharkiv, took part in Ukrainian Higher League. But after returning to Moscow, the guy decided to leave the team, as he saw that the main players involved in KVN as a hobby, he wanted to develop as a comedian professionally.

    In the end, Burikov assemble their own team of «Chistye Prudy». The main condition for each member of the team of KVN is the main profession. Those guys who already finished College, quit my job and gave their favorite humorous game.

    Interestingly, although «Pure ponds» are Moscow, but the team never played in the Metropolitan League. Debuted guys in the League of the Volga region, and then in Sochi made a splash with his number «French rap», which was created «on the knee» just before going on stage. The fact that all of the numbers that are called archive Members, was rejected by the preliminary Commission.

    In the end, «Chistye Prudy» has won the right to play in the First League of KVN, and then broke and High. In the 2016 season the guys have already reached the semi-finals, each time taking first place at the next stage of the qualifying rounds. The main feature of the team demida Burikova is shocking the entire team. Guys make a bet on daring, the rooms and joking on the line, representing, so to speak, «yard boys».

    By the way, almost all of the «Chistye Prudy» studying or studied at University of friendship of peoples, but in the Premier League guys have made a completely different University, Russian University of Economics named after G. V. Plekhanov. The fact that the leadership of the people’s friendship University, when Natalia Burikov turned to his Alma mater to present them, refused to sponsor the team of KVN, and to play for your score on that level it was unreal.

    Personal life

    Natalia Burikov at this time fully dedicated himself to the WHC. He’s not married, and the girls encountered, prefers not to educate the public. Humorist joking at such a reporter’s question about his personal life is not a problem.

    Have demida has a hobby – he goes to different performances of the KVN teams and everyone takes a souvenir t-shirt with the logo. Burikova have already accumulated a considerable collection.


    Natalia Burikov

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