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  • Name: Natalia Bochkareva ( Natalya Bochkareva )
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Natalia Bochkareva: biography

    In the most part, Natalia Bochkareva remembered by the audience for her role of Dasha Bukina, housewife loser from the TV series «Happy together». However, in her filmography, there are many serious, dramatic roles. Natalia is a working actress and recently became a presenter on the channel «STB».

    The future actress was born on 25 July 1980 in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, the main industrial attraction of which is the GAZ plant, where he worked Bochkareva. Mother Valeria was doing the books, while his father, Vladimir worked in one of the car shops. Natalia was a very talented child who was able to do almost everything. She was a brilliant dancer and even studied at a school for ballerinas, were not worse and vocal artist, which allowed her to perform in the choir. The girl loved to sew and embroider, visited various circles of children’s creativity.

    At school, Natasha was keen on the idea of becoming a fashion model, hoping to flaunt on the covers of famous magazines. To do this, she even went to a special school, but soon got the idea of becoming a journalist. Wasting no time, she enrolled in the wording of the youth newspaper and went in search of sensational material. Bochkareva attended all events in the city, making good articles on this topic, and could really become a successful journalist, but one day met the world of cinema.

    To enter the theatre helped her aunt, who literally trick lured Bochkareva to the admissions Committee. So in 1996, Bochkareva became a student of the Nizhniy Novgorod College, where he studied on the course Riva Leviticus.

    Student years Natalia time, develop their talents and heavy losses. Training come easily, affected the journalistic practice and a visit to a children’s theater group, which gave her the basic skills. But in the life of a future actress was all fun: first, the world left his mother, and a few years later, life is gone father. For a young actress and her underage sister it was a real tragedy. Botchkareva was only 19, she’s just getting used to independent life.

    Natalia Bochkareva: theatre

    To unwind, Natalia began to go to Moscow and even tried to join the famous GITIS, but has not passed selection. In 2000 he finished school and made a successful debut at the theater in the play «the Swallow», won first prize at the local theater contest. In the same year, by accident, the city was visited by the legendary Oleg Tabakov, which gathered promising students throughout Russia. Game Natalia is so sunk into his soul, that the teacher invited her to the School-Studio of MKHAT. I accepted immediately to the third course where it has not ceased to surprise his mentor. Soon, the actress has already played at the Moscow art Theater first small role. Later, she was entrusted a Central role in the play «the lower depths».

    At the end of the School-Studio of the promising actress was invited by the Director to his troupe of the Chekhov theatre, where she became one of the leading Actresses. During his theatrical career Bochkareva played more than ten roles in this famous Opera company.

    Not alien to the genre of the entreprise. The artist is still the leading actress performances of «day of the halibut» and «Henpecked» in the International Theatrical Agency «Art-Partner XXI».

    Natalia Bochkareva: movies

    Natalia debut in the movie took place in 1999, when the screens out the picture «Chinese service» with a whole host of famous actors, among them was Oleg Yankovsky and Vladimir Menshov. Such stellar neighborhood a very positive impact on actors Actresses.

    Then her career was followed by numerous shooting movies and TV shows is very diverse in its genre. In 2004 she appeared in the historical drama «the Rider named Death», although the role of Natalia was so small that not even included in the credits.

    A real breakthrough in the career of the actress became the role of Dasha Bukina from the series «Happy together». In 2006 Natalia came in for a regular audition for a new television project. First, the role of Bukina approved famous actress Evelina Bledans, but at the last moment the producers of the show decided she was too famous for such a role and decided to take has not yet become familiar on television I. Her hair was dyed bright red color, which instantly added the 25-year-old girl for more years, because the character of Natalia scenario was about 40.

    This role was the most successful in the career of the actress and gave her quite a lot of interesting memories. The actors had to eat everything they ate their on-screen characters and the hardest part was just Bochkareva, when she played a pregnant Dasha. She was eating sandwiches with sausage, drizzled with sweet jam and other culinary delights. By the way, during shootings the actress really was pregnant twice, but the last time was on the set.

    She so managed the role of age, during a visit to his native School-Studio of MKHAT, many said that it looks very good in my 45. Natalia regarded such compliments as recognition of its successful transformation into an eccentric housewife. In 2013, he released the latest series of the show.

    Natalia Bochkareva: personal life

    The trip to Moscow was fateful for her in every sense. In the train she met her future husband, attorney Nicholas Miller, who was returning home to the capital. Then Nicholas was still married, but for the sake Botchkareva divorced his wife. They signed only after seven years of marriage, when the couple was expecting their first child. In 2007 the couple had a son Ivan and a year later a daughter, Mary.

    In 2014 it appeared that Natalia for several years is divorced, and concealed this fact even from their own friends. The actress does not prohibit ex-husband to communicate with children, they even live in neighboring houses, and Nicholas at any time could visit them. But the reasons for the divorce, the actress prefers to keep silent.

    Natalia Bochkareva: filmography

    • China
    • The rider named Death
    • Yesenin
    • Area
    • Lawyer 2
    • Kulagin and partners
    • Happy together
    • Both parents and children

    Natalia Bochkareva: photos

    Natalia Bochkareva

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