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  • Name: Miles Teller ( Miles Alexander Teller )
  • Date of birth: 20 February 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Downingtown, PA, USA
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Miles teller: biography

    Miles teller is an American actor and musician who has gained recognition among film fans by appearing in such films as «Divergent», «Obsession», «that awkward moment», «Fantastic four» and many others.

    He was born in the city of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the son of an engineer of a nuclear power plant Mike teller and his wife, merry flowers, which was engaged in sale of real estate. He was the youngest of three children in the family: she has two older sisters, Erin and Dana. Interestingly, the ancestors of the actor once lived in Russia his grandfather on the paternal side is quite small was brought to the United States on the program of the emigration of Jews.

    In Downingtown miles did not live long. Because of the work of his father Tellern had to constantly move from place to place. They at various times lived in new Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida. It is on the South of the United States, the future actor lived longer. There he not only attended high school, but became seriously interested in music. Miles learned to play the saxophone, piano and drums. Together with friends he even justified his own rock band «The Mutes».

    The teenager also showed great strides on the baseball team and even at one time thought of becoming a professional athlete, but that all changed a new hobby: drama club. Teller was carried out in the school drama Studio as much time that was unanimously elected its President. Along with his studies, guy worked as a waiter at a local restaurant.

    Higher education the youth received at the prestigious new York University. And needless to say that He chose for himself the faculty of acting? After graduation he received the degree of bachelor of performing arts.


    His cinematic career, miles teller started out with short films. Then there was the series «Unusual detective» and the drama «Rabbit hole,» which brought him his first recognition. At the film festival in Savannah miles was named most promising rising star. In addition, in this film the actor was lucky to work with such professionals like Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart.

    The popularity of Teller brought the teen Comedy «an Exciting time», and «21 and over» and «that awkward moment». But the actor himself at that stage of his career, he identified the psychological musical drama, «Obsessed,» in which he played drummer Andrew dreams of becoming a great performer. In order to look at the scene most of course, miles has been training in the percussion for a few hours a day, literally rubbing on hands blood blisters.

    Not to mention a fantastic dystopia «Divergent» and pulled a two new movie – «Insurgent» and «Behind the wall» and continues with the first picture. At the moment the actor involved on the set of the final film «the ascendant».

    Lately, miles teller tries to participate in a wide range of genre projects. For example, recently left Comedy «Hunting for a job,» the sports drama «To the last drop of blood» and based on real events in military history «Guys with guns».

    Personal life

    As happens with many actors, rumors linked the name of miles teller with his partners in the movies. Fans endured cinematic relationships in real life and wanted to see their favorite artists not only on the screen. The most circulated rumor that He is Dating his colleague Shailene Woodley, but no data confirming the relationship of the facts never existed.

    The only romance that confirms the teller, it is his relationship with model Kelly Sperry. With this novel, which began in 2013, is still ongoing.

    Many movie fans are wondering: where did the actor miles teller scars on his face? The fact that in 2007 a young man returning home to Florida music festival, was in a serious car accident.

    The driver of the car lost control, so that it exceeded the speed. The vehicle flipped over seven times, and miles was thrown from the car and thrown nearly ten meters to the side. The actor broke his wrist and shoulder, and in his head after his injuries are now two special plates. In addition, the face and neck remained visible scars from the stitches, some of which are still evident today, many years later.


    • 2010 — Rabbit hole
    • 2013, and 21
    • 2014 — Divergent
    • 2014 — Sex for two nights
    • 2014 — that awkward moment
    • 2014 — Stuck for two nights
    • 2014 — Obsession
    • 2015 — Fantastic four
    • 2016 — Hunt for jobs
    • 2016 — the Guys with guns


    Miles Teller

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