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  • Name: Mike Monroe ( Maika Monroe )
  • Date of birth: 29 may 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: American actress and professional kitesurfer
  • Marital status: not married

    Mike Monroe: the biography

    The future Queen of horror Dillon Monroe Buckley was born in may 1993 in California, Santa Barbara. Later she changed her name and became a Mike Monroe.

    In the family of Mikey Monroe no one associated with the world of art. Father a Builder, mother surdopedagogics. She teaches at a school for deaf children.

    The girl had a happy childhood. The family was dominated by love and harmony. Dad instilled a love of the daughter for kiteboarding. Seriously started practicing this sport at age 11. And 13 is already gone with his father in Puerto Rico on your first Kiteboard tour. Looking ahead, we say that Mike Monroe has achieved considerable results in this exciting and beautiful sport. In 2013, she ranked 32 of the world rankings for freestyle kiteboarders.

    As a child she dreamed of several professions. At first she wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. Then came the desire to try yourself in the paramedical, which was replaced by a keen interest in graphic design. In addition to kiteboarding Mike dancing and enjoy taking part in school theatrical productions. In 5th grade the young actress played Jack Sparrow in the play «pirates of the Caribbean».

    But the real interest in film came when she was 13. In a dance Studio where she worked, the agents came from the Studio who were looking for the girl-a showgirl for the film «Bad blood». The choice fell on Mike Monroe. Seeing the filming process from the inside out, Mike got unforgettable emotions. But she decided to become an actress unreal.


    More real girl believed his athletic career. For this 17-year-old Mike Monroe went to the Dominican Republic, Cabarete, where she began professionally prepared to compete in the kiteboarding-freestyle. Took me all day and the efforts of the young athletes were soon crowned with success: she won 2nd place in the competition «Red bull».

    But played in 13 years a small role in the movie was often mentioned Mike. During his stay in the Dominican Republic she heard about the casting for the role of girlfriend of the protagonist of a picture «at Any price». She took a chance and sent my Amateur video producers. Soon the answer came: blond beauty from California was selected for the role. So in 2012 we began a cinematic biography of Mikey Monroe. She made her debut in the acclaimed drama, which appeared in the title role, along with the famous Zac Efron.

    The first role brought Mike Monroe popularity. And its appearance hand in hand with Efron on the red carpet of the Venice film festival was attracted to the young actress even more interest.

    In the spring of that 2012 aspiring actress has signed a contract for their participation in the drama film «labor Day», which was released in 2013. Mike got the role Mandy – wife of the fugitive, whom he had killed. Mandy appears the killer in dreams and memories. A drama starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.

    In 2014 new success. Mike Monroe played a major role in the Thriller «the Guest». This picture is in the genre of «horror». Another horror movie that began shooting in the same year – «the 5th wave». This post-apocalyptic Thriller about an alien invasion. Both projects were a huge success.

    But the real glory descended on Mike Monroe after the release of the horror movie «It». This painting of David Robert Mitchell immediately recognized the cult. Many critics named the best film in the genre of «horror» since the release of «Witches from Blair». The actress got the role of a typical blonde, a La Alfred Hitchcock. After the release of the horror film Mike Monroe came to be called the Queen of modern horror.

    In 2016 the fans of Mikey Monroe in several movies with her participation. First of all it is a fantastic continuation of the painting «independence Day» and the drama «the Tribes of Palos Verdes». In the spring of that year, the young actress started acting in the film «felt». This is a dramatic story about the FBI, which has played a key role in the Watergate scandal. Mike was entrusted with the role of the daughter of the main character Mark felta.

    Personal life

    Actress and athlete is actively engaged in charity. She takes part in charity tour «Kiteboarding 4 kids,» which takes place in the Dominican Republic. It’s raising money for programs to improve the quality of life of local children, who began to Mikey’s family after her life in Cabarete.

    Mike Monroe – the person versatile. Other than sports and cinema, she is interested in fashion and designing clothes. She has developed a line of youth clothing – tops and t-shirts of the brand airbound.

    Personal life Mikey Monroe while in the development process. Blonde beauty is not married, although she is credited novels with Hollywood stars Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner.


    • «Bad blood»
    • «Echo of war»
    • «It»
    • Guest
    • «Labor day»
    • «The darkness is right behind»
    • «Elite society»
    • «At any price»
    • «Independence day 2»
    • «The Tribes Of Palos Verdes»
    • «The fifth wave»


    Mike Monroe

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