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  • Name: Michael Sheen ( Michael Sheen )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Newport, England
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: British actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Michael sheen: a biography

    Michael sheen – British actor, in the Bank of which such cult films as «frost / Nixon», «Queen», the blockbuster «Throne. Heritage» vampire trilogy «underworld» and «Twilight.»

    Michael Sheen
    British | Wokrout

    Born Michael Christopher Shin in February 1969 in Newport, in a fun and friendly family, where he grew up a younger sister Joanne. The head of the family Meyrick Shin worked as a personnel Manager. And from time to time reincarnated in the Jack Nicholson, there was a professional impersonator. Mother Irene Thomas was Secretary.

    When Michael was 5 years old, the family moved from Newport to Liverpool. Here Tire was seriously into football for a time it had been a winger. Since then, the actor – a true fan of the legendary football club «Liverpool». He even dreamed of a football career, but the family return to Wales broke the plans. Even in the port town of Port Talbot, where the guy continued studying in high school, he did not forget about my favorite sport: playing for the youth team of the club «Baghlan».

    Michael Sheen
    In the beginning | Hdtv-hdd.ru

    Passion for the theatre occurred in older age. The young man began to engage in the local theater group. He was noticed and invited to play at the National youth theatre of Wales. While Michael sheen was in College, where studied drama and sociology. After College, he went to London and became a student of the Royal Academy of dramatic arts.


    All of the 1990s, the British came out on stage. In the famous theatre «the globe» he was playing with Vanessa Redgrave. In 1992, he entrusted the main role in «Romeo and Juliet».

    Michael sheen at the theatre
    In the role of hamlet | Johnnytim.com

    In 1997, the young actor has loudly declared itself in the staging of Shakespeare’s play – he got the image of Henry V. After this role-Michael sheen – bright star theatre. On the stage of the famous theatre old Vic he played Mozart. And do not successfully played the role on Broadway, for which he was nominated for the prestigious award of a name of Lawrence Olivier. Another nomination for the same award in 1999, for the brilliant performance in the play «Look back in anger», which was held at the National theatre.

    In the 2000s, Michael sheen for family reasons, he moved to new York and became less likely to go to the theater stage. Only occasionally he came to London, where shone the image of Caligula.

    Michael sheen in the film
    In the film «Golden youth» | rolitobzor.net

    A cinematic biography of Michael Shina began in the mid 1990s. the Actor appeared in the drama «Othello» the famous Director Kenneth Branagh. In 1997, the audience saw the actor in another classic film adaptation – the movie «Golden youth».

    The cinematic career of the British developed rapidly. It is noteworthy that Michael Bus often had to play real historical characters. For example, «branded» role, the actor got three, is the former Prime Minister Tony Blair. In 2003, Michael turned to Blair in the film «the Deal». And after 3 years he played it again in the wonderful film «the Queen», received «Oscar». For this work, sheen was nominated for a BAFTA.

    In 2010 – the same way, played in the movie «the Special relationship». And again nominated, this time at the prestigious «Emmy». Movies Michael Shina enjoy the same success.

    Michael sheen in the film
    Played Tony Blair | twilighters.ru

    In 2006-m and 2008-m on the big screen got two wonderful film that became a cult. This «War on humanity» and «frost / Nixon». In the first, the British again turned into the real hero of Hg wells and the second film played the main character – journalist David frost. For this work he was nominated for a screen actors Guild award nomination.

    Projects that brought the actor a new wave of popularity and solidified his star status, became the vampire Saga. This is a trilogy, which begins with the film «underworld» and its sequels. Super three «Twilight» Saga.

    Michael sheen in the film
    In the film «Twilight. Saga. New Moon» | Filmz.ru

    The undoubted success for the actor was the invitation in the picture of the cult Director woody Allen’s «Midnight in Paris».

    From time to time the famous actor returns to the stage. In 2011, this return becomes triumphant. In his native Talbot Tyres played a main character in the play «Passion.» He also acted as creative Director of the production. She walked on stage in a record 72 hours. It is noteworthy that in addition to the actors it was attended by more than 1,000 Britons who have played in the crowd. The BBC even made a documentary about this unique show.

    Personal life

    In 1995, the actor met with his colleague Kate beckinsale. They played together in the play «the Seagull» play by Anton Chekhov. Broke out the affair lasted 9 years. In 1999, the couple had a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, which dad just loves. And even when the couple broke up, Kate had an affair with film Director len Wiseman – old lovers continued to communicate, being able to maintain cordial relations. In order to be with her daughter, Michael sheen moved from London, where he had a distinguished theatrical career in new York.

    Michael sheen and Kate Beckinsale and daughter
    Kate Beckinsale and daughter Lily Mo Tires Spletnik.ru

    Shortly after their separation Kate got married. Changed a life, and Michael Sheen. Since then, journalists counted a few bright novels with well-known colleagues. In 2004, the actor met with Anastasia Griffith. Then there was a 6-year relationship with the British ballet dancer Lorraine Stewart.

    In the movie «Midnight in Paris,» Michael sheen met with canadian counterpart Rachel McAdams. Their romantic relationship lasted three years, but then the couple broke up for unknown reasons.

    Michael sheen I Rachel McAdams
    With Rachel McAdams | ropcornnews.ru

    In 2014, Hollywood spoke about the new novel star. This time with Carrie Keegan. How long they will last in a new relationship is unknown. But fans of the actor are hoping that their favorite artist finally find the family happiness.


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    • «Golden youth»
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    • «Twilight. Saga. Dawn»
    • «War on humanity»
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    • «Midnight in Paris»


    Michael Sheen

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