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  • Name: Michael Shannon ( Michael Corbett Shannon )
  • Date of birth: 7 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Lexington, ky, USA
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, musician
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Michael Shannon: biography

    Michael Shannon is an American actor, known for such films as «Groundhog Day», «revolutionary Road», «man of steel» «Batman V Superman: dawn of justice», and many others. Shannon also proved himself as a musician, although this kind of art for him is more of a pastime than a profession.

    Michael was born in the American state of Kentucky, in the town of Lexington, where at that time his family lived. The boy’s father, Donald Sutherlin Shannon, was a Professor at the local University named De Paul, where he taught accounting. Mother Geraldine Hine held a high position in one of the law firms. The future actor was first born in the family of Shannon. Later he had a younger brother Dave, and sister Rebecca.

    When Michael was in Junior high, his parents decided to divorce. After a divorce, the children lived alternately in new my father’s family in Lexington, with her mother in the big city of Chicago. It was there, often attending various theatrical performances, Michael Shannon and lit up the dream of becoming an actor. And his career the young man began just at the stage of Chicago, then made a confident step in the direction of the cinema.

    Much later, Shannon found himself another lucrative activity. He, along with fellow actors Robert Batchelor and Ray Rizzo organized his own musical group «Corporal». Michael himself acts as a soloist and also writes the lyrics for all songs. The guys are playing music in the style of indie-rock and have already released a full-length eponymous album with the group, and several individual singles «Glory» and «Obama». The last song was dedicated to the re-election of us President Barack Obama.


    After launched the theatrical career of Michael Shannon, he was invited to the TV picture in a small role. For example, he appeared in the TV series «the Persecuted woman» and «angel Street.» The first success to the actor came in 1993, when he played Fred in the film «Groundhog Day».

    Despite the fact that Michael played in such blockbuster movies as «Vanilla sky», «pearl Harbor» and «the Eighth mile», the world fame brought him a secondary role of John Givings in the drama «revolutionary Road». Also in this film perfectly reflects the images of their heroes Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

    It is impossible not to remember that Shannon starred in absolutely all projects gifted Director Jeff Nichols, who believes the actor is the most talented performer of our time. The greatest success was achieved drama «mud», except where Michael plays Matthew McConaughey, the Thriller «Shelter» with Jessica Chastain and a fantastic action movie «Special midnight edition».

    But perhaps the most resounded all over the world the role of Michael Shannon is General zod from the film adaptation of the comic book «man of steel». In this way the character appears in a new fantastic action movie «Batman vs. Superman: dawn of justice».

    Personal life

    Unlike many of his Hollywood colleagues Michael Shannon is not a regular customer of paparazzi and regular printed publications specializing in rumor and gossip. And all because the actor for many years is married, although the actual.

    He resides in new York, specifically in Brooklyn, where it has its own living space in the vicinity of the center of «Red Hook». Together with Michael live his civil wife Kate Arrington, is also an actress who starred in such TV series as «Elementary» and «Missing», as well as two daughters: Sylvie and Marion.


    • 1993 — Groundhog Day
    • 2001 — Vanilla sky
    • 2002 — Eighth mile
    • 2008 — revolutionary Road
    • 2010 — the Runaways
    • 2010-2014 — boardwalk Empire
    • 2011 — Shelter
    • 2013 — man of steel
    • 2014 — 99 homes
    • 2016 is a Special midnight release
    • 2016 — Batman V Superman: dawn of justice


    • 2010 — Corporal
    • 2011 — Glory
    • 2012 — Obama


    Michael Shannon

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