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  • Name: Michael Phelps ( Michael Fred Phelps II )
  • Date of birth: 30 June 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Height: 193
  • Activity: American swimmer, the only one in the history of the sport, the 19-time Olympic champion
  • Marital status: married

    Michael Phelps: biography

    His nickname «the Baltimore bullet» this athlete got. Michael Fred Phelps II is the full name of the legendary American swimmer – failed 19 times to win at the Olympic games. Today he is a record holder for the number of awards to exceed not yet managed to anyone.

    Michael Phelps was born in June 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was one of 3 children of school Director Deborah sue Davisson and football player Michael Fred Phelps. When Michael was 9, his parents ‘ marriage ended. The boy is quite pained by the divorce of father and mother. In the 6th grade future sports star was diagnosed with «hyperactivity and attention deficit».

    In pool 7-year-old brother led the older sister. After 3 years, the boy broke the national record in his age group. For the future career perspective of the swimmer came from an experienced coach Bob Bowman.


    Under the guidance of mentor Michael rapidly rose on a sports Olympus. At age 15 he was selected to participate in the 2000 Olympics, becoming the youngest competitor in the history of the games. Then, in Sydney, Australia, swimmer managed to win only 5 place. But a year later he surprised everyone, breaking the world record. In the US, Phelps was declared the swimmer of the year 2001.

    But it was only a glorious beginning. In 2003, after graduating from high school, 17-year-old 5 times set world records. But the real fame came to him in the following year, at the Olympics in Athens. 8 medals including 6 gold, to Michael Phelps managed to win only Russian gymnast Alexander Dityatin in 1980. As for swimming, the American was the innovator.

    In the same 2004, Phelps moved with his constant coach Bob Bowman to Michigan. Here he entered the University, by the faculty of sports management.

    In 2007, Michael went to Melbourne, where he took part in the world Cup. Here he managed to win 7 gold medals and set 5 world records. The name Phelps is becoming common for all swimmers in the world.

    But the athlete saw before me the peaks remained unclimbed. He wanted to beat the record of compatriot Mark Spitz. Then at the Olympic games, which were held in Munich in 1972, has managed to win 7 gold medals. Phelps trained very hard. And the Chinese Olympics in Beijing in 2008, he has managed to achieve the desired: 8 gold medals. The record of Spitz, who was called «eternal» was not only achieved but beaten.

    Sports biography Michael Phelps is a series of these triumphs. During his career, the American champion has managed to win 19 Olympic gold medals and 32 times to beat the world records – on this result, the majority of swimmers in the world can only dream of.

    In 2012, after the London Olympics, 27-year-old Michael Phelps announced the decision to put an end to his sports career. But in 2014 again took part in the games.

    The same heard fans of the champion in 2016: swimmer reiterated that the Olympics in Brazil will be his last. In Rio de Janeiro, Phelps is once again justified the hopes of its fans. He managed to beat its own record for gold medals. Now Michael Phelps is a 19-time Olympic champion. He scored 23 awards collected from all Competitions in which he participated.

    Personal life

    Well developed not only career, but personal life Michael Phelps. He had a happy marriage with model Nicole Johnson, who received the title of «Miss California» in 2010.

    In may 2016, happy wife Nicole gave birth to the firstborn, whom the couple named Robert. Michael Phelps shared his joy with his fans, saying that greater happiness he never experienced.

    Couple together in 2010. The athlete says that now he would have to spend more time with his growing family.


    Michael Phelps

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