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  • Name: Michael Oliver ( Michael Oliver )
  • Date of birth: October 10, 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Michael Oliver: the biography

    American actor Michael Oliver was born on 10 October 1981 in the city of Los Angeles.

    At the age of two pictures appeared on the pages of the catalog of American trade network «Sears». In 1987, the boy was invited to appear in ads for one of the largest corporations in the world «Chevron». In this video, Michael wore spectacles, and his voice is dubbed. Video played a crucial role in the life of a six year old child – he was noticed by an agent who was looking for actors for a Comedy movie «problem child».


    The main role in the movie «problem child» she explained Michael Oliver after six months of active searching. Picture of Dennis Dugan’s came out in wide release on July 27, 1990. And though critics said she was not too friendly, the role of the terrible boys of the Junior secured a nine-year-old Michael Oliver incredible popularity. In addition, the picture brought the creators a tidy sum that exceeded the film’s budget is 7 times. Three years for his role in this picture, Michael was among the nominees for the award «Young Artist Award».

    In the process of working on the second film between the producers and the Manager of Michael — his mother Diane Pawns — there was a conflict. The woman demanded to draw up a new contract, in accordance with which the fee of her son will raise from 80 to 500 thousand U.S. dollars. Otherwise promised not to lead Michael on the set. Diana partially succeeded, instead of 80 thousand boy paid $ 250. Representatives of the Universal film company » filed for women of the court, and Michael sued for 190 thousand dollars. According to the final jury decision of the Supreme court, the actor and his mom had to return the Studio the difference in 170 thousand dollars. When filming ended, Michael Oliver’s mother is mired in debt. To pay the bills had for a long time, and eventually the guy are «friends» with drugs and unpaid purchases.

    In 1991, the audience saw the second part of the Comedy about the difficult child. In 1995, the premiere of the movie «problem child 3» with a new cast.

    Michael Oliver had to play a cameo role in the television series «Amen» and «The Munsters Today». He also appeared in such shows as «drexell’s Class» and «Platypus Man» in 1995 on the left the last film with the participation of «difficult child» Thriller «Dillindzher and Capone». Partners Oliver on the set became Farid Murray Abraham and Martin sheen.

    To replace acting career came music. Michael has created his own rock band, and later played in two teams – «The Samples» and «Nural».

    Personal life

    June 4, 2016 Michael Oliver married his longtime girlfriend Magnolia. They got married in Beverly hills. Details about the personal life of former actor conceals.

    Attention from the fans does not lead Oliver to delight: he did not like and do not like to sign autographs and be photographed. To become less recognizable, Michael had grown a red beard.


    • «Problem Child»
    • «Dillinger and Capone»
    • «The Munsters Today»
    • «Platypus Man»
    • «Drexell’s Class»
    • «Amen»


    Michael Oliver

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