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  • Name: Michael Jordan ( Michael Jordan )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Brooklyn, new York, USA
  • Height: 198
  • Activities: basketball player, former NBA player
  • Marital status: married

    Michael Jordan: a biography

    Michael Jordan — legendary American basketball player from the warehouse of the NBA. Born in new York on 17 February 1963. Parents of the future sports stars were ordinary people, not a basketball growth. As a child Michael was fascinated with baseball, and in the 12 years of age with a high school team got into the finals of the little League.

    Michael Jordan childhood
    Michael Jordan childhood

    Later he was recognized as a champion of North Carolina, where his family moved. Another achievement in baseball was the recognition of Jordan’s most valuable player. Then for Michael, it was time to get involved basketball. Dad even built a basketball court for the youngest son in the backyard of their home.

    The growth of the novice basketball player at the age of 15 years reached 175 centimeters, so he honed jump. Michael had a high speed and practiced with diligence. But these qualities are not enough to become a team player in high school. Upset bad guy, and he was decided to prove to the coach that he was wrong. Michael did her best at the games, getting 28 points in every game.

    Michael Jordan young
    Michael Jordan youth | Pozitiff

    At the same time, he was involved in baseball, track and field, made the school team for football. Michael’s persistence has produced results. In 11th grade he finally made the school basketball team, which played its big brother at number 45. Your choice Michael stopped at number 23, explaining that he will try to become as good a player as Larry, at least half.

    This number of Jordan remained faithful to the end of his career. The success has spurred an ambitious guy, and he continued to work on yourself. In the summer of 80-year Michael went to a meeting at the University of North Carolina. He impressed coaches indelible impression on him that he was invited for training. In 1981 he became a student of this University.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan | Realestate

    At the same time guy started training in the local basketball team. He managed to show himself as an indispensable player, although the coach and put him higher task compared to other players. The plan worked, and in the first year Michael entered the starting five of the University team.


    For the first three seasons, Jordan has grown to awards of Naismith. Also, the young player took part in the pan American games showed the best results in the national team. Making the national team, he participated in the summer Olympics in 1984, which showed good results. Not finish my studies a year, Jordan dropped out of the University to participate in the NBA draft.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan | NBA

    His chosen club of the Chicago bulls. However, the lack of discipline in the team and the low level of equipment was disappointing guy. Despite such conditions, he continued intensive training and became part of the starting five, showing high results 28 points per game. Michael also loved by the audience even in that game.

    Just a month professional career, Jordan appeared on the cover of the sports magazine Sports Illustrated with the ambitious signature of «a Star is born». 1984 became the first commercial contract with Nike. It was released sneakers Air Jordan the club’s traditional colours of the Chicago bulls — black and red.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan | Technodok

    The NBA imposed a ban on the use of this Shoe for the aggressive scheme and the lack of white. However, Jordan continued to appear in these sneakers on the field, and the user Nike had to pay fines for 5 thousand dollars, using this fact to advertise their goods. Debutant team became a member of the starting five in the all-star game NBA. This fact has provoked discontent among the veterans of the League.

    As a result, the players refused to give passes Jordan. And even under such pressure he was able to win the title of best rookie of the Association in the final of the regular season. Then he was declared the third most impact in the NBA and got to the second top 5 best NBA players. Thanks Michael, the team managed to reach the playoffs for the first time in the last 3 years.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan | Buro247

    Almost the entire second season, Jordan was recovering from a leg injury. By the time the Chicago bulls in the playoffs, Michael had already played and managed to score 63 points in the game in the shootout. Since this record no one has managed to beat. In the 3rd season the player was completely restored, becoming the second scorer of the Association.

    The third season, Jordan began with replacement players in the team, which allowed her for the first time to overcome the first round of the playoffs. The athlete was named the League’s top scorer. And the following season he was again recognized as the best by the sum of points in the game. In the season 1989-90 Michael becomes the captain of the team, which joined the young progressive players.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan | Techstory

    A new coach, Phil Jackson practiced a system of collective game, and Michael defended his freedom of action. A compromise was found and the team has changed. Jordan first became the most valuable player of the NBA and cried from happiness. The next season brought Jordan the second MVP of the regular season. The athlete increases muscles and now fear their former abusers at the site.

    The 1991-92 season brought the third basketball MVP, and running. But in games 1992-93 years, he was not able to receive this honorary title. In the national team he participated in the Barcelona Olympics in 1993, where the Americans won gold. And in October of the same year he declared that retires, as he has lost interest in him.

    However, in the spring of 1994, the athlete signs a contract with a baseball team «Chicago white SOx», explaining his decision by saying that his late father wanted him to be a player in the baseball League. During a short career, Jordan played for the «Birmingham barons», then in the «Scottsdale Scorpions». In March 1995, Michael decides to return to the NBA as a player of the Chicago bulls.

    However, the season ended for the team’s defeat in the playoffs. But the failure was the occasion to seriously prepare for the next season. It Jordan for the fourth time won the title of finals MVP in 1997-98 — the fifth and later in sixth. These victories became one of the best moments of his fate.

    Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan | NBA

    In January 1999, Jordan announced a second farewell to professional sports. A year later he returned to the NBA, but in a different incarnation — the co-owner and General Director of club «Washington wizards». And for this team he began to play since September 2001. After two seasons in this team, Michael has achieved a significant improvement in its performance.

    He returned to the NBA, Jordan was the best with 40-year-old player in League history. He managed to completely fill the stadiums during the matches of Wizardnow. After his third retirement Jordan was going to return to his post of Manager, but released him the owner of the club. Michael regarded it as a betrayal.

    For a workout, he participated in charity Golf tournaments between celebrities. Then among his Hobbies included motorcycling. Since 2004, the star has the professional team with the name «Michael Jordan Motorsports». He also promoted his own clothing brand.

    According to ESPN Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, LeBron James came in third place. The player himself said in an interview that would not refuse to go with him to the Playground. Kobe Bryant Michael ranks as the largest NBA players and believes his great friend, despite the fact that he stole all movement.

    Personal life

    One of the famous basketball player became the Juanita Bath. In 1989, they combined legal marriage, and in 1991 Michael bought the family a mansion with an area of 17 hectares in highland Park. In Gorjunov has three children, two sons Jeffrey Michael and Marcus James and daughter Jasmine. In early 2002, Juanita Jordan announced that filed for divorce.

    Michael Jordan wife
    Michael Jordan and Juanita Bath | Mofucasual

    Reason she called irreconcilable differences, but the couple was able to negotiate and not divorced. But in 2006 it became known that Michael has a secret lover, which he was paying for silence. The court rejected the claim of Carla Knaifel on compensation in the amount of $ 5 million. The money, allegedly, Jordan promised her that she was not informed about her pregnancy from him in 1991.

    Michael Jordan family
    Michael Jordan to his first wife and children | Incolors

    DNA testing proved that the former athlete is the father of the child. However, it is finally spoiled relations between Jordan and the end of the year they parted by mutual consent. Otstupny Juanita received $ 168 million dollars, which was a record at that time among the famous people. Five years later, Michael made a proposal to the Cuban model 32 years.

    They dated for three years. Yvette Prieto agreed, and soon the couple announced their engagement. April 27, 1993 they were married on Jupiter island. In 2012, Jordan decided to sell his mansion in highland Park for $ 29 million dollars. He later purchased the estate in Florida. In February 2014 my wife gave birth to Jordan two twin girls who were given names Isabelle and Victoria.

    Michael Jordan wife
    Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto | Baskino

    In 1992, the athlete starred in the video for his namesake — Michael Jackson. The two stars play basketball video for the song «Jam». In 1996, Michael Jordan portrayed himself in a fantastic cartoon film «Space jam». The team with the superstar in the basketball battle with the aliens involved rabbit Bucks Bani.


    Michael Jordan

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