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  • Name: Michael Fassbender ( Michael Fassbender )
  • Date of birth: 2 April 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Michael Fassbender: the biography

    Michael Fassbender born 2 April 1977 in the German city of Heidelberg. His father was German, mother was born in Northern Ireland. Michael has an older sister Catherine.

    From the age of two biography of Michael Fassbender moved to Ireland, where the family decided to move. Learning in the basic school, young Michael went to extra lessons on guitar, accordion and piano.

    Michael Fassbender in childhood
    Michael Fassbender in childhood | «Irish Examiner»

    The boy’s father was a talented cook, in the late ‘ 80s he opened his own restaurant in the South of Ireland. Parents taught children to work, so the Fassbender had to earn money as a waiter and a laborer in the family business. And now the actor jokes that he is ready to retire and open his own bar, he — a hereditary restaurateur. But in his youth, he chose a different path — acting.

    In adolescence Michael Fassbender is seriously addicted to heavy rock and even organized a music band in which he played the guitar. In 1992, he saw the painting «reservoir dogs» and was so impressed that he wants to put the show. Friends supported the idea — after a few months Amateur group performed in clubs in Killarney.

    In 1993, Fassbender acted in the local theater scene as an actor. He played a small role, but it was enough that the guy decided on their future profession.

    Biography of Michael Fassbender, according to him, was the most difficult at the age of 19. The boy entered the London Drama Center, he had to remove the cold slum, to work and study at the same time.After a few years Michael left school and went to tour with the theatre Oxford Stage Company, playing in the play «Three sisters».


    The beginning of his career Michael Fassbender is not successful. Since 2001, Michael received small roles in the films «Brothers in arms» «Hearts and bones», «Holby city», «Witch» etc Series «Brothers in arms» was a success, received two prestigious awards — the actor believed that his time was up. He went to Los Angeles, but failed all tests and was forced to return to London.

    Michael Fassbender in the film «Brothers in arms» | «Fassbender.ru»

    Fortune smiled on him in 2006 when he landed a role in «300». Zack Snyder in his performance memorable for the audience that is tanned beefy torso. To match the role Fassbender ten weeks played sports for 4 hours.

    Michael Fassbender in the movie «the 300 Spartans» | «Whisperer»

    In the same year the portfolio of Michael Fassbender added another important work — he played in the drama «angel» for the first time revealed the talent of the drama actor.

    In 2008, the actor got the main role in the project «Hunger», which demanded that Irish guy is a huge physical and psychological effort. Michael played the leader of the Irish Republican Bobby Sands, announced the fatal hunger strike, which lasted 66 days. Michael perfectly studied the biography of his hero, and sat on a rigid diet. Prior to filming he had to lose weight to 57 kg, the same weighed Bobby Sands. For this picture of Michael Fassbender received a British film.

    Michael Fassbender in «Hunger» | «Nola.com»

    In 2009 in Cannes were presented two paintings with his participation — «Aquarium» (as Connor) and «Inglourious Basterds» (the role of Archie Hickox). Then the Directors filled up with suggestions Michael. To him came the glory of which he dreamed.

    «Jane Eyre», «X-Men: first class», «Prometheus» — not all movies in the biography of Fassbender period 2011-2013.

    For his role as Brandon Sullivan in «Shame» actor received the Volpi Cup.

    The long-awaited nomination for «Oscar» in 2014, he brought a powerful image in the film «12 years of slavery», but the coveted statuette never received. Michael says of the award interest him in the least.

    Michael Fassbender in «12 years of slavery» | «Fassbender.ru»

    The actor continues to appear in new parts of the movie «X-Men». (X-men: Days of future past» in 2014 and «X-Men: Apocalypse» in 2016).

    In 2015, Fassbender starred as Steve jobs in the eponymous film.

    Producing activity

    Michael Fassbender owns the production company DMC FILM, founded in 2011, the First award the company received at the film festival BAFTA for his short film «a Robbery in the darkness» in 2011 with Michael in the lead role. The film «Slow West» has received the jury prize at the Sundance film festival.

    Michael Fassbender in the film «Robbery in the darkness» | «Fassbender.ru»

    The films «Macbeth» and «our Debtors» were produced by in conjunction with other companies. In 2016, the company worked on the film «assassin’s Creed».

    Recently producing activity is gaining momentum in the biography of Michael Fassbender.

    Personal life Michael Fassbender

    Personal life Michael Fassbender is not in the public domain. His life was a bright woman, one of them is actress Zoe Kravitz (the legendary lenny Kravitz — her father). They met on the set of «X-Men». Zoe younger actor for 11 years, but the age difference did not prevent their novel. However, after a year the couple broke up. Michael explained the gap costs the acting profession.

    Michael Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz | «life of stars»

    After some time, Fassbender met with American Nicole Behari, she was his partner in the film «Shame»). Their relationship lasted two years.

    Michael Fassbender and Nicole Behari | «life of stars»

    Following the passion of the actor was Louise Hazel is an Olympic athlete from the UK. The press noted that she is similar in type to the previous beloved Michael, a perfect figure, swarthy complexion, dark curls. But the relationship didn’t last long.

    Michael Fassbender Louise Hazel | «ENews»

    Model and actress Madalina, Ghenea went to Fassbender from the famous actor Gerard Butler. The relationship lasted 9 months.

    Michael Fassbender and Madalina, Ghenea | «Whisperer»

    After the release of the film «12 years of slavery» there were rumors about the novel Fassbender and Lupita Nyong’o.

    Michael Fassbender and Lupita nyongo | «Newstalk.com»

    Swedish actress Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender met on the set of the movie «light in the ocean.» In September 2014, the couple was spotted together at the surfing in Sydney. After a year there were rumors about the collapse of the pair, but the actors appeared on the same events, holding separately from each other.

    Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander | «TimeOut»

    February 29, 2016 Alicia Vikander presented the «Oscar» for best supporting actor in the film «Girl from Denmark». Michael was sitting next to Alicia in the most happy and emotional moment first kissed him. In July 2016, the lovers went on tour to present their joint film, which they met.


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    • «Angel»
    • «300 Spartans»
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    • «Aquarium»
    • «Jane Eyre»
    • «Advisor»
    • «Macbeth»
    • «Steve Jobs»

    Photo Of Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender

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