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  • Name: Michael Douglas ( Michael Kirk Douglas )
  • Date of birth: September 25, 1944.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: new Brunswick, USA
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor, film producer
  • Marital status: married to Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Michael Douglas: a biography

    25 September 1944 in a family of actors Kirk and Diana Douglas was born a son. He was named Michael. The boy from childhood showed his irrepressible temperament.

    At fourteen Michael was expelled from school because his thoughts were occupied girls and not training. Yes, and the boy diligently did not differ. Michael Douglas was a typical representative of «Golden youth», then joined the hippies, then aimlessly wandered the streets and bars.

    The parents sent the boy to military school – by the time his mother and father broke up. Michael wanted to continue his father and become a famous actor. For the dream he refused to enroll in Yale University, chose the Department of dramatic art at the University of California. In high school, Douglas met Danny De Vito, among the boys struck up a friendship. Danny DeVito not only became a loyal friend of Michael Douglas, but also a partner in the work.

    Kirk Douglas thought that the son should be in a movie, not before 25 years, and before that time it is necessary to temper the character in the fight for a place in show business. And so it happened: Michael had to carry coffee in the cinema, working as an assistant Director and assistant editor.


    Michael Douglas made his debut in the role of inspector stone in the TV series «streets of San Francisco» in 1972. Three years later Douglas became the producer of the film «one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest». The film’s success was staggering – he received five «Oscars».

    In 1979, the screens out «the China syndrome», in which Michael Douglas played a major role and acted as the producer. In this film, the actor expressed his own opinion in the issue of nuclear disarmament, which discussed on the sidelines.

    80-m Douglas was seriously injured at a ski resort and three years out. During this time, the audience forgot it, but Michael was sensitive to the mood and tastes of society, knew that to offer the audience. In 1984 he made his brilliant comeback in a big movie in the adventure film «romancing the stone». Then there was the sequel «jewel of the Nile», in which he brilliantly played the hero-lover.

    An important step towards the «tough guy» became the role of the choreographer Zach in «a Chorus line». Father Michael Douglas always dreamed that his son played the villain, and he was right. The role of financial player Gordon Gekko in the movie «wall Street» not only glorify Douglas, Jr., but also brought him an Oscar and a Golden globe.

    In the image of «tough guy» actor appeared in the films «Fatal attraction,» «Basic instinct», «Black rain». These roles have secured him the status of Hollywood superstars. The film «Basic instinct» in which partner of Douglas was Sharon stone, collected $ 112 million.

    The most respectable role of the actor is the image of an American President in the eponymous film. But critics agree on one thing – Michael Douglas ‘ better roles in which the character of the hero requires a mixed reaction. A good works they called the painting «Game» and «Traffic».

    Personal life

    In 1971, Michael fell in love with the actress Brenda Vaccaro, whom he met in the movie «Summertree». Their relationship lasted for almost 6 years.

    In the spring of 1977, Michael Douglas married Diandra luker, who is almost half his age. She was the daughter of an Austrian diplomat, and nothing to do with the film industry had. After a year the couple had a son Cameron. Their marriage lasted 23 years, but in 2000 the couple divorced. The divorce process lasted almost two years, Douglas had paid the looker $ 45 million compensation.

    After the divorce, the actor was short novels, while at the premiere of the film «Mask of Zorro» he met actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Summer Michael Douglas fell in love with it immediately and in every way sought its location. In December 1999, the couple announced their engagement, and after 4 months have legalized their relationship. Catherine bore Michael two children.

    In 2010, the doctors gave Douglas diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. He was treated and, as stated by the press, overcame the disease. And the wife could not stand trial – since 2011 Katherine suffers from bipolar disorder. In the spring of 2013 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have not appeared in public together. In August of the same year, the actor said that he was going to file for divorce because of the «global depression wife.» But three months later the couple reconciled.


    • «The Streets Of San Francisco»
    • «Wall street»
    • «A perfect murder»
    • «Basic instinct»
    • «Family values»
    • «He, I and his friends»
    • «There she is»
    • «Starpercy»
    • «Ant-man»
    • «King Of California»


    Michael Douglas

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