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  • Name: Kristalinskaya Maya ( Maya Kristalinskaya )
  • Date of birth: 24 February 1932
  • Age: 53 years
  • Date of death: 19 Jun 1985
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Maya Kristalinskaya: biography

    Maya Kristalinskaya – a famous Soviet singer with a unique voice. She sang as if knew a long time listener, and attracted citizens across the country. For each Maya seemed dear and familiar girl.

  • At the end of the twenties of the last century in the family of Valentina and Vladimir Kristalinskaya (contrary to popular belief, it is a real name, not a pseudonym), who worked as an editor in several publishing houses, a girl Maya – unfortunately, due to a congenital disease, the child of a few years died. February 24, 1932, the couple had another girl, which again called Maya.
    Maya Kristalinskaya
    Maya Kristalinskaya | Records

    Must be the fate of the future actress has identified her uncle Paul Zlatogorov, worked as a Director of musical theater. During the celebration of one’s birthday of Maya he gave her a harmonica. The girl, despite her young age, she learned to play, and soon began to sing popular war songs: «fellow», «Blue scarf» and so on.

    Fully developed daddy girls, despite intense professional activity, he found time to lead the circle in the House of pioneers. His ten years of age began to visit Valentine kotelkina, which will be the best friend of Maya Kristalinskaya for life. They were United by a love of creativity, in particular, singing.

    Maya Kristalinskaya in childhood
    Maya Kristalinskaya in childhood

    In my school, Maya was able without preparation to speak on stage to the accompaniment of the piano. Her talent for singing was noticed and invited in the choir of the Central Palace of railway children, the head of which was an outstanding composer Isaak Dunayevsky, but she didn’t even think to become a professional singer. Maya was a fully developed girl – showed progress in mathematics and in literature, it easy a foreign language.

    Maya Kristalinskaya in his youth
    Maya Kristalinskaya in his youth

    Before you obtain a passport, the future singer and a Russian mother but Jewish father, decided to consult with Kotelkina about what nationality should be recorded in documents. And immediately said: «According to our laws, nationality is determined by the father.» Maya had no idea that in the 1960-ies will not allow it to television broadcasts because of the choice made.


    After graduation in 1950, Maya decided to enter the Moscow aviation Institute. She and Valya kotelkina were inseparable – together they became students of the faculty of Economics of the aircraft industry, from which he graduated five years later, engineers-economists. Distribution they hit the Novosibirsk aviation plant.

    Maya Kristalinskaya and Valentine kotelkina
    Maya Kristalinskaya and Valentine kotelkina

    Deputy Director of the factory met horrible girls. Even the hostel they were told. Capital girls here all pushed – dirty shop, dirty women cursing, a dozen years older than them, mocking the attitude of the authorities. I decided to run – they boarded the train and went to his native Moscow. Later, the factory sent to the capital of the complaint with the request to prosecute.

    Maya Kristalinskaya
    Maya Kristalinskaya | ProfiLib

    Her friends were lucky that the chief of a Central Board was a reviewer of the graduation project Kristalinskaya. Thanks to him, the Ministry of aircraft production felt sorry for them and found a new job in Moscow in the experimental design Bureau of the famous Soviet aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev.


    Despite his busy schedule, Maya, and then engaged in Amateur performance in the troupe of the Central House of workers of arts. In early 1957, it hosted the world festival of youth and students. During these years, jazz in the country is actually considered to be prohibited, but in honor of the festival of the Komsomol Committee instructed the composer Yuri Saulsky to organize a jazz orchestra that he invited Maya.

    The performance of the singer-lovers were seen by the audience, but at the end of the festival in the newspaper «Soviet culture» published a negative article with the title «Music hipsters». In her concert by young jazz orchestra was completely destroyed. The work of Yury Saulsky was called «terrible ravenum trombones», «nasty howling saxophones», «hideous roar shock». As a result, all members of the orchestra expelled from the House of workers of arts.

    Maya Kristalinskaya on stage
    Maya Kristalinskaya on stage | Life is photo

    After the three compulsory years in the design office Maya Kristalinskaya retired from this profession. By this time, she managed to participate in dozens of performances and decided to become a professional artist. She went on tour with the Oleg Lundstrem orchestra and then with the orchestra of Eddie Rozner, during which I managed to visit every corner of the Soviet Union.

    In 1960 on Soviet screens there was a film «Thirst» for which Maya Kristalinskaya recorded the song «We with you two coast». Immediately after the premiere, the singer gets wildly popular. In the blink of an eye has sold 7-million copies of the album with the song from the movie. The entry almost every day radio airplay.

    Maya Kristalinskaya on stage
    Maya Kristalinskaya on stage | Best-pesnya

    The voice of Maya Vladimirovna loved by all the people. Since then, it has released many smash hits: «snowing», «And outside the rain, the snow,» «Our mother» «Grandchildren». She has worked with the best musicians and composers of the Soviet Union. Among them were Tariverdiev, Iosif Kobzon, Kolmanovsky, Valentina Tolkunova and many others.

    In 1966 the all-Union survey of Maya Kristalinskaya recognize major pop singer of the year, and her performances of the song «Tenderness» from the film «Three poplars at Plyushchikha» knows and with tears in his eyes singing the entire country. Just four years later, when a change of Chairman of the USSR state Committee for television and radio broadcasting, the artist will become persona non grata on the national stage.


    Despite appearing popular, life Kristalinskaya to the end of the sixties has become more difficult. After a tragic romance «In our city the rain» live new year’s TV bosses accused her of «propaganda of sadness» and cut the broadcast.

    At the same time, the singer turned out to be especially terrible for his profession, the disease – tumor of the lymph glands. This cancer affects the lymph nodes in the neck and can cause numbness.

    Maya Kristalinskaya
    Maya Kristalinskaya | Band-mp3

    Kristalinskaya had a long time spending on treatment in hospitals, and in speeches since then came out with a scarf around the neck, which became her calling card – she is in all her photo at the time. The Soviet audience did not even know that this is not a stylish accessory, but a necessary measure. Scarves hide traces of the terrible exposure. On tour she traveled with a suitcase full of drugs.

    Maya Kristalinskaya in recent years
    Maya Kristalinskaya in recent years | HD video

    When radio and television was headed by Sergey Lapin, it almost ceased to show on TV. The reason for that error when applying for a passport made by Maya in your youth. According to rumors, the new chief was an ardent anti-Semite. Out pop Kristalinskaya followed in the footsteps of his father – began to write articles in the «Evening Moscow», translated the «Reflections» Marlene Dietrich from the French for «great and mighty».

    Personal life

    First husband Mayi – graduate medical Institute Arkady Arkanov. They met in the middle of spring 1958, and in early summer had already signed. Relatives of the newlyweds learned about it after. The affected parents of wife and husband of happy with each other is not felt at the wedding table was a deathly silence.

    Years later Arkady Arkanov will say that he met with the singer because of a dispute with a friend. Among young people there was a strong love – and, it seems that the man was a little jealous of the success of his wife. After obtaining the diploma of Arcana got a regular doctor at the time, as Kristalinskaya only become more popular.

    Arkady Arkanov
    First husband Arkady Arkanov | Linkis

    In October, 1958 elections were held. Arcana took the suitcase with things and he went to his parents to go to vote at the place of residence (the couple lived separately – rented an apartment in Moscow). Back he never came back. They broke up, but if you believe the words of Arcadia, continued to maintain friendly relations.

    The second and latest husband, singer became a sculptor, designer and architect Edward Barclay. Largely due to the care and love of her husband Maya was able to live so long with his illness.

    Maya Kristalinskaya with her husband Edward
    Maya Kristalinskaya with her husband Edward | Cultural studies

    Unfortunately, Edward himself was sick in June 1984, he died from diabetes. The actress is very upset by the death of her husband, she was completely speechless. Exactly a year after my husband’s funeral, June 19, 1985, Maya died. Children the couple never had.


  • Maya Kristalinskaya
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