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  • Name: Maya Carmen ( Mayan Soul )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1930.
  • Age: 86 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: teacher of Russian language
  • Marital status: widow

    Maya Carmen: biography

    Maya afanasevna Soul, better known as Maya Carmen, was born in June 1930 in Moscow in the family of a hero of the civil war, the Soviet historian Athanasius Andreyevich of Zmeul. A few years after the birth of Maya’s father headed the all-Union Academy of foreign trade. During the great Patriotic war went to the front and was an agitator of the propaganda Department of the political Department. After the war, Soul becomes the head of foreign trade organization «Mezhdunarodnaya kniga».

    After one of the capital’s schools Maya Zmeul — student of the Institute of foreign trade. After graduating, she got a job at the Board of Trade.

    Life before Aksenov

    Maya Zmeul belonged to the category of youth, which was called «Golden». The daughter of eminent dnestrovskogo chief, who led a prestigious institution that had offices in many countries, was all about what others have only dreamed of.

    Maya’s mother died early. The father married a second time. But with her stepmother relations improved quickly. The daughter inherited her father’s character – stubborn, straightforward and purposeful.

    In 1951 Maya married. Her first husband was nestorovski worker Maurice Ovchinnikov. After 3 years, the couple have a daughter, Elena. But soon the marriage fell apart. Maya met in the whole country celebrated film Director Roman Karmen and fell in love. For her sake he abandoned his family – divorced wife Nina Orlova, with whom he lived for 20 years.

    Despite a short temper and straightforward nature of Maya, the couple got along. They were in the layer of Soviet society, which was called «elite». There was everything – luxury apartment in the famous high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, dacha outside Moscow, traveling abroad, cars with personal drivers and gatherings with members of the Politburo.

    But in 1970, Roman Karmen had a heart attack. To restore the health of the family went to Yalta. There was a fateful meeting Maya Carmen and Vasily Aksenov.

    Personal life of Maya Carmen

    Since meeting with Aksyonov, who came to Yalta with his wife, Kira, personal life Maya Carmen turned on its head. It was love at first sight, fatal passion that swept away everything in its path. But Kira Mendeleev also loved her husband and did not want to part with it. The same feelings he felt for his wife and Roman Karmen.

    Vasily Aksyonov Maya and Carmen started Dating secretly. Together they went to Sochi, Koktebel and the Baltic States. But to keep secret personal lives of these famous people is impossible. This novel, the buzz was all literary Bohemia of Moscow. As later admitted Vasily Aksyonov, he was almost beat Yulian Semyonov, who was friends with Roman Karmen and genuinely worried about one’s suffering.

    Their relationship was indeed very risky. After all, the Roman Lazarevic Carmen – people’s artist of the USSR and Hero of socialist labor. He’s a luminary is a documentary movie, filmed footage of the surrender of Paulus at Stalingrad and signing the act of surrender of Germany. Moreover, Carmen is a personal friend of Leonid Brezhnev. And Vasily Aksenov is the dissident, it is increasingly criticized in the press and almost not to be.

    Vasily Aksyonov and Maya Carmen
    Vasily Aksyonov and Maya Carmen

    Your love story Vasily Pavlovich later described in his autobiographical novel «the Burn». There Maya Carmen named Alice.

    Maya was not able to throw Roman Karmen. She was torn between him and Aksenov until the death of the Novel Lazarovich. He died in 1978. The divorce never happened. But with the departure of Director last barrier between Maya Carmen and Vasily Aksenov disappeared. After her divorce from Kira Vasily Pavlovich was finally able to marry Maya. Their life together now could overshadow nothing, not even an actual expulsion from the country.

    In may 1980, the lovers were married. Noted event in Peredelkino at the dacha, where they gathered close friends. And in July of the same year, 48-year-old Vasily Aksyonov and 50-year-old Maya with her daughter Helen and grandson Ivan went to Paris. A couple of months they moved to America, intending to stay there some time. It was planned that it will be 2 years. But quickly the writer was deprived of citizenship. So the couple remained in the US for 24 years.

    Maya Carmen, like her husband, worked at the University, teaching Russian language.

    In 1999, the family suffered a great sorrow. Tragically died after falling from a window, 26-year-old grandson of Maya Ivan. But it was only the first tragedy, followed followed by others.

    In 2004, Maya and Vasily Aksenov has got apartment in Moscow. Rather, they back away once the apartment in the same building on Kotelniki. And after 4 years Aksenov had a stroke. The writer was out of the courtyard of the skyscraper.

    Almost 2 years Vasily Pavlovich was in a coma. Undergoing surgery could not save him. All this time beside her beloved husband was Maya. Soon she had to endure another blow. In the summer of 2008 suddenly, in the dream, died, daughter Elena, who came to help care for her stepfather. And the next summer Maya Carmen buried her husband.

    In a recent interview, the woman admitted that she holds in this world only favorite dog Aksenov, a Spaniel named Pushkin.

    Photo Of Maya Carmen

    Maya Carmen

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