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  • Name: Maya Bulgakova ( Maiya Bulgakova )
  • Date of birth: 19 may 1932
  • Age: 62 years
  • Date of death: 7 Oct 1994
  • Place of birth: village of Buki, Ukraine
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: widow

    Maya Bulgakov : biography

    Future people’s artist of the RSFSR Maya Grigoryevna Bulgakova was born in a small Ukrainian village of Buki (now Kyiv region). Besides her family has grown by another three children.

    Beeches have only passed the first years of life Bulgakova. Soon, the family moved to Kremenchug. Pala the Great Patriotic war took away Maya’s father and older brother, who had gone to the front as volunteers.

    Mother saving three younger children from the Nazis, moved to Kramatorsk, to the sister. But soon as approaching the front of a military factory where women worked, was evacuated to Irkutsk.

    In Irkutsk Bulgakov went to 2nd grade. At school it turned out that the girl has a great voice. Often she and her friends were having impromptu concerts for wounded military hospital. Perhaps it is in these moments, Maya Grigorievna born actress. And establish themselves desire them to become Bulgakov managed after frequent visits to the cinema. It happened when Maya’s mom, undermining the health of the plant, got a job in a cinema.

    After finishing school Maya Bulgakova easily entered VGIK on the course of Olga Pyzhova and Boris Bibikov. In 1955, Bulgakov graduated with honors from the drama school.


    The path to success for aspiring actress was not short and easy. A cinematic biography of Maya Bulgakova began in 1955 with a small role in the film Grigory Roshal «Outlaws». All immediately noticed the talent of the young artist. But new proposals from the Directors was received long enough. So Bulgakov remembered about his second talent is vocal.

    She sat in the orchestra by Leonid Utesov. First in the Soviet Union Maya Bulgakova began to sing the repertoire of Edith Piaf. And, as said by her friend and people’s artist of Russia Tamara Semina, Piaf’s great lost against Bulgakova.

    Starring role went to the actress in 1966. Director Larisa Shepitko called Maya Bulgakov, the main role in his film «Wings». The image of the former pilots Hope PetroChina brought the actress a popular and long-awaited glory. And – opened the door to the cinema. Bulgakovu finally noticed her.

    Maya G. played so that each of its output on the screen were vivid and memorable. For example, a small role of Helena in «the Tale of fiery years» is quite on par in strength with the main characters of the film.

    Another minor but powerful role was played by the actress in the drama «In the fire Broda no» Gleb Panfilov. The main character embodied Inna Churikova, but dissolute nurse Mary, brilliantly played by Bulgakov. Desirable, but difficult was for Maya Grigorievna role in the drama «Crime and punishment». The complex nature of the broken fortunes of the heroine of Bulgakov passed with the highest skill.

    All the character of this outstanding actress is a strong personality with a complex character, a steel rod inside and a difficult fate. Such characters in the films «Sunday», «People and animals», «Foreign letters», «Farewell of Slav» and «Stalin’s Funeral». Excellent got used Maya Bulgakova in the heroines of past era. You can verify this by viewing the film «Youth of Peter», «the ballad of the valiant knight Ivanhoe» and the Comedy «Marriage».

    Of the last roles the actress viewers remembered the images, created by Maya Bulgakova in the films «Roma» (Lumilikha), «the adventures of electronics» (the headmaster) and «the Investigation leading experts». In the latest tape, she played the leader of a criminal gang, fierce and strong woman. This picture was the last in the biography of the actress.

    Personal life

    Almost all screen heroines of the actress is unhappy with the broken fate of women. But the personal life of Maya Bulgakova was quite different. Beauty had incredible success in men. For her cast of family and even the country.

    The first marriage of the actress was a student. For the 2nd course, Bulgakov married for the operator Anatoly Nitochkin. He wanted his home waiting for his wife-a housewife, but Maya is not included, she dreamed of becoming. Volume 4-month-old daughter zeena was sent to her grandmother. And soon he disappeared from Nitochkin life Bulgakova.

    During its concert activity, the orchestra Utesova Maya G. met 28-year-old handsome Aleksei Gabrilovich, a son of the famous screenwriter. Broke novel turned into a marriage. But very restless, with frequent quarrels and reconciliations. From Gabrilovich Bulgakov went to the son of the Director of «Mosfilm» Surina Alexander. He was so fond of beauty that took her from her husband pregnant. He married Maya Bulgakova and gave the step-daughter of Mary his name. And after a year the artist returned to Gabrilovich.

    However, only a year. Because the Russian beauty was fascinated by the Englishman Richard Collins, choreographer. But soon he was forced to return home. Called and the woman, but for his career remained in Russia.

    But the Austrian Peter Dobias, arrived in Moscow on business for Bulgakova left their country and family. Together they lived for 16 happy years. Peter died in 1994. Maya Grigoryevna incredibly missed him. Life lost all its colours and meaning. 3 months after his death she died. And a year after her death, did not, and Alexei Gabrilovich, loved Maya Bulgakov to the end of his days.


    The tragedy happened in the fall of 1994. Maya G. together with his colleague Love Sokolova were going to a concert. The driver of the car lost control and the car crashed into a pole. Both Actresses were in intensive care, the driver died on the spot. Sokolov recovered, but Bulgakova in a few days (7 Oct) did not.

    The actress was buried near her husband Peter Dobias on the capital cemetery of Rakitki.


    • «Outlaws»
    • «Wings»
    • «In the fire Broda no»
    • «Crime and punishment»
    • «Farewell»
    • «Gypsy»
    • «Varkina earth»
    • «The Adventures Of Electronics»
    • «Stalin’s Funeral»
    • «The investigation leading Experts»


    Maya Bulgakova,

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