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  • Name: May Egorova ( Egorova Maya )
  • Date of birth: April 25, 2002
  • Age: 14 years
  • Place of birth: Tsivilsk, Chuvashia
  • Activity: participant in season 3 of the show «Kids. The voice»
  • Marital status:

    May Yegorov biography

    The lovely and talented 13-year-old girl May Egorova was born on 25 April 2002 in the small town of Chuvash tsivil’sk. Parents expect to have my daughter in may and even came up with the name, but the baby decided to be born a little early. Mom and dad are already accustomed to the idea that they will be born daughter May have decided not to change the favorite name.

    She began singing at 3 and at 6 she couldn’t imagine his life without music. Talent in singing and music May have got from the Pope Alexei Yegorov, military retired. He also sings and has a musical education in the class of «Piano, guitar, violin». It is the Pope who first drew attention on the ability of the daughter, and when she was 6 years old, took May to a music school. Here she learned to play the piano.

    From early childhood, the biography of the Mai Egorova is inextricably linked with the vocals. Girl multiple winner of many International and Ukrainian competitions and festivals. Their abilities the little singer developed in a professional Studio, doing vocals at least 2 times a week.

    In 2015, a family Egorov moved from tsivil’sk to the capital. May received an offer from one of the Metropolitan theatres to sing in the musical «the ballad of the little heart.» But for this it was necessary to live permanently in Moscow. Mai’s parents immediately agreed to move, because the music is the most important in my daughter’s life. Now the girl stands in the musical.

    But May Yegorov is not only a talented vocalist. The girl is multi-talented. It-depth study of the English language. And still keen on sports by going for the swimming, figure skating and Cycling. Is in the Mai and Hobbies: she loves to weave bead, to draw, to model and sew clothes.

    «Voice. Children»

    To get to the popular project «Voice. Children» May have long wanted. Two attempts have not crowned success. And only in the beginning of last summer May Egorova with the parents filed a new application to participate in the show. In October she was invited to the main casting.

    Song submitted by Maya on stage «blind auditions», was difficult, because the slightest hypocrisy in it heard instantly. The song Ani Lorak called «I’ll be back» the young singer managed to sing so that the judges, and the entire hall stood with delight. Clean and sweet voice of Mai, as the performance was impeccable.

    Unfortunately and surprisingly neither Pelagia, deeply impressed by the great tone girls, neither Dima nor sensitive Leonid Agutin did not return in May at run time. On the last note of the song May Yegorova could not resist, and her eyes filled with tears. They appeared on the eyes of many in the audience.

    It seems the judges felt the guilt, and the growing indignation of the audience who instantly became fans and fans Mai Egorova. Outrage and lack of understanding of the behavior of the mentors who did not wish to vote for a talented singer, literally blew up the Internet. The hashtag #Verneau became the leader of the tops in social networks. However, rules are rules. The girl offered to come on the next season of the show, May Egorov promised to return.


    May Egorova

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