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  • Name: Maxim Zhilin ( Zhilin Maksim )
  • Date of birth: April 27, 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Bratsk
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: dancer, participant of the TV show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status:

    Maxim Zhilin: biography

    With a stage and spotlight Maxim Zhilin familiar with early childhood. Energy and too restless rolling of the son family decided to send in a useful direction. Therefore, when the boy was 6 years old, his mom brought him to the Children’s school of arts.

    Maxim Zhilin
    In childhood |

    At first Maxim ran around the stage, splashed energy and fun as I could. But soon, watching peers who made the first success and received for his mastery of praise and applause, I realized that wouldn’t mind being in their place. He began to repeat the choreographer and children’s dance moves and not seriously interested.

    Dedication and a good ability Zhilin said teacher Victoria Gavrilenko. She gathered from the best dancers of the team, giving him the name «the Expanse». The guys started touring. They traveled to many competitions and dance festivals, which were held in large cities of Siberia.

    Maxim Zhilin
    In the team «Expanse» |

    So began the creative biography of Maxim Zhilin. Dancing has become for him something more than just a hobby. But I think he realized it immediately. Because after receiving the diploma in physics and mathematics Lyceum went to Saint Petersburg and became a student of electrotechnical University, choosing a specialty in radio engineering.

    In the first year the guy studied hard. Distracted by the choreography. But the desire to dance was not released. It seemed, in his life, something important was missing. Peter Zhilin quickly found a place where his talent came in handy. Fate brought him together with a group of contemporary dance «Paraphrase».

    3 year Maxim comes out on the big stage: he performs in plays and musicals. But his studies he left, although it was understood that the acquired profession are unlikely to connect their lives.

    Maxim Zhilin
    In his student years |

    The St. Petersburg theater-goers saw Maxim Zilina in the musicals «Onegin», «Mother cat» and «Cream, Jam and Boogie woogie». Good acting Siberian demonstrated on the stage of the theater named Komissarzhevskaya, playing a prominent role in the play «Turkee». And another dancer took part in the concert «disco 90s» and «stars of the Road radio».


    About the project «Dancing on TNT» Maxim Zhilin learned immediately. About it dancer told friends when the auditions of the 1st season ended. The guy had long wanted to get into this competition, where there was an opportunity to show yourself, and enhance your skills.

    But while he was thinking, started the 2nd season. To him Zhilin had no time to prepare properly. He went to the casting, that is, without anything. No prepared dance and even without the flash with appropriate music. So by Maxim after pre-casting has made to the waiting list, but the casting never called.

    Maxim Zhilin
    At the casting with Sonya Tsvetkova |

    The 3rd season of «Dancing» Maxim Zhilin, too, had all the chances to miss. Especially at the time of casting in his hands had already signed a contract to work in Germany. He had only to wait for the opening of the working visa, the documents on which he served. But suddenly max got a call from the project. After serious hesitation or Siberian choose to participate in the project breaking the contract.

    That did the right thing, dancer realized pretty quickly. He confidently entered the Top 20 made the team Yegor Druzhinin, as wanted. Max so responsibly and enthusiastically engaged in favourite business that is «disabled» from the outside. One day it almost ended in a serious injury: on stage, he slipped and fell, hitting his head. Fortunately, the blow was not

    strong and party, who had a considerable army of fans, has continued to perform.

    Maxim Zhilin and cherry
    Maxim Zhilin and cherry | Wokrout

    The audience appreciated the talent of the contestant and noted for myself his paired performances. Maxim Zhilin and cherry performed an original dance in the Gothic style. Room put talented choreographer Igor Rudnik. Yegor Druzhinin and Sergei Svetlakov seems to have been impressed by the professionalism of this couple.

    Maxim Zhilin and Dasha Video
    Maxim Zhilin and Dasha Video |

    A 17 episode 3 season memorable for the fans dancer from Bratsk another bright room. Maxim Zhilin and Dasha Video presented to the audience and mentors the dance style vogue. The performance of max criticized Miguel. But Tatyana Denisova stood up for the guy.

    Personal life

    Unknown girl in this charismatic guy from Bratsk. If there is, he hides it securely from prying eyes. In all interviews the question of who supports him, a dancer reminisces about family and best friends.

    Maxim Zhilin with grandma and grandpa
    Grandma and grandpa |

    It seems today personal life Maxim Zilina is a dance career, which has completely consumed him and left no time for other activities and Hobbies.


    Maxim Zhilin in school

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