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  • Name: Maxim Vitorgan ( Maksim Vitorgan )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, presenter
  • Marital status: married Ksenia Sobchak

    Maxim Vitorgan: biography

    September 10, 1972 the family of actors of Emmanuel Vitorgan and Alla Balter added another future star. Little Maxim knew from childhood that his destiny is to be an actor. In school it is not very hard, but from the first year in GITIS on course. Sudakovo quickly became one of the best students.

    During these years he begins to film – acting debut in the film «Shine», a few bit parts. However, according to the artist himself, at the time, nothing good shot, because in the movie he’s not particularly eager.

    Another thing – the theatre. In 1993, the actor graduated from University and with «the ship to the ball» began working in the Moscow youth Theater in productions of «the Storm» and «Execution of the Decembrists». In 1999, Maxim moved to the Lenkom, where he played in «Cruel games» and «Sage». But after two years on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow art Theater went «Number», «Antigone» and «Crime and punishment» with his participation.

    In 1993 began a collaboration that brought Vitorgan real fame and people’s love: acquaintance to participants of the theater «Quartet And» became fateful for the artist. When in 1999 was staged by the famous Comedy play «Radio Day», it is specifically for the Maxim wrote the role of DJ max. In 2007, the show was filmed «Day of Radio» and «Election Day». Who will get the role of max, it was clear long before the shooting.

    In 2004 Vitorgan acted as Director of the rock festival «Invasion».

    Maxim Vitorgan movies

    In 2010 another creative project Vitorgan and «Emperor» was a real hit among moviegoers – the film «

  • What men talk about» instantly became a modern Comedy classic, and the replica of it just taken away on citations. Maxim in this tape, played a small but vivid role of Romeo. Tape success was so great that a year later came its sequel. But, as usual, the sequel to the first film in popularity and humor fell short. After these brilliant comedic actor roles showered with invitations to other films – «Herbarium Masha Kosova», «Santa Claus always rings thrice», «doctor’s Diary-2» joins a filmography of Maxim.

    Today Vitorgan active in films («Mobius», «the Perfect marriage», «the Fugitives»), continues his work in the theatre and expands creative horizons. In the «Other theatre» actor debuted as a Director in the play «cat,» and was immediately awarded the prize of «Live theatre» in the nomination «Director of the year: the new wave».

    Maxim Vitorgan: TV

    In 2004, the actor began his work on the TV – then he became the Director of «not blue spark» on «REN-TV». On the same channel in 2007 he worked on the creation of the show «Distant relatives». In 2008, already on NTN Vitorgan participated in the show’s production, «Women’s League». In April 2013, the actor became the host of the show «Mouths of Babes» at the children’s channel «Disney».

    From time to time Maxim takes part in TV projects. As he claims that it «gives him a new sensation». So Vitorgan was seen in «the Great race» and «Cruel games». They say that not all new feeling came to the artist’s taste.

    Maxim Vitorgan: personal life

    Maxim Emmanuilovich married three times. For the first time – actress-youth theatre

  • Victoria Weerberg. From this marriage had two children – daughter Pauline and son Daniel. The girl now continues the family business – Pauline also became an actress. Second times married actor was associated with marketer
  • Natalia, but this Union did not last long.

    In 2013 Maxim has again stirred the public with his wedding with TV presenter and journalist Ksenia Sobchak. The wedding was held secretly, and the couple announced its new status already in the cinema «Wick», which came in wedding attire for the premiere of the film Vitorgan.

    Maxim Vitorgan: filmography

    • Shine
    • Dasha Vasileva. A lover of private investigation
    • Against the tide
    • Cat’s waltz
    • To Make God Laugh
    • Election day
    • Radio day
    • What men talk about
    • What men still talk
    • The mistress of my fate
    • Both parents and children
    • Happy new year, mom!
    • The doctor’s diary
    • New old house
    • The Eighth of March, men!
    • The Wedding Begins.

    Maxim Vitorgan: photo

    Maxim Vitorgan

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