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  • Name: Maxim Trankov ( Maxim Trankov )
  • Date of birth: 7 October 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Perm
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: the Russian figure skater, Olympic champion in pair skating
  • Marital status: married Tatiana Volosozhar

    Maxim Trankov: biography

    Honored master of sports, world champion in 2013, two-time Olympic champion 2014, champion of Russia, a great skater who is trusted to be the standard-bearer Russian team at the winter Olympics closing ceremony in Sochi. And it’s all about him – Maxim Leonidovich Trankova.

    He could reach one of the most beautiful sports a lot. The army of fans of the athlete huge and continues to grow. But few people know that Maxim Trankov, if not for my mother and late father, could do something else, not sports. But they insisted, and the son had to listen to them. Now he’s eternally grateful to my parents for all that matters.

    Maxim Trankov in childhood
    Baby photo |

    Maxim Trankov was born in October 1983 in Perm. The boy was lucky to be born in a family where everyone respected sports: older brother Alex, father Leonid Trankov – last is a great rider, the first in the Urals, master of equestrian sport, mother Valentine Trankova – when coached athletes, and after the birth of their sons changed jobs to a more relaxed pre – school teacher.

    The youngest son of parents took to the rink when max «knocked» for 4 years. Brother Alex heard about a new set of group figure skating and reported it to mom and dad, who have long thought of where to direct too violent and sometimes explosive energy youngest son.

    Thus began a sporting biography of Maxim Trankov is a complex, intermittent, with sharp UPS and downs.

    Maxim Trankov in childhood
    Skater in the child | woman’s day

    Little Max years to 8 repeatedly to drop the class. He wanted to do what the majority of peers: run to the cinema, football, sit back and fooling around. A strict schedule and a clear agenda were given bad boy. And he managed to make his Maxim Trankov did not go to the rink. The parents had given up, but when they phoned the first coach of the boy Valery Domrachev and asked to return a talented and very promising Tomboy to the rink, dad and mom took son thoroughly. And returned to the sport.

    9-year-old Maxim Trankov got talented coaches, spouses Valentina and Valerie Bales, in a group of pair skating. But more than a year the boy was riding himself – partner was not for him. In 1994, max finally found a couple – the same age as her Korchagin.

    Figure skating

    Professional sports biography of Maxim Trankov began after the first adult category in 11 years. And when the boy turned 13, their joint performances with Olesya ended. A new partner Ksenia Vasilieva. It is worth noting that it managed to take 7th place at the Junior championship, which is evidence of clear progress. Vasilyeva Maxim Trankov in the pair lasted two years, and then began to speak with Irina Bogomolova.

    Maxim Trankov in his youth
    Professional career began at the age of 11 | Movie-Theater.Ru

    In 1999, the famous coach of Lyudmila Smirnova offers Trankovo to move to St. Petersburg and to speak with her daughter, Irina Ulanova. The guy agrees. Perm has changed St. Petersburg, and the result of the changes not long in coming: the pair is under the strict guidance Smirnova took 5th place in the Junior championship.

    In 2003, Maxim Trankov began skating with new girlfriend Maria Mukhortova. After two years of hard work, they managed to become Champions among juniors. The performances in the young League is over, and it was necessary to make the transition into the adult category. But this period has given the pair a hard time. In addition to internal conflicts, the children were constantly arguing with the coach. In less than six months the couple had two mentors and, after a quarrel between them ceased to ride together for a few months.

    Maxim Trankov and Maria Mukhortova
    Maria Mukhortova | Sports Express

    But after a short break in 2006, the athletes are once again reunited. Now, because of their training came from coach Oleg Vasiliev. He immediately realized that the couple, though love conflict, but it is able to achieve great heights. Vasiliev made the right decision. Trankov and Mukhortova in 2007 won the Championship of Russia.

    With regard to the participation in the final Grand Prix of figure skating, here’s luck ran out guys – they only got a 6th place. The reason for the defeat is simple: a few days before the speech, Maxim Trankov got food poisoning. Then in the career of skaters followed by a number of failures and the final collapse of the pair.

    Maxim Trankov , Tetyana Volosozhar
    A striking pair on the ice | CP

    During this period, were looking for a partner talented skater Tatiana Volosozhar. Former partner and husband of Tanya Stanislav Morozov decided to retire and go into coaching. Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov began to work together under the leadership of Nina Moser.

    It should be noted that «lapping» of the new tandem was almost painless and quite fast. In 2010, Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar won the championship of Russia.

    Championship 2011 in Japan was cancelled because of the earthquake. Skaters went there just before the crash. Within a few days after the event with them was lost connection. Then everyone got scared. But, fortunately, the skaters came back alive and healthy.

    Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar on the podium
    Gold medals talented pair | Arguments and Facts

    In 2013, Maxim Trankov and his partner have performed at the world Cup, where for the first time in my life, both athletes took first place. It is worth saying that this victory was given to them is extremely difficult, as on the day of departure his father died of Maxim. By a great effort, the athlete managed to cope with their feelings and to focus on speech. It was dedicated to his father. Volosozhar and Trankov won.

    Sochi Olympics

    In 2014 Maxim Trankov along with Tatiana has represented Russia in pairs figure skating at the Olympic Games in Sochi. On February 11 launched the first phase in the pairs competitions in figure skating in the Olympic games in Sochi. The Russian pair Volosozhar-Trankov won the short program. Moreover, the pair managed to break the world record of typing 83,79 points.

    February 12, 2014 hosted the decisive competition in figure skating among pairs. Maxim Trankov with his co-worker rolled a random rock-Opera «Jesus Christ Superstar» by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Equal to the boys was not. With a lead of 18 points they became Olympic Champions Sochi. It was an unqualified triumph.

    There was a break value in a year and a half. Maxim Trankov improved their health. Tournament in German Nebelhorn guys won again. But during the following phase, figure skaters have filmed. This time to deal with health had Tatiana.

    New return to the rink brought athletes gold medals. These victories have been achieved at the national Championships in Russia and in Bratislava, at the continental championship.


    In 2016 Maxim Trankov took part in the popular TV show «Ice age». Together with him were the singer and the finalist of the 5th season of «American idol» Yulianna Karaulova. Their coach was Ilya Averbukh.

    This season of «Ice age» seems to be the most controversial in its history. Besides the scandal with room about the Holocaust Tatiana Navka and Andrei Bourkovski there was a scandal with a couple Trankov-Karaulov. 33-year-old Maxim Trankov quarreled with a jury member Oxana Pushkina, which, in his opinion, the opinion of many thousands of spectators and even colleagues on the jury, put a pair of unfairly low score.

    Maxim Trankov and Yuliana Karaulova
    With Yulianna Karaulova in the Ice age-2016 | First channel

    Maxim Trankov said flatly Pushkina that he gave the project a lot and he found a huge family, extended circle of friends, and here it is – Oksana Pushkina came to the project to conquer enemies. Judging by the applause, the audience was on the side of the skater.

    Some viewers, seeing the passionate performances of Maxim Trankov and Juliana Karaulova, talking about their romance. But no novel actually was not. Apparently, the contestants are just great guys, well played their roles.

    Personal life

    For a long time about the personal life of Maksim Trankov had very little information. The athlete did not like to speak on this subject, and rumors or scandals were not given. Very busy and tight work schedule did not allow the skater to be distracted by something else outside the rink.

    But, as was recently proved, the athlete found her soul mate on the ice. It was, as many suspected, Tatiana Volosozhar. A pair of sports became married.

    Wedding Trankov Maxim and Tatiana Volosozhar
    Wedding skaters

    Tanya and Maxim have legalized their relationship in 2015. Beautiful and bustling the wedding took place at the restaurant «Lounge 02», which is located on the roof of the hotel «Ritz-Carlton». The bride wore a gorgeous dress from Alena Akhmadullina.

    Maxim Trankov , Tetyana Volosozhar
    Happy together |

    And in the fall of 2016, fans of figure skating and this wonderful couple learned the good news. In September, after returning skaters from the ice show in Japan, Tanya in his Instagramm reported pregnancy. Maxim Trankov will be the father, which, he admits, has long dreamed of.

    However, athletes dream to get to the winter Olympics 2018.


    Maxim Trankov

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