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  • Name: Maksim Sukhanov ( Maksim Sukhanov )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Sukhanov : a biography

    Sukhanov Maxim Aleksandrovich was born in Moscow in November 1963. He grew up in a wonderful family of intellectuals. His father was in the military. Soon after his birth his parents divorced. At first, Maxim was brought up by two wonderful women – my mom, the artist Tatiana Sukhanova-Aronova, and grandma Faith Bureeva. Probably it was passed on to the grandson of the actor’s genes. Because the grandmother at the time was a student of the legendary Vsevolod Meyerhold.

    The childhood of Maxim Sukhanov was held in the old Vetoshny lane. Beloved grandmother instilled in him a love of music. The first chords on the piano were made under her strict guidance.

    After high school, Sukhanov made an unsuccessful attempt to enroll in a music school. To avoid military service, he became a student of the Shchukin theatre school. During training the guy was so fascinated by the scene, neither about music nor about medicine never thought.


    In 1985, immediately after the «Pike» began a theatrical biography of Maxim Sukhanov. He was accepted into the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theatre. Opened aspiring artist Vladimir Mirzoyev. Says Sukhanov, the Director was able to see his nature, combined it with my fantasy and found this application.

    The first role in the theater attracted the attention of critics and audiences to the talented actor. «Richard III», «Glass of water», «Zoyka apartment», «Barbara», «Amphitryon,» «don Juan» – all these wonderful performances put on the stage of the Vakhtangov theater, Sukhanov quickly glorified. First award – a prestigious award «the gold mask» – the actor has earned for a production of «Cyrano de Bergerac», where Cyrano has played. For this work he was awarded the first State prize.

    Cooperation with the «Lenkom» Theater named after K. S. Stanislavsky also proved to be fruitful. For a star role in the play «Khlestakov», which premiered on the stage of Theatre of a name of Stanislavsky, Maxim Sukhanov was awarded the second national prize.

    Moscow theatre-goers will long be remembered talented talented artist in the Lenkom’s productions of «the Guy from our city», «Two women» and «Tartuffe,» where he appeared in the images of the main characters.


    A cinematic biography of Maxim Sukhanov is not as great as the theater. The actor is not more than one picture per year: employment in theatrical performances not to be on the set often. But, as he says Sukhanov, he only plays in those projects that he likes.

    As is often the case, what roles has brought the artist wide acclaim. The debut was in the famous drama «country of the deaf», released in the late 1990s. Sukhanov got the image of a crime boss nicknamed «Pig». It is the role of the second plan, but it was played so vividly that brought the actor award «Nika».

    Twice in his which devote Maksim Sukhanov visited Joseph Stalin. First time in the melodrama «children of the Arbat», in the second picture «Burnt by the sun 2». The image of the leader, the artist was very «alive» and «mausoleum».

    Findings for the actor turned out to be two more wonderful film «the Horde», where Sukhanov portrayed of St. Alexis, and «Boris Godunov». The last picture is not historical, but rather can be called historical fantasy. The events of bygone years was moved by Director these days. The two paintings caused a great resonance and mixed reviews.

    Tried Maxim Sukhanov himself and as a producer. Debut was his painting «angel Days» and «Parcel from Mars». Then came the acclaimed film «20 cigarettes».

    A talented man, as you know, is talented in everything. Sukhanov – a successful businessman. He is the co-owner of the popular restaurant «Mayak».

    Personal life

    The first wife of the actor was his colleague Darya Mikhailova. But soon after the birth of her daughter Vasilisa the marriage broke up. Sukhanov became interested in the actress Lada Maris, whom he met when played the main character in a production of «Salome, Princess of Judea». At that time She was a student of theatrical University. The new novel took the actor of the family. Mikhailov soon married Vladislav Galkin, and the new family Sukhanova had a second daughter, Sofia.

    With Lada Maris, the artist lived for 5 years. It was a civil marriage.

    Personal life of Maksim Sukhanov was adjusted after a meeting with a new lover – a journalist Eteri Chalandziya. The girl came to interview a famous actor, after which the lovers are never parted. They now live together.


    • «Country of the deaf»
    • «Children Of The Arbat»
    • «Burnt by the sun 2»
    • «The Horde»
    • «Country of the deaf»
    • «The goddess: How I fell in love»
    • «Mother»
    • «Children Of The Arbat»


    Maxim Sukhanov

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