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  • Name: Maxim Stavisky ( Maksim Staviskiy )
  • Date of birth: 16 November 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian and Bulgarian skater
  • Marital status: married Albena Denkova

    Maxim Stavisky: a biography

    Maxim Stavisky, familiar to fans of figure skating and fans of the TV show «Ice age», was born in Rostov-na-Donu in November of 1977. He was reared in an intellectual Jewish family. Mom Rachel Joffe engineer by training and the author of many scientific papers in the field of broadcasting. Eugene Stavisky also an engineer. He worked as a researcher at a Moscow research Institute.

    Maxim Stavisky
    Maxim Stavisky |

    Among the family of Maxim Stavisky had a lot of well-known and respected physicians. Paternal grandfather is one of the most influential military surgeons. Uncle – candidate of medical Sciences, worked at the Department of the Rostov medical Institute. But max had chosen a different path.

    In 4 years the mother took the son to the rink for a boy to get a good physical development. But for Maxim, skating has become not just a favorite sport, and the meaning of his life. Even a serious injury that occurred at school age (broken leg) are not forced Stavisky to curtail from the chosen way. After the break, the young skater put a lot of effort to get back on the ice and assume its former shape.

    Max’s first partner at the rink was Anastasia Belova.

    Figure skating

    Until 2006, the sports biography of Maxim Stavisky was associated with the Russian sports. Skater played for his country. But after the collapse of the Duo with Belova he has a new partner – Bulgarian Albena Denkova. To train with her Stavisky went to Sofia. To represent Bulgaria, he had to change citizenship.

    Success was not long in coming. The pair has constantly all new and new heights. Together with Albena Stavisky became the tenfold champion of Bulgaria.

    After moving to Moscow a couple took to coach Alexei Gorshkov. But after the world Cup, which was held in Moscow in 2005, the skaters went to the United States. Now their teachers were Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov. Twice athletes became world Champions. And yet on their account 3 Olympics.

    Maxim Stavisky and Albena Denkova
    Maxim Stavisky and Albena Denkova |

    But on the rise Maxim Stavisky announced that he intends to retire from the sport. The cause was a car accident, caused by a skater in Bulgaria. Stavisky was speeding and drove his Hummer into the oncoming lane where faced the car, which drove the young couple. The driver, 21-year-old boy died on the spot, and 18-year-old girl never came out of the coma.

    Lengthy litigation over rather soft sentence – imprisonment for 2,5 years conditionally and material compensation to the injured party. The sharpness to scandal was given by the fact that in the blood of Maxim Stavisky found 1,29 per Mille alcohol. If this skater was the face of the Bulgarian TV advertising «do Not drink driving».

    After the skaters left the professional sport, they moved to Moscow. They are often invited to participate in the popular TV show «Ice age».

    In 2008, Stavisky skated in pairs with Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts. In 2009 he performed with Alice Grebenschikova, and in 2013 his partner was the actress Catherine Spitz.

    Maxim Stavisky:
    Maxim Stavisky: Ice age |

    In 2016, viewers will see on the ice, Maxim Stavisky with the former participants of «Comedy club» Natalia Medvedeva.

    In addition to the project skater works as a coach. Together with Alexander Zhulin he cooks French dance couple Nathalie was Pesala-Fabian the Burza.

    Personal life

    As said Maxim Stavisky, feeling with his future wife, Albena Denkova they did not appear immediately. In love they are outgrown after a long partnership at the rink and a strong friendship. The skater claims that they are Albena completely different. But the attraction arose on the principle of «plus and minus attract each other». Maxim is funny and catchy, and it’s half serious and responsible.

    Thanks to Ilya Averbukh pair Stavisky-Denkova constantly involved in all projects of Elijah that go on the «First channel».

    The birth of little Maxim and Albena had planned for a long time, but permanent employment is not allowed to «ignore».

    Maxim Stavisky and Albena Denkova
    Maxim Stavisky and Albena Denkova |

    Joyful event happened in 2011. Albena last months of pregnancy she lived in Sofia. Maxim frequented favorite. The boy was born in January and received the name Daniel. He immediately became the main member of the family, cementing her tightly. Busy parents to help often come the grandparents, the parents of Maxim Stavisky.


    Maxim Stavisky

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