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  • Name: Maxim Shchegolev ( Maksim Schegolev )
  • Date of birth: 20 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Voronezh
  • Height: 189
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Dating Teona Dolnikova

    Maxim Shchegolev: biography

    Maksim Valer’evich Shchegolev — Russian talented actor. Was born, the future artist April 20, 1982 in the city of Voronezh, where he spent his childhood, and in this city, Maxim began to build the first plans. It is noteworthy that the Maxim, unlike most actors have dreamed of the stage since childhood, on the contrary, was planning to buy a more «earthy» to be a doctor. However, the «drug dreams crashed on the rocks of the complex admission system of medical schools and big competition. Shchegolev and then decided to try your hand at the Voronezh Academy of arts. For Maxim it was the real reason «otkosit» from army.

    But, as time has shown, this event still turned into a happy accident. At the end of the year, the future actor successfully transferred to the second course of GITIS under the caring wing of «Moustached nanny» Sergei Prokhanov, who really played a significant role in the early stages of his career, Maxim. After a little time the venerable Prokhanov invited young Shchegolev to play with him in the theater of the moon. It was there in 2002, took place the theatrical debut of a young actor.

    After GITIS, in 2003, yesterday’s student, again, fabulously lucky: he entered the creative laboratory of the famous Director Anatoly Vasiliev at the School-Studio MXAT. Annual training ends with Vasiliev takes the young dancer in his company «School of dramatic art».

    Maxim debut production was the play «tender is the Night», which began to enjoy great popularity among the audience.

    Movies with Maxim Shchegolev

    Television way Shchegolev was not as serene and pure as theatrical. On returning to Moscow, the actor began to actively act in spite of the fact that all of the debut cinematic role was played by another student. Maxim has offered only negative roles. In the full-length version of the film «the first circle» the actor embodies the image of the executioner. In the TV series «Who’s the boss?» he plays the role of the bad agent’s car sales.

    But these images were a real trifle in comparison with the first serious role that Maxim has performed in TV series «Young and angry». The picture is a 150-serial dynamic action, which tells about a standard set of crime – killings and drug trafficking.

    Today Shchegolev recognisable thanks to his roles in local television series, including «Karpov», «I will come» and «Lone wolf». The show «Marriage under the will» Maxim brought the first television award – the award «Golden Rhino». And for her role in the film «Second breath», he even received the medal of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

    Contributed to the growing popularity of the actor and to participate in the program «dancing with the stars». A couple of Maxim Shchegolev and Christina Asmolovskiy was recognized as the best on the project.

    Today Maxim continues to be active, and there is no doubt that we will see many more prominent roles in its execution.

    Personal life Maxim Shchegoleva

    As a professional and a personal life Maxim is very rich and diverse. From the first serious relationship in which he was involved with actress Tatyana Solntseva few years, the actor has a son, Ilya.

    The first and only official wife of the artist was actress Alla Kazakova. This relationship for a long time was kept secret, despite the fact that the actors worked in the same theatre. That Maxim and Alla together, became known only after the couple married, which after a short time were born two daughters – Mary and Catherine. But in 2010, the marriage broke up, and then began a three-year Union with actress Yulia Zimina.

    Recently, the artist very reluctant to share with the press details of his personal life. However, reporters found that for about a year Maxim Shchegolev meets with actress and singer Theon Dolnikova. All this time the pair hid the relationship, as well as the fact that in March 2017, they are going to become

    Living in Moscow, Shchegolev actively maintains relations with his old friends in Voronezh. Although in his hometown because of the tight schedule comes not often, with my mother Irina Alexandrovna keeps calling. Father Maxim Valery Konstantinovich died in 2007.


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    • Carmelita: Gypsy passion
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    • COP 2

    Photo Of Maxim Shchegoleva

    Maxim Shchegolev

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