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  • Name: Philip Maxim ( Maksim Filipiev )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: screenwriter, producer, actor
  • Marital status:

    Maxim Philip: a biography

    Maxim Philip – Russian screenwriter, producer and actor, known to television viewers for working with such Comedy series as «Real boys», «Voronin», «How I met your mother» and «Poor people».

    After school and receive a proper education Maxim came in recently formed Media company «Good Story Media», where he began his professional career in the field of cinematography. Together with writers Anton Zaitsev and Jeanne Kadnikova he made a wonderful trio that, like a real family, creates all new and new creations.

    The first work filipeva has become a Comedy sitcom «happy together», which starred Boris Klyuyev, Georgy Dronov, Ekaterina Volkova. For this film Maxim as a writer, beginning in 2009, wrote stories for some series. Then there was the Comedy serial «How I met your mother», similar to the American pattern, as well as assistance in the creation of a stand-up show «Central microphone».


    A much more interesting project turned out to be «Real boys.» Zhanna kadnikova acted as a Director, and Maxim in addition to writing the story was the producer. Moreover, he first tried his hand at the other side of the camera, playing in three series of the show, Maxim V., the former Chairman of a collective farm. What most surprised the makers of this Comedy movie is recognized after the screening of the heritage of the Perm region.

    Recently, she and the crew finished work on a new project – a Comedy sitcom about St. Petersburg communal apartment, «the Poor people». Here Maxim Philip returned from three directions – was a writer, producer and actor.

    Only the role he is now much more. His character Max – nonconformist and drug dealer with a philosophical approach to life, but it manages to make an issue out of every little thing. Also in the film involved other well-known personalities – Olga Buzova, Marina Bogatova, Alisa Grebenshchikova and Dmitry Lysenkov.

    It’s funny, but while all the on-screen characters Maxim filipeva is his namesakes and are the same name.

    Personal life

    Maxim Philip – the man is very vicious. He not only talks about his romantic relationship, but did not extend the date and place of his birth. All of his pages in social networks show and actor as outstanding, with the current Outlook, but does not reveal his secret life.


    • 2009-2015 — Voronin
    • 2010-2011 — How I met your mother
    • 2010-2016 — Real boys
    • 2016 — Poor people


    Maxim Philip

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