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  • Name: Petrov Maxim ( Maksim Petrov )
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Barnaul
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: professional dancer
  • Marital status: married Agniya Kuznetsova

    Maxim Petrov : biography

    Maxim Petrov was born in Barnaul in November 1979. In his family there was nobody in the art world. He grew up very sporty and plastic baby. From childhood he was a brilliant dancer. Although the first professional dance steps he did rather late – at the age of 14. Life in movement under the beautiful music is so captivated by Maxim Petrov that he decided to associate with the dance career.

    In 2000, Petrov graduated from Altai state Institute of culture and arts. Chosen specialty – choreographer-teacher of ballroom dance. After graduation Maksim realized that to make a good career as a dancer in the province difficult. He went to conquer Moscow.

    In the capital of Maxim almost immediately managed to find myself and show off your exceptional talent of the choreographer. For 4 years he managed to work and study, raising its level.

    In 2004, Petrov went to England. Here at London dance school, he studied for 2 years.


    In Russia, Maxim Petrov back in 2006. But now – in the rank of the dancer of the international class. At the time of return to capital in the Luggage of a choreographer were many achievements. During his stay in the UK, Maxim has managed to become a finalist for several prestigious tournaments, which were held in England.

    But not only Britain has seen the success of the Russian choreographer. Remember the Maxim Petrov and Iceland. Here he became a leading teacher of the national team for ballroom dancing. In this capacity, Max appeared at the world Championships and Europe.

    Choreographer’m sure the sky’s the limit. And that it is necessary to learn to infinity, because life changes and with it changes in choreography. There are new dance trends and styles. Therefore, in 2012-2013, Maxim Petrov visited America. In the US he studied everything new that could offer him American choreographers.

    Returning home, Peter becomes a participant in the dance projects and shows. In 2015, he took part in the popular television project «Dancing with the stars.» It was very bright and famous student: a Director of a number of high-profile films Valeria Gai Germanika received an invitation to participate in the show, although it claims to not know how to dance. Maxim had to learn the basics of Valeria. But the teacher and student put forth the effort and the result was quite good.

    Choreographer Maxim Petrov happens in Russia, though regular, but short visits: mostly he lives and works in Europe, where his many students. Petrov and often arrives in a small home in Barnaul he also has disciples.

    In the new season of the show «dancing with the stars» Maksim Petrov appeared again. Now his student was the actress Irina Bezrukova.

    Recently Max Petrov known as a judge of the international category.

    Personal life

    With his future wife, choreographer introduced the dance partner on «Dancing with the stars» Valeria Gai Germanika. But first, Valery introduced a couple of «in absentia»: she told max about his closest friend, actress Agnes Kuznetsova. The audience knows the actress for his roles in the films «Cargo 200», «dawns here are quiet…» and «All will die, and I will remain.» Maxim was interested and intrigued by the story of Valeria. And watching movies with Kuznetsova, he decided to ask Gaius Germanicus about a meet & greet with Agnia.

    A meeting was held between a pair of immediately lit the proverbial spark. A whirlwind romance soon ended the marriage. The couple got married in one of capital registry offices. This is the first marriage for both stars.

    Before meeting with Maxim Petrov Agniya Kuznetsova for a long time met with the artist Leonid Behaving. The pair met in drama school. But the expected marriage did not happen. Agnes dreamed of a wedding in the Church, and her partner was unbaptized and did not intend to change this fact.

    As for Maxim, then a busy schedule of meetings with Agnia did not allow him to be distracted by personal life and have serious relationships. But the meeting with Kuznetsova turned the whole life of the choreographer. Now the personal life of Maksim Petrov is a favorite. Rumor has it that the couple is waiting for the completion of their little family.


    Maxim Petrov

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