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  • Name: Devision For Maxim ( Maksim Golopolosov )
  • Date of birth: 1 November 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: blogger, presenter, writer, musician, actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Maxim of the Devision for: biography

    Of the Devision for Maxim was born in Moscow, in the family of ordinary workers. His father worked as a cable jointer in the factory, and later in the service center of one of the Internet providers. The mother at the time of his son’s birth was a seamstress at the knitting factory, but after the decree didn’t go back there, and got a job as a teacher in a preschool.

    In high school Maxim was a good student, but never was a straight-a student. At teenage age was fond of modern music, especially punk rock.

    After graduating from 9 classes, the young man decided not to continue teaching in the school, so he enrolled in culinary school, where he began to learn culinary art. Cooking Maxim is not given, he soon realized that he made a mistake, allying himself with the kitchen. However, due to the insistence of parents, he managed to get a diploma, though, he said, to cook never learned.

    After school of the Devision for about a year dedicated workforce, and then entered the Moscow state pedagogical University, the faculty of foreign languages. Good level of English Maxim demonstrated by the fact that for several years watched online TV shows, series and reality shows with the original sound track without translation. But the University he never finished his scoring for his career videoblogger on YouTube.

    At the time the student together with his friends organized a music band «2ND Season», which played original songs in the style of punk rock. Also worked as a delivery man in the courier service.


    One day, wandering through the expanses of the Internet Maxim of the Devision for stumbled on a video of the show «Equals Three» American Comedy blogger ray William Johnson, which in a humourous comment on various videos. Maxim conceives the creation of a domestic analogue of this show and, talking to friends, then wrote the script for the debut issue. For the record he borrows a video camera from neighbors, instead of a tripod uses a stack of books assigned to the printer instead of lighting equipment puts a table lamp without lampshade, and in the background uses conventional sofa blanket leopard.

    Of the Devision for calling his online show «+100500» («one hundred plus five hundred»), using widespread social networks and forums slengovye term meaning complete agreement. The first issue consisted of three videos that in a joking manner, and with the use of outright profanity says a leading. Subsequently, the number of rollers was increased. Sound track for the show Maksim chose music group of his own «2ND Season».

    Maxim began to put the result in the Internet portal YouTube AdamThomasMoran. The popularity of the channel is huge. Today the debut issue looked at over 7 and a half million viewers. The channel gathers the audience of about 9 million on a weekly basis, the total number of views video AdamThomasMoran exceeds 650 million, subject to reset in April 2012. In rating views blog max golopolosov takes 3rd place among all Russian-language channels, and 1st place for number of views in the category «Humor».

    Since August 2010, left more than 250 editions of the show «+100500».

    Also, the blogger has created its own video portal which turns out not only was the famous program «+100500» in Russian and English languages, but also video blogs «BadComedian», «Moran Days», «not a word about politics», «Sergey, play!» and «Radio MANGO», autoshow «Rybakin rules», cooking show «Eat TV» animated series «did you Know?», the football show «offside», as well as many other entertainment shows and educational shows. For the creation of this portal Maxim of the Devision for was awarded the «Runet Award-2011» in the category «Startup of the year».


    In September of 2011 the TV channel «Pepper» invited Maxim golopolosov program «+100500» in your broadcast. On the TV program goes for 20 minutes and is a compilation of the most popular online videos. But also to create new and mounted specially for television programs. The first time foul language in the air drowns out the standard «beeping» sound, and on the lips of the presenter there is a «Black mark» with a picture of the logo of the website CarambaTV. But in the autumn of 2012 profanity completely disappeared from the TV version of transmission.

    In 2013 some time led the program «Karaoke-killer» on TV channel «Yu».

    In the autumn of 2014 on the channel «Pepper» was launched a new entertainment project «heroes of the Internet», which is one of the top three was the Maxim of the Devision for. Also the Internet star starred in the Comedy show «Big difference» and «Comedy club» as an invited guest.

    Personal life

    In 2012, at a party at a friends of the Devision for Maxim met with a young fashion model Anastasia Polyakova. At the initiative of the girls they started Dating. It is interesting that Anastasia hadn’t watched a humorous program of works. However, young people were a little more than 2 years, then divorced, remaining friends. However, for Maxim these relations have the longest life.

    Also he had a fleeting relationship with his colleague Maria Wei.


    Maxim Of The Devision For

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