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  • Name: Maxim Nesterovich ( Maxim Nesterovich )
  • Date of birth: 12 August 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, participant of the show «Dancing on TNT season 2»
  • Family: Married Ekaterina Reshetnikova

    Maxim Nesterovich: biography

    Dancer, choreographer and simply charming guy Maxim Nesterovich, a native Muscovite. He was born August 12, 1984. All his life is connected with dancing.

    For the first time max got into the dance Studio at the age of 11 — it was a children’s group «Gnome». «A Dwarf», he performed at the children’s and youth competitions in the capital and other cities of Russia.

    In 1998, as a 14 year old kid, the guy already went on tour in Hungary, and two years later joined a dance group at a modeling Agency. Three years of working in a team, Maxim has mastered modern dance styles jazz, modern and hip-hop.

    The young man admitted that he left the band because he wanted to try himself as a choreographer. The first choreography he put in 19 years. Some time passed, and Maxim Nesterovich has put large-scale dance shows.

    On the dance career of the Muscovite was influenced by a reputable dance school «Street Jazz». He got there in 2004, and three years later became a soloist of the main part of the ballet. In this ballet Nesterovich he worked until 2010.

    In parallel with his career in the show-ballet guy taught modern dance in a private school, participated in many television projects, staged performances of pop stars. Not everyone knows that the choreographer of the seventh season of «American idol» was the max.

    After leaving the «Street Jazz» dancer along with his brother Vlad and colleague Ekaterina Reshetnikova founded «Loony band». Their goal is «to not do so…»

    «Loony Band» actively cooperates with the singer Christmas Tree. In the summer of 2012 Max team spent several months in America, and after returning gave Jennifer Lopez during a concert, which was held in Baku. Nesterovich for many years cooperated with Bianca: starred in her videos, put the choreography and performs in the show-ballet.

    Show «Dancing on TNT»

    In life Maxim Nesterovich was two seasons of «Dancing on TNT». In the fall of 2014, the talented dancer was invited to participate in a television show as a choreographer. One of his productions – solo vampire in the performance of Anton Panufnik.

    In the second season of «Dancing on TNT» Maxim has decided to try himself as a dancer. The judges criticized him for casting spared unflattering epithets and further selection. But Nesterovich was among the top 24 dancers, and in the final proved to be the winner.

    Its native styles of dance is krump and experimental. According to Maxim, he has the experience that is missing for other participants, the experience helps him to show himself on performances. He disagreed with the gradation that exists in dance, and if you are a choreographer so not a dancer. Participation in the second season of «Dancing on TNT» is an attempt to change this situation.

    Maxim Nesterovich has complied with all recommendations of the trainers and admitted that the most difficult style for him ballroom dancing.

    Personal life

    Max talks about his personal life. It is known that he is still not married, no children. According to the dancer, in his busy schedule no time for romance, and romance with the fair sex. But close friends admitted that for 8 years Nesterovich meets with a colleague Ekaterina Reshetnikova.

    During the finale of «Dancing» Maxim proposing to a girl, and already on April 7, 2016 Maxim Nesterovich and Ekaterina Reshetnikova got married.


    Maxim Nesterovich

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