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  • Name: Matveev Maksim ( Maxim Matveev )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Bright
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: married Liza Boyarskaya

    Maxim Matveev: biography

    Maxim Matveev, a successful theatre and film actor, was born July 28, 1982 in Kaliningrad region in the city of Light. Maxim’s parents were the most ordinary Soviet citizens, his mother was a philologist, and his father served in the Navy. They had no special relationship to art, and the young Matveev very long time to decide on their future profession.

    Since childhood Maxim was attracted to the profession of a surgeon, then he got to thinking about a professional career in sport fencer. However, at the same time, he was always fascinated by theatre. Since childhood Maxim Matveev began to go to art school and extracurricular circle of acting. However, despite their passion, the young man never seriously considered a career as an actor. The fact that Matveyev is now no longer a surgeon, decided the case.

    During the school concert Maxim Matveev was spotted by a theater teacher Vladimir Smirnov. He invited the young man to enter the Saratov Conservatory. After receiving the offer, the guy was very surprised, because I do not considered myself talented in this field, but still carried the documents to the theatrical institution, the results of exams the young man took on a second course. Matveev studied with great teachers and quickly develop acting skills. His thesis work was starring in productions of «don Juan» and «God’s Clown».

    Despite the success of the Saratov Conservatory, Maxim decided that this education is not enough. After that he went to Moscow and entered the Moscow art theatre. Heads of the course are Sergei Zemtsov and Igor zolotovitski. While studying, Matveev started playing in the theater. He played a knight of Arfea in the acclaimed production of «the Piedmont beast», and after a while it can be seen in the play «the Last victim».

    Maxim Matveev: movies

    After graduating from the Moscow art theatre in 2006, Matveev went to work in the theater. Chekhov. For several years the actor has played a large number of roles. So, among his works of criticism secrete postanovka «Artist», «King Lear», «Servitude of hypocrites». But the most positive feedback collected, the role of Goring in the play «an Ideal husband», based on the works of Oscar Wilde.

    In 2007, Matveev began to actively act in films. His first work was the drama «the Vice» Valery Todorovsky. After that, Maxim began to invite in other projects.

    It is noteworthy that no Matveeva film career in a cameo role. He immediately took a step in a big movie and began to get leading roles. Maxim starred in famous movies like «hipsters», «Thanks for the love,» «the Tariff new year’s», «Wedding on an exchange», «On the hook». The actor starred in blockbuster projects, which attracted the attention of the new Directors.

    Of the last pictures with participation of actors should be called «August the eighth», «Fort Ross», «Weekend». In 2014, Maxim Matveev took part in the film adaptation of the famous works «The Chicks» Sergey Minaev.

    In addition to working in film and theater Maxim Matveev is a well-known activist in the field of philanthropy. He became one of the first organizers of the movement art of hospital clowning. Since 2007, the actor absolutely free worked as a doctor clown in our hospital. Since 2013, Matveyev joined the Board of the charitable Foundation «Doctor Clown».

    Maxim Matveev: personal life

    Maxim Matveev married for the second time. The first wife of actor became actress from Latvia Jan Sextewhich Matveev long played on the same stage. The creative work of two young men quickly escalated into true romance and hasty marriage, which, alas, did not last long. In 2008 Sexte married Matveeva, and a year later the actors broke up.

    After relations with his first wife, Maxim Matveev began to meet with Elizaveta Boyarskaya, actress and daughter of the famous Mikhail Boyarsky. In 2010, young people have legalized their relationship, and in 2012, Lisa gave birth to her son Andrew.

    Maxim Matveev: filmography

    • Vise
    • Thank you for the love
    • Hipsters
    • New Year’s Rate
    • On the hook
    • Wedding exchange
    • Sonnentau
    • Mosgaz
    • The devils
    • Fort Ross

    Maxim Matveev: photo

    Maxim Matveev

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