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  • Name: Maxim Marinin ( Maksim Marinin )
  • Date of birth: 23 March 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: skater
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Maxim Marinin biography

    Know him as a talented figure skater, Olympic champion and participant of popular TV projects.

    Maxim Marinin was born March 23, 1977 in Volgograd. In the childhood Maxim was often sick, so the parents decided to send him to the section of figure skating. The boy aged 7 years – professional athletes start training much earlier. But Marinin fell in love with this sport, a lot and worked hard and proved that he is a promising skater.

    Little Maxim Marinin with their parents
    Little Maxim Marinin with their parents | Usnisa

    On the way to fame he was greatly helped by the education in the family. Parents raised their sons with love, instilling in them a sense of responsibility. Maxim Marinin was never punished physically and mentally, and for the antics of deprived sweet and fun.

    Till 16 years he trained as a singles skater. Not all he did: according to a figure skater, the boys have already mastered the triple jumps, and had a jump in two turns. Then, on the advice of coaches, he decided to try pair skating.

    Soon Marinin decided to move to Saint Petersburg. He did not consult with the parents – just announced his decision. Understanding the importance of training for the son, the father and mother supported him. In St. Petersburg, Maxim entered Academy of physical culture and began to train with Oleg Vasiliev.


    In 20 years Maxim Marinin became the member of Russian national team. For many years his partner on the ice was Tatiana Totmianina. Their casual riding style, the complexity of the program, technique and artistry have charmed the audience and judges. In 1999-2002, the pair took second and third places in the Championships of Russia on figure skating. In 2004, they first won the European championship and then another twice received gold medals at such competitions.

    A pair of double-Marinin-Totmianina won the world championship, and in 2006 was preparing to perform at the Olympic games in Turin. Preparing athletes seriously – more than 5 years, they trained in Chicago. Before the Olympics remained a year and a half, when filming Skate America Marinin did not deter partner. Tatiana fell on the ice with two meters and hit his head. For Maximus the fall was a serious psychological trauma. In one interview he said he blamed himself because skaters are generally – though grab your partner by the hair, but don’t let her fall on the ice. Fortunately, serious injuries in the fall Tatiana is not received in two weeks back in training.

    In 2006 Marinin and Totmianina became Olympic Champions. After this victory, the pair kept a timeout, as he was involved in several television shows. Maxim Marinin was planning to return to the sport, but could not agree with material issues with the figure skating Federation.


    First Maxim Marinin appeared in the television show in 2006 — it was the program «Stars on ice» on «the First channel». His partner on the ice was an Olympic swimming champion Maria Kiseleva. In 2007-2011 year Marinin was a regular member of the show «Ice period.» He performed with Olga Kabo, Jeanne Friske, Anastasia Volochkova and Natalia Podolsky. In 2011, the skater participated in the show «Bolero».

    But ice dancing performances of Maxim Marinin on a TV is limited. He became a member of the Show with the dolphins» on «the First channel» and in addition to the acrobatic feats he had to learn the profession of a coach intelligent animals. In 2013, the TV filmed a performance of «Mother» in the story of the tale about the wolf and the seven little goats: Marinin took part in this performance.

    In 2014, he appeared again in the «Ice age», this time performed with his partner in figure skating Tatiana Totmjanina. To stop skater is not going, so there’s new projects on television with his participation.

    Personal life

    Maxim met with ballerina Natalia Somova in 2005. Already after the first date they decided to live together. In 2007, Natalie gave birth to a son Artemy. With the upbringing of the child they helped parents and nanny. In 2012, the family had a daughter Juliana. Before Natalia and Maxim moved in together, he set a condition that the man in the family — home, solves all the problems and issues. Natalia agreed.

    Maxim Marinin with his wife and son
    Maxim Marinin with his wife and son | Unofficial forum Tatiana Navka

    They now live in a civil marriage. As said Maxim Marinin, have enough of examples where people organize a big wedding and then divorce. He thinks for a happy life stamp in the passport is not important, but love and understanding they have with Natalia there.


    Maxim Marinin and Natalia Somova

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