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  • Name: Maxim Leonidov ( Maksim Leonidov )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 196
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian musician, singer, actor, poet and broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Leonids : a biography

    One of the founders of the legendary bit-Quartet «the Secret» Maxim Leonidovich Leonids was born in St. Petersburg in February 1962.

    Maxim was reared in a beautiful artistic family. His mother Lyudmila Lyulko and father Leonid Leonidov (real name Shapiro) is served at the Comedy theatre. Parents rose to the rank of Honored artist of the RSFSR. Father was known as one of the «fathers» later came into Vogue skits.

    Thus, Maxim Leonidov imbibed from parents better – and artistry and love for music. After school, he enrolled in the Choral school named after M. I. Glinka, where he studied until 1979. But only a musical education, Leonidov did not stop, deciding that he must get still and theatrical. In 1983, the Maxim Leonidovich received a second diploma – LGITMiK. He studied under the famous teachers by Arkady Katsman and Lev Dodin.

    In the army, and he was in the Leningrad military district, the young actor and musician he served in the song and dance Ensemble, where he met with Yevgeny Olesheva and Nikolai Fomenko.


    While studying in LGITMiK Leonids debuted on the theatrical stage. He played Ivan Karamazov in the graduation show, staged on the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky.

    Musical talent of Maxim Leonidov have also found application in the Revue «Oh, those stars,» in which he sang several numbers. This musical production was a huge success in the 1980s. later the artist brilliantly parodied Elvis Presley in the play «the King of rock-n-roll».

    In short stay in Israeli emigration Max Leonidov has played the role of Pharaoh in the musical «Joseph and the amazing striped shirt». The premiere was held at the tel Aviv chamber theater.

    After returning to St. Petersburg, the artist has continued to play in musicals. In the theater the «House» he participated in the formulation of the «methods of approach and other» work of the same name by Arkady Averchenko. Leonidov went to one of the friends of Gromov. This remarkable play, which was first released in 2004, and today is placed on the stage of the «House» and has great success. The other two companions play Gromova Andrey Urgant and Alexei Kortnev.

    In recent years, Maxim Leonidov plays in two wonderful musical productions. In 2013, in the Petersburg Palace of culture of a name of Lensoveta the premiere of the musical Janusz Yuzefovich «Pola Negri». Later the show started in the Moscow theatre of the Russian army (Catra).

    And in 2014, fans of musicals have received from Maxim Leonidov new gift: the actor played the lead role in the Comedy «dirty rotten scoundrels». Here he acted not only as an actor but also as a composer. On the stage with Leonidov plays his wife Alexandra Kamchatova.


    After returning from the army in 1983, Maxim Leonidov became one of the founders of the popular Quartet «the Secret». It included Nikolai Fomenko, with whom Maxim met in the army, and Andrew zabludovsky and Alexey Murashov. After 2 years, the band has loudly declared itself. Since 1985 bit-Quartet in a short time managed to acquire an army of fans. The band released only two albums, but they were quickly sold out. And this despite the millions of copies.

    The «secret» lasted only 5 years. Then the musicians, including Leonids, pursue a solo career.

    In the «dashing 90» Maxim Leonids, together with the first wife Irina Selezneva moved to Israel. In tel Aviv the family lived until 1996. Here got 2 CD’s Maxim Leonidov, one of which («Maxim») was published in Hebrew. But such overwhelming popularity, as in Russia, the albums had. The musician and the artist returned to Russia.

    At home, he released his first Russian album «Commander». Hits «From Peter to Moscow» and «Two dumbbells and one iron» is often heard on many local radio stations.

    In 1996, after returning to Russia, Maxim Leonids started a new band, calling it «Hippoband». With it, he stands today.

    In addition to music in the life of Maxim Leonidov in recent years, an increasing place occupied by the cinema. The artist has more than a dozen works in film. Most notable for the role he played in the movies «don’t need to be Sad», «Jack Vosmerkin — «American», «Drayman and the King». He has roles in feature films such as «Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive» and «the White guard».

    Personal life

    About my life outside of art, the actor and musician doesn’t like to speak. It is known that the personal life of Maksim Leonidov — this 3 marriage. First with actress Irina Selezneva was the longest. Together, the couple lived in exile in Israel.

    After this marriage ended, Leonidov married for the second time. His wife was the actress Anna Banshchikova, but the Union was short-lived. The couple broke up in 2003.

    New marriage – and once again the actress was held in 2004. Alexander Kamchatova younger than her husband of 17 years. Maxim Leonidov she gave birth to two beautiful children – a daughter Mary and a son, Leonid.


    • «No need to be sad»
    • «Jack Vosmerkin — «American» «
    • «Drayman and the King»
    • «Lethal force is 5»
    • «Ali Baba and the forty thieves»
    • «One shadow for two»
    • «Vysotsky. Thank you for living»
    • «The white guard»
    • «Concern»


    Maxim Leonidov

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