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  • Name: Maxim Lagashkin ( Maksim Lagashkin )
  • Date of birth: 12 October 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Novokuibishevsk, Russia
  • Activities: actor, producer
  • Marital status: Married

    Maxim lagashkin: biography

    Maxim lagashkin was born on 12 October 1975 in Novokuybyshevsk (Samara oblast). There he spent his childhood: it was like all Soviet children — school, clubs and sections, games with peers.

    Acting talent is evident in Maxim before — he loved Russian literature, I’d love to go to the theatre and participated in school skits. To the graduating class, the guy clearly knew what was going to connect his life with film.

    After school Maxim lagashkin went to enter the theater Institute in Moscow, has filed documents to GITIS (RATI) did. Maxim studied at the course of A. Goncharov, and after graduation took him to the theatre named after Mayakovsky.

    His performances were brilliant, but, by his own admission Lagashkin, the theater itself did not deliver much pleasure. The actor compares the theatre with addiction, which does not belong to himself. His creative nature all the time wanted more, wanted to realize themselves in several spheres.


    Maxim Lagashkin debut was a small role in the famous picture of Karen Shakhnazarov’s «full moon Day» in 1997. Two years later he played rounders in the criminal Comedy «the Chinese service».

    Since 2000, the Directors do not disregard actor. He starred in the movies and the TV series «Kamenskaya», «Turkish March», «family secrets», «killer’s Diary», «the citizen the chief», «Enchanted land», «Palmist», «Yesenin», etc. he has more than 40 players. For her role in the movie «Alive» Maxim lagashkin received the award «White elephant».

    In 2000 the actor became a co-founder of «Cinematograph» and began producing films. This company he created with his friend and classmate Alexander Roebuck. Picture of the «Cinématographe» «Kotovskij», «Honeymoon», «Daring days», «Russian», «Palmist» was a success with viewers.

    One of the last acting job Maxim Lagashkin — the role of Gennady Bykov in the TV series «the Island of unwanted people».

    Personal life

    Maxim lagashkin rarely gives interviews, much less attends a secular party and not talks about her life. He is happily married to actress Ekaterina Stulova, where married for almost 20 years. The couple are raising a son.

    With his future wife Maxim met at the theatre Institute. After his graduation he worked in the Mayakovsky theater, often filmed in some movies, that is, to combine work and family they do. Student marriage proved to be extremely durable.

    His passion is cars. Now the actor and the producer prefers the Audi and jokingly calls himself «Lord of the rings». His «firstborn» VAZ-2106 Maxim still remembers. White «the six» he bought with the royalties earned after the first shots: then it seemed to him that he drives a foreign car. It has been almost 20 years, Maxim lagashkin changed several cars, but with the «Lada» is still common when comes to the country. Now ride them father-in-law.


    • «People and shadows»
    • «Family secrets»
    • «Diary of a killer»
    • Honeymoon
    • «Live»
    • «The palmist
    • «I am not»
    • «Monogamous»
    • «Snow on the head»
    • «Breed»


    Maxim Lagashkin

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