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  • Name: Maxim Kovtun ( Maksim Kovtun )
  • Date of birth: 18 June 1995.
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: skater, Master of sports of Russia international class
  • Marital status: not married

    Maxim Kovtun: biography

    Maxim Kovtun – known Russian figure skater, star of the men’s singles.

    Maxim Pavlovich Kovtun – a native of Yekaterinburg. He was born June 18, 1995 in a family of athletes. Pope Paul A. whole life to figure skating: in his youth he took to the ice in pairs, and later became a coach of children’s sports school «Lokomotiv». Mama Elena Alekseevna devoted himself entirely to children and their sports pits: Maxim has two older brothers-skater.

    Maxim Kovtun in childhood
    Maxim Kovtun in childhood | Group VK

    The first time the Maxim stepped foot on professional ice, when he was barely 4 years. After older brothers and mom brought him to the stadium of DYUSSH Lokomotiv Moscow and gave to the section of Marina Wojciechowska.

    It is noteworthy that figure skating was not the sole purpose of younger Kovtun. On the contrary, in his childhood he dreamed about a hockey career. However, up to 10 years, sensing their potential skater, decided definitively.

    Maxim Kovtun in childhood
    Maxim Kovtun in childhood | Group VK

    At about that time began to really strenuous training, all the free time he spent on the ice with the coach, dobera missing «DocuTech» from his own father. And success was not long in coming: at the age of 12 years old Maxim Kovtun won a landslide victory in the competition «Crystal skate».

    Figure skating

    The second major award the young figure skater became the Cup of Russia – 2009 (first place among boys). Immediately followed by 2010 silver medal of the European Olympic festival. And in the spring of 2011 the family decided to move to Moscow. There Maxim started training under the guidance of Nikolai Morozov.

    Maxim Kovtun
    Maxim Kovtun | Group VK

    Period 2011/2012 biennium was marked by the Ural sportsman victory at the Junior Grand Prix in Romania. On stage in Estonia Maxim took the silver, and the remainder of the competition took 4th place. Already at that time beginning to emerge a tendency towards «uneven» performances, taking first place in some competitions, the skater was among the last on the other.

    It happened in 2012, when the «bronze» won in the Championship of Russia, has changed the twelfth place at the World Team Trophy in Japan. Not seeing the ward a durable athlete, Nikolai Morozov kicked Kovtun from his group. However, he was immediately taken under his wing the famous Elena Vodorezova.

    Maxim Kovtun and Elena Vodorezova
    Maxim Kovtun and Elena Vodorezova |

    Her, Maxim has achieved a great success:

    • mastered complex cascades;
    • took 5th place in the Russian championship in December 2012;
    • was among the winners at the European Championship in Zagreb.

    It should be noted that at this time he was noticed by Tatiana Tarasova, and later actively joined the preparation of the athlete for the Sochi Olympics.

    Obvious progress in Catania Maxim experts have noticed in November 2013. In two programs Kovtun brilliantly performed four difficult quadruple jump. This gave him the opportunity to take 2 place on the stage of the app architecture group in China, to win the short program at the stage in Moscow and to reach the final. Since 9 years before our skaters did not show such results, the achievement was deemed a great success.

    Maxim Kovtun and Plushenko
    Maxim Kovtun and Plushenko | Newspaper.Gee

    But the real sensation was the presentation of Maxim Kovtun in the end of 2013 – at the Russian Championships he took 1st place, beating held the championship since 2003, Evgeni Plushenko. However, the decision of the Federation to send Plushenko to Sochi Olympics is not affected, and Kovtun went spare.

    During the 2014 skating Maxim was again unstable. It was even compared with mixed performances compatriot Yulia Lipnitskaya: one school – one problem.

    Maxim Kovtun on the ice
    Maxim Kovtun on the ice | Group VK

    For obvious problems and failures followed by the success and outstanding performances:

    • in the Chinese Grand Prix Kovtun took first place;
    • on stage in Bordeaux made two gross mistakes and was in sixth place;
    • took fourth place in the final of the Grand Prix;
    • won a gold medal at the championship of his country and silver in the European championship;
    • shared third place at Grand Prix in Barcelona with Sergei Voronov;
    • dropped to 7th place in the championship in Shanghai.

    All this time Kovtun trained under the guidance of Elena Vodorezova and was considered a ward of Tatiana Tarasova.

    The change of coach

    The 2015-2016 season has begun for Maxim quite well. The first success was the victory at the tournament in Saransk, the second silver of the Grand Prix in France. Brilliantly skated Kovtun and on the native land – the national championship in Yekaterinburg he won by running 5 quads.

    Maxim Kovtun
    Maxim Kovtun | Sportsor

    The setback suffered by the athlete in April 2016, when the world championship in Boston, he hesitantly took only 18 place. And in may 16, all the news were filled with reports that Kovtun changed coaches. Having believed once in him Vodorezova, Maxim asked the group of Inna Goncharenko.

    To reveal the reason for leaving the popular skater did not even subscribers of their Instagram, although with them he often shares his thoughts and plans. The only thing he said is the need for further growth.


    May 19, 2014 Maxim Kovtun was drafted into the army. To serve he had in Balashikha, which is stationed a sports mouth.

    The first record popular athlete in the Twitter for this reason was optimistic: he wrote that he is extremely interested, how is the service in the sports companies. Later, however, the optimism is gone. In your interviews you often complained about the high load.

    Maxim Kovtun in the army
    Maxim Kovtun in the army | Interfax

    In the army Kovtun stayed for several weeks after a crash course of the young fighter. Were later released to continue the training.

    Maxim Kovtun now

    Inna Goncharenko Maxim prepared for the Finlandia Trophy, where he took 3rd place and was the best in the short program. The next competition was the American Grand Prix, where Kovtun made the fall in the free program and the results turned out to be seventh. And at the end of 2016, won a bronze medal at the next national championship.

    Personal life

    For the first time about the personal life of Maksim began in 2012. Then he was seen in connection with 19-year-old figure skater Catherine Puskas. Young people are quite a long time, and Maxim’s mother even talked about the fact that the son thinks of Kate as a bride. But the pair was not destined to stay together. The reason was the distance – Puskas decided to train in the United States.

    Maxim Kovtun and Adelina Sotnikova
    Maxim Kovtun and Adelina Sotnikova | Risport

    Recently, the network appeared the photographs of Maxime is pictured with Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova. It turned out that the young people party together, go to ski resorts celebrate birthdays. Numerous rumors not long in coming. Fantasy fans quickly grew to a quick wedding.

    However, this information categorically deny themselves the skaters and their parents. According to them, max and Adeline are familiar with since childhood, often met at various competitions and now just maintain warm and friendly relations.

    F. Maxim Kovtun and Chilita Baggy
    Maxim Kovtun and Chilita Baggy | Instagram

    Now this girl — gymnast Cilita Baggy. Rumor has it that he not only pays her all his spare time and donates for the sake of meetings trainings. True or not is anyone’s guess, but in the microblog skater can find a lot of combines photos taken at different times of the day.


    Maxim Kovtun

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