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  • Name: Maxim Konovalov ( Maxim Konovalov )
  • Date of birth: 5 July 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Konovalov: biography

    Winiewicz Maxim Konovalov is a Russian film and theatre actor. He was born July 5, 1975, in Moscow. The boy’s childhood was compared to his father, who was a very generous, kind, considerate, athletic, intelligent, talented, cheerful person. Veni Ivanovich independently raised two children.

    In the childhood of Maxim had special talents, did not attend any clubs, never climbed on a chair and not read poems. Only after graduation, he decided on the future profession: Maxim decided to enroll in drama school. For several years the young man tried to become a student of the theatre Institute, but to do happened three times.

    Maxim Andreevich training was given to hard. Their group studied from nine in the morning until eleven at night, and the output was only Sunday, and they loaded tons of independent work. Teacher Kurochkin Paul said that Maxim was not very good, and offered to trade. But the guy never gave up and continued to learn and to achieve success. In 1999, Maxim Winiewicz successfully graduated from the Theatre Institute named after Mikhail Semenovich Schepkin.


    While still a school student, Maxim Konovalov received his first role in the theater. He performed at the Maly Theater staged by A. N. Ostrovsky «Profitable place». In 1999, after graduating from drama school, max began working in the Theater named after N. N. Yermolova. There he played in the play «Learn how to drive the car in absentia», which gave him great popularity. Among his notable performances was the role in the play «Oscar».

    In 2007 Konovalov was to work on the stage of the theatre «Millennium». He played in such popular productions as «the Neapolitan passions», «cactus Flower», «Wedding», «Mrs», «Bride at any price», etc


    Maxim Konovalov began to act in films since 1990-ies. One of his first roles was in the movie Vladimir Kuchinsky «Dance» (1993). Next was the film by Sergei Lomkin «the Fatal eggs» (1996). Maxim also appeared in small roles in such films as «Sinful apostles of love», «What a wonderful game», «do Not send us a messenger?», «Love in Russian», «little demon».

    In 2001, Konovalov starred in the television series of Vladimir Panzhev and Andrey Naidyonov «the Detective with bad character», as well as in the series of Nicholas Dostala «the citizen the chief». In 2016, the Maxim has also played a cameo role in the film «Cinema about cinema» and «second class citizens».

    The most successful was the role of the criminal Konovalov in the movie «Bumer» (2003), where he played Lech «Killa». This movie got huge success at the box office. Together with Maxim Veneficum starring were such famous actors like Andrey Merzlikin, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Sergey Gorobchenko. Tape on friends, the history of which began with the accident and forced to rush on a black BMW on the streets of Moscow. The younger generation praised the film, so the producers rented the movie «Boomer. The second film». In 2004 for the game in this film, Maxim Konovalov was awarded the «Gold ring» in the nomination «The brightest criminal role.»

    The following film credits Maxim Konovalov became «Pure keys», where he was in the role of the driver of «Gazelle», the film «No escape from love,» where he played the killer as well as a small role in the film «Shtrafbat». Maxim also participated in the filming of the series «Soldiers» and its sequel, played Sergeant Prokhorov. In 2004, the actor appeared in the TV series of Sergey Bobrov «Men don’t cry», singing the role of Valentin Sergienko.

    Maxim Konovalov was constantly invited to the shooting of various films and TV series. In 2005, he played in the movie «the Case of kukotskiy», «destructive power-6», «secret guardian»,»Cossack patrol». Another influential work was in the film «Hello, we are your roof!» I. Vitali. Here the actor played the role of a courier named Mongol. In 2006, he received roles in the films «the Seventh day», «playing the victim», «Four taxi drivers and dog-2,» etc., Maxim mostly played gangsters, but he had the role of salary in the horror movie «Death to Spies» Sergey Lyalin.

    Bright was the role of Brent Pidda in the detective Comedy «Very Russian detective» Cyril Papakul. In this film, along with Konovalov played actors Vadim Galygin, Michael Schatz and Yuri Stoyanov. The film is a parody of the various American investigators.

    In 2008, the actor took part in the filming of the movie «the Imperfect woman», «Hot ice» and «Kings game», the television series «Daddy’s girls». In 2011, he starred in the crime film From. Mokhnacheva called «Pily. Curry». In 2012 had roles in the films «the troopers Brotherhood», «BS».

    In 2013, the actor took part in filming the Comedy «the Limo» written by Igor Vinnichenko. With Konovalov played by such actors as Alexander Ershov and Galina Bokashevskaya. In this Comedy film, the main characters is a limousine and his driver Shurigin Senya, like your car, sitting behind the wheel, forget about everything.

    Personal life

    Maxim Konovalov Winiewicz married 34 years. His wife was Svetlana, Troyanchuk, who by profession is a teacher. She has cured wounds Maxim after breaking up with previous girlfriend. Before you legalize the relationship, the couple lived together under one roof in Moscow for a year. A big wedding was not, instead it was a modest party.

    Svetlana has a music and Economics. After the wedding, she became the personal assistant to her husband in the acting field and his PR Director. The couple have 3 children: son Michael, daughter Irina and Maria.

    Maxim Konovalov enjoys skiing, volleyball, swimming, and also retro cars and Antiques: from coal irons and samovars, weapons and so on. The actor never asked for autographs and had no idols.


    • «Hot ice»
    • «I’ll show you Moscow»
    • «The wood-grouse. Again New!»
    • «Don’t leave me, Love»
    • «Revelation. Revenge»
    • «A profile of the killer 2»
    • «Construction»
    • «The troopers brotherhood»
    • «Olympics. Local warming»
    • «Crimea»


    Maxim Konovalov

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