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  • Name: Maksim Kiselev ( Kiselev Maksim )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Smolensk
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: comedian, kvnschik
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Kiselyov : biography

    Maxim Kiselev was born in Smolensk in January 1981. The ability to look at life with a sense of humor decided the future of this guy. After leaving school he entered the Moscow energy Institute, a branch of which was located in Smolensk. Maxim chose the faculty of power and electrical engineering. Here KVN caught up with Kiselyov. But to completely «capture» of this witty boy games for cheerful and resourceful was not immediately apparent.

    In 2004, after graduating from University, Maksim Kiselev went to work. He settled in «Smolenskenergo» and has proved to be very responsible and competent professional. In this place Maxim worked for 7 years. He worked in the supply Department as an economist. Portrait Kiseleva even flaunted on the honor roll. But in the energy system began the restructuring and «Smolenskenergo» has reduced. It was then that Maxim had decided to focus all their energies on the game of KVN.


    Passion for the game of KVN came to Maxim Kiselev accident. At the 1st year of high school he went to a classmate to ask for a notebook to study. But she set a condition: agree to speak at the dedication of the students receive lectures. Maxim, of course, agreed. Moreover, the appearance on the scene as an artist it did not bother: he always felt in public free and was the life and soul of any company.

    Kiselev wrote some jokes and came up with humorous skits that have gone «Bang» on the evening of dedication to the students. The atmosphere of celebration and applause in which the spectators pelted the speakers, so like the guys that decided to act on. To do this, the students led by the existing leader in the person of Maxim Kiselev decided to create a team of KVN, calling her, so to speak, on the profile – «Triode and Diode».

    In 2000, the team captain Maxim Kiselev suggested to try to act as student’s theatre of humorous miniatures. The next 5 years «Triode and Diode» pleased with their outstanding performances of the audience in many cities of the country. The team visited more than 20 festivals, which took place in Orel, Kursk, Cheboksary, Bryansk and other cities of Russia.

    Maxim Kiselev all these years was a permanent entity and the team captain. In 2004, the «Triode and Diode» for the first time participated in the 15th international festival of KVN in Sochi. It is impossible to imagine this team without the Kiselyov. Memorable appearance of this somewhat dark blonde, they rustic provincial Gopnik from a native Russian prototype behavior immediately etched in the memory of fans of the game in KVN.

    By the way, colleagues jokingly called his captain «one of the most experienced bully Russia.» The naivety is only a stage image, Maxim Kiselyov. In fact, he is extremely erudite and thoughtful man, otherwise his head could not be born so sharp jokes on news of the day. It is impossible not to mention a very bright leadership Maxim: colleagues, it is absolute authority. And his jokes long ago dismantled on the aphorisms. For example, the authorship belongs to Kiselyov’s this: «the will of God. Deacon Anatoly whole winter drove on bald tires.»

    Since 2013, the team of Maksim Kiselyov took to the international space. The guys touring extensively. They visited Germany, England, USA, Israel and many other countries. Their ability to entertain any audience, whether corporate or speech at the Grand Metropolitan concert hall, brought to Smolensk Members a well-deserved reputation. As for the «engine» of the team – Maksim Kiselyov, he has numerous honors and awards, including the Vice-champion of the League of KVN in Ryazan, the champion of the Premier League KVN and others which can be a long list.

    In 2014, TNT has released a humorous show «Once in Russia». In the sketches, which are drawn on the stage, involves the brightest players, fan favorites, most of which come with the game in KVN. Among them a prominent place is Maxim Kiselev.

    Personal life

    All the free time Maksim Kiselyov take shooting and training his team to a decent performance on the stage. But he has a hobby of collecting men’s bracelets. And the actor wants to act in films, said that it would be a climax and a fat point in the creative biography of Maksim Kiselyov, as a person and personality. The comedian claims that at the moment, considers himself a happy man, who wanted to get on television, specifically on «the First channel», and achieved the target.

    Personal life of Maksim Kiselyov also went fine. Not so long ago he got married.


    Maxim Kiselyov

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