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  • Name: Maxim Fadeev ( Maksim Fadeev )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Kurgan
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Music producer, composer, Director, singer, poet, arranger
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Fadeeva

    Maxim Fadeev: biography

    Maxim Fadeev was born in a family involved in music. Father – Alexander Ivanovich Kurgan known composer, author of music of the numerical performances of several drama theatres and one puppet. Wrote music for children’s productions. Mother — Svetlana Petrovna, a renowned performer of romances and singing songs (Russian and Gypsy).

    Brother Maxim Fadeev – Artem, a well-known producer and composer. Wrote songs for «Monokini», Katya LEL and Glyuk’oza. The author of the sound of the children’s musical «My toothy nanny». The biography of Maxim Alexandrovich Fadeyev’s great-grandfather distinguished himself as a honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation and Soviet poet. Growing up in such an intelligent environment, it would seem that there is no other way as to go into art. But it all came at once.

    Despite the fact that in the childhood of Maxim Fadeev was rowdy, the music school has visited regularly since the age of five. To play guitar I learnt at the age of 13 and 15 Maxim became a student of musical College. Elated, the young man undertook to learn from two faculties: piano and conductor-brass band.

    In 17 years of life Maxim Fadeev nearly broke. After intensive workout in gym guy was in intensive care. According to doctors, there was an aggravation of a heart defect, and during the operation of Fadeev happened clinical death. In an emergency the doctor had to manually make a direct massage of the heart than the maxima back to life.

    A little later Fadeev began to compose songs. The first author’s text of Maxim was the song «Dance on broken glass». At that moment in the heart of the young poet and composer was born the dream of a musical career.


    At a young age Fadeev was the guitarist in the band at the House of culture, after which he became a backing vocalist of the band «Convoy». A forced departure from the team left because of disagreements. Later, they have invited Maxim Fadeev to return as a soloist, he agreed. Successful and fruitful work has had an impact on touring concerts in numerous cities and villages.

    In 1989 Maxim Fadeev took part in Jurmala, and then was cast in Yekaterinburg, then in Moscow. Meanwhile, the «Jurmala» became «Yalta-90». In competition of executors of Fadeev took third place and 500 rubles compensation. Talent Maxim Fadeev became popular. It should be noted that Fadeev has developed a musical career and not singing as previously assumed. Maxim Fadeev began to take orders for intros, accompanied by commercials, Jingles.

    For some time the musician lived in Omsk, and Ekaterinburg. Moving to Moscow happened in 1993 at the invitation of Sergey Krylov. Maxim Fadeev took the vacant place of the arranger in the recording Studio and began working on the known personalities: Valery Leontiev, Larisa Dolina.

    While in Moscow, Fadeev realized that a singing career was not destined to come true, because his works were regarded as «not format». This mapping of musical companions radio stations broke the desire Maxim Fadeev to plan a solo career.

    The success and popularity Fadeev brought the project «Linda». One day in 1993, the famous Fyodor Bondarchuk introduced to Maxim Fadeev with a girl who dreamed to conquer the big stage. It was Svetlana Gaiman. She later became known under the pseudonym «Linda». A six-year production and creative Union was a success for Svetlana and Maxim. The first producer liked the project to the public and highly distinguished himself among his colleagues. The quality of the final singles was a breath of fresh air among the mass of artists.

    On 1 September 1997 in Kiev on «field songs» was followed by a joint presentation by Linda and family. The number of spectators, 400 000 persons broke all records. During production Linda Fadeyev wrote for her six albums, three of which the first has received the status of «Platinum», «Gold» and «Silver» respectively.

    Continuing to work with Linda, Maxim Fadeev moved to Germany, where in parallel combines the creation of sound tracks for several films and engaged a group of «Oil Plant». Career Maxim takes place in the Czech Republic, however, the musician is working on the Russian film «the Triumph». The next step creates groups of «Total» and «Monokini».

    In 2002, Maxim Fadeev comes the offer to become the producer of «factory of stars — 2». After 9 years comes an invitation to the project «Factory of stars. Return», where the participants are finalists from previous seasons. Fadeev refused. In the 2003 third year opens production center under the direction of Maxim, and comes news on joint ownership of Maxim Fadeev brand «Monolit records».

    In 2006, producer founded the band «Silver», where the soloist was Elena Temnikova — ward Maxim Fadeev with «factory of stars — 2». Within a year, the female trio won third place at the Eurovision song contest. This project is one of the most successful in the career of producer Fadeeva.

    In 2007, the Director surprised the public presentation of the cartoon in 3D. The script was previously written by Maxim Fadeev of the book «Savva». The main role in the same project played son Maxim — Savva Fadeev. In 2010 cartoon production entered the world market. Adaptation of the American format is played by the screenwriter Gregory Poirier. In 2014 came a new name – «Sava. A warrior’s heart».


    In October 2014, Maxim Fadeev started a new project «Voice. Children.» The start of the blind auditions had to be interrupted before the start. October 9, a few hours before the start of selection Maxim Fadeev was urgently hospitalized. The cause of kidney problems. 46-year-old producer apologized to the canal, children and staff interrupted the shooting, and promised as soon as possible to improve their health, and to take their place in the hall. He fulfilled his promise and became the best mentor of the project.

    25 APR 2014 in the final show of «the Voice. Children» the winner became a ward Maxim Fadeev – ten-year-old Alice Kaikina. February 13, 2015 launched second season of the most anticipated musical show «the Voice. Children.» And this time, Fadeev proved his pupil to win. When the First channel has announced the launch of the third season of the project in 2016, Maxim Fadeev announced that for personal reasons will not be able to participate in the show. His place was taken by Leonid Agutin, who for three seasons was the coach of the adult «Voices.

    Personal life

    In his personal life Maxim Fadeev one love and forever. As a member of the «Escort» guys were preparing for the filming of the video and declared female casting search for contestants performances. On view Maxim suddenly said: «Guys, this is my wife!». To the question: «Who is she and what’s her name?», Maxim said, «Now I know».

    After 3 months love from the first took grew into a happy marriage. Since then Natalia and Maxim Fadeeva together. They are displayed family photos and recipes to share happiness with others.


    Maxim Fadeev

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