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  • Name: Maxim Erica ( Maxim Yaritsa )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, participant of the show «Ural dumplings»
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Erica : biography

    Future resident «Ural dumplings» Maxim Erica was born in June 1973 in a beautiful town of Shchuchinsk, located on lake Shchuchye. 20 kilometers from town is the famous resort of Borovoe. Here beautiful forests, many small lakes, picturesque rocks and small waterfalls. Maxim says that this is the best place on earth.

    After leaving school in 1990, Maxim Ariza was forced to leave his native Shchuchinsk and went to go to Ekaterinburg. There he planned to become a student of the Ural technical University. Maxim chose electrical engineering faculty, but two attempts to complete College and get a degree in this Department were unsuccessful. To obtain a higher education could Arica at the faculty of computer information systems.

    In his student years Maxim was fond of game in KVN. But to be entirely accurate, the team pulled Dmitry Sokolov, the founder of the team «Ural dumplings». Dmitri, a veteran of the construction brigades movement, had a great eye for talented players, especially those who have a sense of humour was determined with the naked eye. Maxim Erica was. In the construction team he was famous for the wonderful comic miniatures, which was up with myself.


    In a friendly team «Ural dumplings», the comedian adopted almost from the beginning – since 1994. At that time, the team for a year, was created and actively developed. Dmitry Sokolov somehow caught Arizo after one of his presentations at the Institute’s party and, according to Maxim, «dragged him to the wall.» 3 hours he touted his creation and the talents of those few «dumplings», which he was able to bring to the team. First, says the comedian, he was interested. Then he felt tired, and soon the desire to escape from annoying agitator. But the next day, a new artist arrived to the rehearsal. Thus began the biography of Maxim Arity and active participation in the KVN games.

    Now the team «Ural dumplings» is unthinkable without Ariza. However, as without each of this wonderful company. Maxim is most often depicts a few angry and businesslike characters. Often he plays to the tourists, and on new year’s releases – Santa clauses.

    Maxim Erica often appears paired with another famous artist – Sergey Isaev. With an ear for music, the actor from Shchuchinsk much worse than with a sense of humor, so he rarely sings. Although sometimes, if your scenario requires it, very naturally portrays a man whose ears are pretty «was a bear.»


    After the completion of a team participation in the games of KVN Maxim Erica continues to be in this brilliant and cheerful company. He is one of the most prominent participants show «Ural dumplings» and without him not a single issue

    Ariza involved in all the projects of creative Association «up». He was the host of the show «Myasorubka», which was broadcast on the channel «STS», starred in Comedy series «Ural dumplings», «southern Butovo» and «Thank God you came!». Arizo can be seen in the project «ProjectorParisHilton» and «Comedy club».

    Personal life

    The actor got married in 2000. Personal life Maxim Arity turned out well, because there are not only lovely woman, but also shared his passion friend. Tatiana is at all events afoot colleagues husband. Often, we party together, celebrate holidays and birthdays.

    Tatiana and Maxim Ariz older two children, a son and a daughter. They have already demonstrated artistic ability and a remarkable sense of humor than the Pope can be proud of.

    In his spare time the actor is engaged in real estate activity.


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    Maxim Erica

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