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  • Name: Maxim Emelyanov ( Maksim Emelianov )
  • Date of birth: 13 may 1990.
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Maxim Emelyanov: biography

    Maxim Emelyanov, a young Russian actor who rose to fame as the first role in the family Comedy «Vovochka», for which he was awarded the «Kinotavrik». Also starred in such famous series as «Fartsa», «Far from war» and «Stroybat».

    Maxim was born in 1990 in Moscow. On the set the boy had been still in their Teens, so pretty soon realized that he wanted to connect his life with the cinema and make an acting career. After graduation in 2007, Maxim had joined the acting faculty of Russian state Institute of cinematography, where for 5 years he worked in the Studio of people’s artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Fokin.


    For the first time in movie Maxim Emelyanov starred in the age of 12, playing the main character in the family Christmas Comedy «Vovochka». His character is kind and sympathetic boy who, thanks to his restlessness and curiosity that can turn the lives of all of the household upside down. In a good sense the picture is somewhat similar to old episodes of the newsreel «Yeralash», who, though was naive, but always put a smile and warmth and the viewer. For a well executed image of a 10-year Vovochka, a young actor in 2003 at the international children’s film festival «Kinotavrik» won the main prize and became the laureate in the category «Best young actor».

    Maxim did not begin to rest on their laurels and wait for the older to continue to act in films. The following year he accepted the invitation of the Director Yevgeny Sokolov and played the boy Peter in the children’s adventure Thriller «the Mystery of Zaborsky lake». His hero, yielding to the entreaties of friends, dives into the river where he is faced with the unknown science creature from the underwater world. The stress experienced by the scenario the boy begins to stutter.

    In adulthood Maxim started mainly acting in television series. In a Comedy serial film «Stroybat» about the lives of soldiers in a fictional military unit, he played an ordinary Fyodor Korchagin named Snag. Also popular were and 4-part military drama mini-series «Far from the war, which tells about the little-known unit training special dogs — tank destroyers. The actor plays one of the cadets handlers Ivan Starikov.

    A new wave of popularity expected Maxim Yemelyanov after 2015 adventure drama «Fartsa», which tells about the lives of 4 friends in the last 30 years of the Soviet Union. Hero Emelyanov – Sasha Demin, bully and yard Zhigan likely would have rolled on an inclined track, if not a strong friendship with the guys. Interestingly, the hero Maxim – the mechanic and the scenario should drive a car. But the actor at the time still had a driver’s license, so he had to learn driving practically on the set. He also mentions that he spoke to his grandmother for advice to better get into character. She told her grandson the phrase «will Not pocketmike», which his character says in the film.

    Personal life

    Maxim Yemelyanov most of his life devotes, as shooting takes a lot of time. While the romantic interest of the actor does not turn into a serious relationship, and at the moment, as he admitted in one interview that his heart is free.

    Sometimes you can find the information that the famous actor Kirill Emelyanov, star of the film «Bastards» and the TV series «kadetstvo», is the brother of Maxim. In fact, they are only namesakes, though, are familiar and are on friendly terms.


    • 2002 — johnny
    • 2003 — the Mystery of Zaborsky lake
    • 2009 — the Rowan waltz
    • 2010 — Stroybat
    • 2011 — Siberia. Monamur
    • 2012 — Far from the war
    • 2013 — Between us girls
    • 2014 — a Private detective Tatiana Ivanova
    • 2015 — Fartsa
    • 2015 — the Last frontier


    Maxim Emelyanov

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