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  • Name: Maxim Dunaevsky ( Maxim Pashkov )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1945.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: composer, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Dunaevsky: biography

    Maksim Isaakovich Dunayevsky is a famous Soviet and Russian composer. Although he wrote music for Symphony orchestra and for theatre and music, the most famous song of Maxim Dunaevsky, designed for film. For many years became popular songs from such films as «d’artagnan and three Musketeers,» «Mary Poppins, goodbye!», «Carnival,» «Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville…», and many others. For services to the art of the composer in 2006 was awarded the title of National artist.

    Maxim Dunaevsky
    Maksim Isaakovich Dunayevsky | tvnz

    Maxim Dunaevsky was born in Moscow in early 1945. His father was a legend of Soviet classical music Isaak Dunaevsky. Mother Zoya Pashkova was also a public personality, although not as well known as her favorite male. She danced in the Moscow operetta theatre and song and dance Ensemble of Russian army named after A. V. Alexandrov. Incidentally, the parents of the child were unmarried, as Isaac Osipovich was officially married to another woman, Zinaida Sudeikina.

    Isaac Dunaevsky and Zoya Pashkova
    Parents Maxim Dunaevsky, Isaak Osipovich and Zoya | Telenedelya

    Patronymic Dunaevsky had an older brother Eugene, who became an artist. At the age of 10 Maxim the last time you saw a famous father: Isaak Dunayevsky died suddenly. Thanks to the help of famous composers, brought the matter to party authorities, the boy was recognized as the legitimate son of Isaak Iosifovich, despite the fact that the official wife of his father in every possible way interfered with. In adulthood Maxim Dunaevsky began to use the surname of the father instead of the mother «Pashkov», under which he studied in school.

    Maxim Dunaevsky
    Photo Maxim Dunaevsky | m24

    Music he was fond of in his childhood, he loved to touch the keys, to improvise. But systematic studies irritated him, so the parents did not insist on training.

    After his father’s death Dunaevsky, Jr. became burdened by the silence of the house and told his mother that he will follow the footsteps of Isaac, and will also be a musician and composer. In 1965, he graduated from the musical College at the Moscow state Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, and later the Conservatory. Maxim Isaakovich was going to become a composer of classical music, but at the undergraduate began to attend student theater «Our house» and moved on to soundtracks for plays and movies.

    Maxim Dunaevsky
    Maxim Dunaevsky: the composer and conductor | tvnz

    I should add that Maxim Dunaevsky has long been a brilliant conductor. Five years he directed the orchestra of the Theater Vakhtangov, then was in charge of the musical part in the Moscow Music hall and the Studio Theatre of musical drama. As artistic Director and chief conductor of the State variety orchestra of the RSFSR has worked with leading Soviet musicians, for example, Andrew Davidiana and Irina Ponarovskaya.


    As a student composer Maxim Dunaevsky wrote chamber, symphonic and vocal-academic works. For example, he composed a Concerto for piano and orchestra, cycles of songs and the cantata «the Old ships» for choir a cappella. But then he became interested in music for theatre, cinema and music. He created the music plays «tele-Tele-dough…», «Twelve chairs,» «the Three Musketeers», «In search of captain Grant». Many of them later became the basis for the soundtracks of the same movie.

    On stage Maxim Dunaevsky’s songs performed by such stars as Nikolay Karachentsov, Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya, Dmitry Kharatyan, Masha Rasputin, Mikhail Boyarsky, Tatyana Bulanova and many other artists. The vocal capabilities of many modern performers Maksim Isaakovich be treated with skepticism. However, he praised the talent of Dima Bilan and Alexander Panayotov.

    But the greatest glory Maxim Dunaevsky brought his soundtracks for Soviet and Russian films. Of course, first and foremost, the audience remembers the song «fortune Teller» from the Comedy «Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville…», «call me, Call!» from the drama «Carnival», «Wind of change» and «Weather» tales of «Mary Poppins, goodbye!», «Chastushki Babok-ejek» from the cartoon «the flying ship» and the great series of hits from the film «d’artagnan and three Musketeers». In addition, Dunaevsky there are still more than a hundred perfect hits, the best of which came on separate plates and in the official collections of the «Golden collection».

    Personal life Maxim Dunaevsky

    Like many creative people, Maxim Isaakovich the process of searching for the muses were directly associated with love. He was always very amorous man, and feeling the hot feeling led his chosen to the Registrar. So in my personal life Maxim Dunaevsky had seven wives, and it is only about marriage, not counting the numerous novels without registration relationship. For the first time the composer got married in student’s years. His choice was Natalia Leonova, daughter of one of the secretaries of the Central Committee of the CPSU. But after two years of feeling cold, and Dunaevsky used, if there is no love, there can be families, so the marriage broke up.

    Maxim Dunaevsky and Natalia Andreichenko with the son
    Maxim Dunaevsky with his fourth wife, actress Natalia Andreichenko, and their son Dmitry | nostalgia for the Soviet

    For the same reason, were short-lived and unions with Regina Temirbulatova and Elena Dunaevskaya. Next was the marriage of Maxim Dunaevsky and Natalia Andreichenko. The actress, who became famous as the performer of the role of Mary Poppins, was the only woman left her husband, and did not wait when he will be love. By the way, Natalia gave her husband and his only son, Dmitri, who, however, was educated in the United States, then in Switzerland other men.

    Nina Spada and Arina Dunaevskaya
    Nina Spada daughter Dunaevsky, Arina | Seven days

    But the wedding with andrejchanka was preceded by a serious novel by Maxim Nina Recession that lasted more than two years. She is the composer dedicated the beautiful song «call me, Call!» from the movie «Carnival». And because of that love, Nina gave birth to a daughter Alina. But as the Maxim Dunaevsky to make your relationship not wanted, the Recession was married to French citizen and moved to Paris. When the daughter of Maxim Dunaevsky grew, she discovered his musical talent transmitted in inheritance from father and grandfather. The girl formed a band «Markize», which plays in France, and she writes songs in French, English and Russian languages.

    Maxim Dunaevsky with his wife and children
    Maxim Dunaevsky with his wife Marina and daughters Christmas | Anews

    Two more novels with model Olga Danilova and model Olga Chernovoy led to a formal marriage, however, like all previous ones – to short. The last official wife of the composer was Marina Christmas, which is younger than the husband for 27 years. She gave her husband a daughter Polina and Maksim Isaakovich adopted Maria, Marina’s daughter from a previous relationship. The girl now famous name of her stepfather. Because of the huge number of marriages actress Natalia Andreichenko, familiar with most of these women coined the term «wives Club Maxim Dunaevsky».

    Music for films

    • 1978 — d’artagnan and the three Musketeers
    • 1979 — Ah, vaudeville, vaudeville…
    • 1979 — the flying ship
    • 1981 — Carnival
    • 1981 — Sold laughter
    • 1983 — the Green van
    • 1983 — Mary Poppins, goodbye!
    • 1999 — Dance with me
    • 2000 — the Border. Taiga novel
    • 2008 — Red and black


    Maxim Dunaevsky

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