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  • Name: Maxim Drozd ( Drozd Maksim )
  • Date of birth: 11 March 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Maxim Drozd biography

    Maxim Drozd –Russian theater and film actor, famous for TV series «Liquidation», «secret guardian», «Chapay», «Damned Paradise» and many others.

    Maksim was born in Odessa in the family of people’s artist of Ukraine Georgiy Drozd, starred in many popular viewers of Soviet films, including «Mikhailo Lomonosov» and «Charlotte’s Necklace». To the actor’s environment belongs to the Maxim’s mother Lyudmila Visitors. The family moved frequently. Maxim grew up in Kiev, but had some time to live in Riga, and Moscow. By the way, as in the Ukrainian capital, the boy lived in the most prosperous area of the city – Shulyavka, to feel more confident on the street, joined the Boxing section. In this sport, the future actor has achieved very tangible results – became master of sport.

    After school, Maxim Drozd decided to follow in the footsteps of parents, but the first attempts to overcome the entrance exams he failed. Mandatory at that time, military service for two years tore the guy from the usual life. But the airborne troops, which were Thrush, according to him, gave him a lot: self-confidence, the ability to withstand psychological stress, and any special skills. All this will help him on the set in the coming years.

    After demobilization Maxim returns to the idea about the profession of an actor, went to Moscow and entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. There he studied with famous masters of Avangard Leontiev and his classmates were Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Dmitry Shcherbina and Egor Pazenko, which have also achieved significant success.

    After the final exam from Mat Studio novice actor was invited to the Theater named after Maria Yermolova, but he did not stay there for a long time, having gone to the cinema. Although in recent years the Thrush returns to the stage. For example, in 2015 the great success enjoyed the performance troupe of the Moscow state Variety theatre «Married but living». Also the actor has experience on television: in 2007, he was a leading entertainment TV show «Give me back mother.»


    In the movie, Maxim Drozd began to appear in his student years. In 1992, he starred in the blockbuster «Afghan», and then took part in the dramatic film «What a wonderful game» and crime film «bonanza.» It is unknown why, but in 5 years, the actor left the profession and devoted himself to business and family life. Only in 2000, with the moral support of his father, Maxim was able to return to cinema and to enter a second time into the same river.

    He had to win back credibility, not starring in detective and crime serials. In those years, it can be seen in «Gangster Petersburg», «Stiletto,» «the Citizen the chief», «Moore is MOORE» and other similar pictures. So, basically he played military, police or criminal authorities – this was due to the courageous appearance of army training and the scars on the body, which, by the way, are natural and not the work of makeup artists.

    A real breakthrough in his career was for Maxim Drozd 2007. He took part in a very successful historical detective series «Likvidatsiya» and has also been involved in the foreground together with Evelina Bledans in the crime drama «Damned Paradise». Another notable work of that period – the military the television series «the Saboteur 2: the End of war», where Maxim starred with famous actor Vladislav Galkin.

    A good relationship with the actors on the site is important not only to the viewer on the screen saw a realistic picture. Sometimes a colleague may recommend a partner to the leadership of the new project. It happened with Maxim Drozd. Mikhail Porechenkov, with whom he collaborated in «Elimination», decided to shoot their own picture and invited the beloved actor in his debut Thriller «D-Day». This tape is a Russian remake of the legendary old movie «Commando» with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role.

    The latest movies of the actor are family melodrama «two plus Two» military drama «martial law», adventure fantasy «Guard Outpost» and a military detective «the penalty box».

    Personal life

    Maxim Drozd was married three times and has four children from those marriages, but the actor is now a bachelor again. In 1991, he first went down the aisle with former classmate Lily Fomina, who worked as a choreographer and ballet master. They had a daughter Daria, who later world champion in table tennis. Maxim lived with Lily for 11 years, after which the couple divorced.

    A year later he married the second time on Anastasia Brovkina, which earlier bore him a son, Egor. After the wedding of Maxim and Anastasia had a daughter, Mary, but soon after the appearance of the girl’s parents divorced.

    With third wife, actress Victoria Poltorak, Thrush met on the set of the TV series «Cursed Paradise». Officially, they got married in 2010, when she did Maxim a father for the fourth time, giving birth to daughter Sophia. But later this marriage also collapsed. Maxim Drozd is very kind to all their children and trying to communicate with them the maximum amount of time.


    • 2005 — the Nine unknowns
    • 2007 — Damned Paradise
    • 2007 — Liquidation
    • 2008 — the Good guys
    • 2009 — Two stories about love
    • 2009 — Parent’s day
    • 2011 — step by step
    • 2012 — Lone wolf
    • 2013 — the Passion according to Chapa
    • 2015 — two plus Two
    • 2016 — the penalty box


    Maxim Drozd

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