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  • Name: Maxim Chudov ( Maksim shudov )
  • Date of birth: 12 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Mikhailovka Bashkiria
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: biathlon, 3-fold world champion, honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Maxim Chudov: biography

    12.11.1982 year in Bashkiria, close to Ufa in the small village of mykhailivka birthplace of three-time world champion Maxim Chudov. From the age of six and Max began to learn the wisdom of skiing. Reaching 16, he became interested in biathlon.

    The development of biathlon intricacies demanded regular trips to Ufa, with many opposed to the parents of a young athlete. Realizing the seriousness of Remarkable, Jr., they still put up with his choice. After school Max went to College to study mechanics and food production equipment, and graduated in 2002.

    Maxim Chudov in childhood
    Maxim Chudov in childhood

    Higher education Chudov received, combining sport and study, in the faculty of law of the Bashkir state University.


    The first mentor of a future champion – Kovalev St. St. Then deal with him. A. Nikitin, helped him quite famous at the time of the Bashkir biathlete Andrey Padeen. With them the young athlete shared his first successful performance – «silver» in the Junior championship in Yekaterinburg.

    Then went to other winning performances: prizes in national Junior Championships, a silver medal at the world youth Championships in Italy, two gold medals, CHE, held in 2002 in Finnish Kontiolahti. One gold medal was obtained in a hard individual race, the second as a member of the relay.

    Maxim Chudov
    Maxim Chudov | Sport-Express

    In 2002 at the Junior European Cup in ridnaun-Val ridanna young athlete who won the sprint, pursuit and relay race, managed to make a hat-trick of victories. Despite the young men of the age, in the season 2003/2004 Great trust into the national team Junior team of Russia.

    2003 — one of the most successful for the Russian athletes. This time his personal collection of awards was enriched with «gold» CHE and two gold awards at the world Cup. That memorable season ended for the athlete on a high note: he won the Russian championship and got the highest status of master of sports of international class.

    Olympic games

    Unique diligence and talent of the young athlete noticed at the highest level. The coaches of the national team regularly draws him to the world Cup. Soon the athlete was permitted to participate in the world Championships.

    The results were not long in coming:

    • 2005 – biathlete wins silver medal in the individual race at the world Cup in Slovakian osrblie.
    • 2005/2006 – the third place in Oberhof.
    • 2007 – first individual gold in the pursuit race at the stage in Khanty-Mansiysk.
    • 2007 – «silver» world Cup in the race persecution.
    • 2007 – «gold» the world championship in the men’s four in Anterselva (Italy).
    • 2008 – two «gold», «silver», «bronze» world Championships in Ostersund, Sweden.
    • 2009 pursuit race, the second place at the world championship in Pyeongchang.
    • 2010 – «bronze» in the relay at the Olympics in Vancouver.
    Maxim Chudov at the Olympics in Vancouver
    Maxim Chudov at the Olympics in Vancouver | Eurosport

    The 2010/11 year was not the most successful for the already award-winning biathlete. Poor health, extremely unstable performance, problems with the spine – all this influenced the fact that the athlete, without waiting for the end of the winter starts, went to medical examination in Germany. All sports competitions 2011/2012 Chudov flows for health reasons.

    Maxim Chudov at the biathlon track
    Maxim Chudov at the biathlon track | Rusbiathlon

    In 2013, the athlete came to practice with the hope to be part of the biathletes who will take part in the Games in Sochi. Despite statements by senior national team coach N. Lopukhov team to break through failed. 2014 Olympics remained a distant dream.

    Dec 21, 2013 Chudov takes part in the ceremony – the Olympic torch relay. After that award-winning athlete informs the public about his decision to end his professional career.

    Personal life

    In his interview with Max miracles have always said that family for him in the first place. Eminent athlete tied the knot on 4 June 2010.

    Maxim Chudov with his wife and son
    Maxim Chudov with his wife and son | Assistant

    Wife men – Nadezhda Shevchenko, the winner of the title «Ms. Orenburg», 2006, participant of many competitions of beauty.

    Today, together with his wife they have a son Yaroslav and very often travel to Europe.

    Maxim Chudov today

    About what is now titled biathlon star, you can see from the few interviews and photos in national and international information projects.

    Maxim Chudov
    Maxim Chudov | R-sport

    A former athlete, taking part in various activities promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, Maxim Chudov – one of the founders of the company, which provides rental equipment for summer and winter sports.

    Interesting facts about the Wonderful

    • Nicknamed «the Russian rocket» miracles received, as the fastest biathlete of the season 2007/2008.
    • The athlete made history as a member of the «gold» men’s Quartet (Tcherezov, Chudov, A., Kruglov). Starting in all races in season 2006/2007 and 2007/2008, Russian estafette not held never below second place.
    • During his sports career, he was exclusively rifles Anschutz brand.
    • In 2010, the athlete is awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» and the order «Friendship of peoples».
    • Has the honorary title of Honored master of sports of the Russian Federation.

    Photo Maxim Chudov

    Maxim Chudov

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