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  • Name: Maxim Averin ( Maksim Averin )
  • Date of birth: 26 November 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, Director, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Maxim Averin: a biography

    Maxim Averin – known Russian actor, became one of the symbols of the whole telephohe starring in the series «Capercaillie», the holder of the title Honored artist of the Russian Federation. Thanks to his talent He has captured the hearts of millions, and because of the attractive appearance and the role of a brutal about the actor have been a lot of rumors, which he attributed novels with the first beauties of the film industry.

    Maxim Averin
    A photo of actor | vilet

    Maxim Averin was born in 1975-m to year in Moscow, his mother’s life was a simple seamstress and is in no way associated with the film. Dad worked at «Mosfilm», first edited films, and then was an artist-decorator. Father Maxim has always dreamed of becoming an artist, but his dream was fated to embody the son.

    Maxim Averin in childhood
    Baby photo

    When the boy was six years old, he first appeared on television. Father took Maxim to the set in Makhachkala, there was shot the film «the adventures of count Nevzorov». He was given a cameo role, and at age nine the young artist first came to the Theater of miniatures and got one of the main roles in the play «Brandenburg gate». In addition to the theater Averin worked in the Studio at the House of cinema.

    When the boy was 16 years old, his parents divorced. This greatly influenced the life and character of a teenager, and it took him a long time to forgive his family.

    Maxim Averin in his youth
    Early career | Veauty WM

    At school he was a humanist, interested in literature and once even refused to write a math test, explaining that this item is in drama school, he won’t need. In ninth grade, the guy started to choose a school. First he tried to do to VGIK, but when the selection Committee asked to show his teeth, he said: «I is not a horse«. Of course, from the applicant, no one expected such rudeness, and Averin miserably failed the exam.

    Next, your hand, the future heartthrob and a darling of the public tried to «Chips», but everything went wrong, only the Shchukin school had appealed to him. However, to join a confident guy managed only at the second attempt. During his studies He was a favorite of most teachers, they are excited about watching his progress, in 1997, he brilliantly defended his diploma and graduated.


    After graduation Maksim Averin immediately got into the troupe «the Satyricon» at the invitation of Konstantin Raikin. He first played in the crowd, just three years, the theater has a full role. The actor noted in the play «hamlet» and «lion in winter».

    Maxim Averin at the theater
    In the play «Othello» | Kazan reporter

    In 2002, the «Satyricon» came Yuri Butusov, who decided to put «Macbeth.» Here Maxim Averin played the role of Branko. The character got very serious artist, so he could fully demonstrate their abilities and do not miss the chance to «light up». During rehearsals, many have noticed that Averin is gradually increasing in the creative development, he begins to become one of the best actors of the theater.

    A few years Butusov has staged a production of «Richard 3» which is again invited Averin. Billboard performances were hung around town for the premiere gathered a full hall of spectators. Among them were critics, who later named Maxim Averin’s a brilliant actor who knows the line between sincerity and parody.

    Maxim Averin
    Versatile artist | Free stage

    The first role at cinema Maxim Averin began receiving in 1999, his debut on the screen was the Comedy «Love hurts,» where he brilliantly played the «racy git». For the excellent work in this picture of the actor even dubbed the «Russian Jim Carrey». The next few years, Directors saw in Maxim Averin only comedic character, and here the ambitions of the stars have played into his hands, and he has proven to be a dramatic character.

    To prove his serious roles Averin had in the film «Magnetic storms», for this work he received the award «Triumph».

    In a year Maxim starred in the TV series «Carousel», where he turned into a surgeon Korneev. The tape was 12 episodes, exactly such a number of nights the audience at the same time sat at the screens and with a sinking heart, empathized with the characters of the story.

    Maxim Averin took part in various creative and experimental projects, for example, starred in the program «Theatre. Favorites» TV channel Moscow 24. The actor recited the poem «Teach me to live» that touched many fans.

    Averin has established itself not only as an actor but also as a showman and filmmaker. In different years Maxim led several television projects, including the name «carnival night with Maxim Averin» and «the Unusual concert with Maxim Averin», as well as several dedicated to his most stellar films: «farewell, Grouse!» and «new year’s eve in the village Glukhareva».

    In 2013, the year the artist released a CD with his songs, the album «three Points», the year Maxim Averin appeared on television as a musical performer in the show «Three chords», where he sang several popular songs and ballads.

    In 2015 released a new series «the Runaways» with the participation of Maxim Averin in the role of Vova.

    Now Maxim Averin continues to act in television shows and feature films. In 2016-m to year on the screens out the series «Partner», where the actor was busy in the main male role. In addition, the actor got the part of a saxophonist in some kind of lyrical Comedy, for which Maxim is superstitious to hide. For this role Averin even grew and dyed his hair and appeared to used to seeing his bald audience in a new way – blond. But from the theater «Satyricon» Maxim Averin left. To finish the work in this theatre the actor managed without scandals and conflicts. Averin admitted that although it was heavy, but his own decision.

    «Grouse» and «Copernicus»

    In the work of the actor if there is one iconic picture, after seeing that photo Maxim Averin was thousands of girls under the pillows. A special place in the creative biography of Maxim Averin allocated to the series «Capercaillie», through which he became one of the most popular Russian actors. The main character is Sergei Glukharev was investigating a crime and has won the love of the female half of the audience and the respect of men. In the third season Averin tried himself in the role of Director and was the author of several series.

    Maxim Averin in the role of major glukhareva
    The role of major glukhareva in the TV series «Capercaillie» |

    Image glukhareva has left a big mark on the career of the artist. Once He even told the press that all his fans are divided into three warring groups: those who love him as a theater actor, his fans «Grouse» and fans of his films except for «Grouse». The actor even publicly promised that after this the series will not return for the TV-series projects, despite the fact that this brought him the strongest growth in popularity. But for the sake of creativity Averin had to break his oath.

    In 2012, unexpectedly for fans of the «brutal police captain» Averin became a surgeon. Along with «Grouse» another acclaimed television series in filmography Averin was «Copernicus», where max played a talented doctor Lovelace. Surgeon Oleg Bragin difficult routine and a complete mess in his personal life, a lot of women a lot of problems.

    Maxim Averin in the series
    In the TV series «Sklifosovsky» |

    For four seasons viewers empathized Bragin, condemned, laughed at his sparkling humor. Performing the role of Oleg Bragin, Maxim did not aim to copy the life and behavior of the doctors, he tried to create his own unforgettable image.

    For best television series «Sklifosovsky» was nominated for the prestigious prize «Golden eagle» in 2014. In addition Averina his game encouraged other celebrities: Olga Krasko, Dmitry Miller, Maria Kulikova, Elena Yakovleva and Konstantin Yushkevich.

    Personal life of Maxim Averin

    Personal life of Maxim Averin — one of the most discussed topics in the acting circles, the actor himself does not like to discuss it. It is known that in the smoothie had a lot of rough, but at the same time, lightning novels. They were transient because of the constant employment of the artist.

    Maxim Averin and Victoria Tarasova
    Victoria Tarasova |

    There were rumors about something like this Maxim Averin an affair with a colleague on the set of «Grouse» Victoria Tarasova. The artist himself has repeatedly admitted to journalists that he had very warm feelings for the actress, but their «romance,» then flirting is not developed.

    Long Averin attributed the affair with the actress Maria Kulikova. Actors known for about 20 years, even before entering the theatre Institute, and Mary herself admitted that he was fascinated by the Maxim, but at the time their Dating has consisted in long-term relationships. Later Averin and Kulikova have become if not friends, then, as expressed by the actor himself, began to maintain a friendly atmosphere. After Maria Kulikova divorced her husband in 2015-m to year, rumors about the new star novel got a second wind.

    Maxim Averin and Maria Kulikova
    Maria Kulikova | woman’s day

    The actor himself not only not upset such a reputation, but sometimes even supports and runs various rumors. During the show «one to One» Anna Ardova and Maxim Averin announced the impending wedding than generated a number of rumors and disputes. During the release of the program sit in the jury actors supported their legend: hugging, whispering, and convincingly played the role of newlyweds. Later the star admitted that it was just a joke, and in fact, between them there is no romantic relationship.

    Many thoughts on married actor or not, as well as a large number of false information on this subject gave rise to fans of not only faith in the macho image, but even doubts about the orientation Averin.

    Maxim Averin and Anna Ardova
    Anna Ardovs

    Recently in the Internet appeared the photo on which the actor holds a newborn baby, fans immediately began talking about what eligible bachelor Averin became a father. But as it turned out, this assumption is not true. Most likely, these were shots with the next shots, the actor was allowed to play with the offspring of friends. According to Averina, it is certain that children born out of wedlock had not. Although it became the norm for creative individuals and media persons, but the actor himself disapproves of this trend and States that children should receive in the family.

    Today, Maxim Averin says that in his personal life he is doing well. He’s in love with a girl, but hides it from prying eyes. It is known that her name was Tanya, she had brown hair, and it is in no way associated with acting. Again described the requirements for his possible lady the press: he’s looking for a girl who will become his faithful friend and can be a good housewife in his house. If the mysterious Tanya has such quality, we should expect imminent news about the wedding of the actor.


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    • «A few simple desires»
    • «Grouse»
    • «Chasing shadows»
    • «Furtseva. The legend of Ekaterina»

    Photo By Maxim Averin

    Maxim Averin

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