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  • Name: MAKS Korzh ( Max Korj )
  • Date of birth: 23 November 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Slutsk, Belarus
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: rap artist, songwriter
  • Marital status: Married

    Max Korzh: biography

    Max Korzh is a young, energetic and unusual guy from Belarus, collects the most big concert venues. His songs — a hybrid of club and domestic genres, give rise at the output 100% hits. He says that music is his everything.

    Max Korzh was born on 23 November 1988 in the town of Luninets. Nature gave the boy a good ear for music — passion for music manifested itself in his early childhood. The parents decided to nurture talent and enrolled the child in a music school, piano class.

    In parallel with music he attended school and studied well. In adolescence it seriously interested in modern music. Max enjoyed listening to the songs of Eminem, «Onyx» and had already thought about creating your own group. At seventeen he established it together with friends and called «LunClan». The team lasted long. In the future, MAKS Korzh, even tried several times to create your own groups, but this did not work.

    By the time of graduation from the Lyceum, he clearly knew that it would be to write and perform own songs. But interfered with the parents — they do not accept his son’s choice. Under their influence, Max joined the faculty of international relations of Belarusian state University, studied there for two years and left.

    Soon the guy was drafted into the army. After the service, he was reinstated at the University, but the priorities remained the same, and until that time his popularity was gaining momentum.


    Max Korzh himself fought their way to the musical Olympus. Shortly before leaving the army he recorded the song «Heaven help us». Studio recording cost him 300 dollars that he borrowed from his mother. Then Max presented his debut song on the Internet and went to perform military duty. «Heaven help us» has gained a lot of likes, the song was played in the air, some local radio station. The guy found out about it when I got home, and received a powerful incentive for further creativity.

    In 2012 the first album came out max Korzh «Animal world». It included 16 songs written by him over the last three years. Author and performer says that all songs have similar themes, although they are designed for listeners of all ages. The main emphasis in the texts given to the human vices peculiar to each — from cheating to crime.

    In the same year, the label «Respect Production» has signed a contract with max Korzh, he began to tour Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Europe.

    November 2, 2013 took place the presentation of the second album of max, which he called «key to Life». In the same year this album went up to 5th place the best Russian albums of the year.

    2014 brought the rap artist well-deserved recognition. First, he gathered a full Football arena in Minsk, and then his sold-out concert was held in the Moscow «Luzhniki». In the same year, Max Korzh received the award Muz-TV, becoming the winner of the category «album of the year».

    In October 2014 Max Korzh presented his third album «Home» and went to a great tour. His concerts were successfully held in Warsaw, London and Prague.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Max Korzh speaks little and reluctantly. He is happily married with Tatyana Matskevich. Wife is younger than max for two years, was born in the same city as him. She’s adorable and well behaved.

    It is known that before the wedding, they dated for a few years. Anything happened and the misunderstanding and quarrels. Tatiana knew that her young man is rapidly gaining popularity, and with it hundreds of girls of model appearance. But her inherent feminine wisdom and pride, perhaps, these traits she had max.

    In late 2012 Max Korzh Tatyana Matskevich were married, and 5 APR 2013 the happy couple had a daughter Emilia. Max Korzh calls his favorite Mimi.

    Now she enjoys raising her daughter and charity, actively helping orphanages, but tries not to flaunt it. Well, Max continues his musical career.


    • «The animal world»
    • «Home»
    • «The key to life»


    Max Korzh

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