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  • Name: Max Barskih ( Nikolay Bortnik )
  • Date of birth: 8 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Kherson, Ukraine
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: singer, songwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Max Barsky biography

    Max Barskih – one of the most shocking and scandalous Ukrainian singer, who conquered all the post-Soviet space with his soulful voice, extravagant actions and innovative solutions.

    Max Barskih
    Photo artist |

    The singer was born March 8, 1990 in Sunny Kherson in southern Ukraine under the name of Nikolai Bortnik. Since childhood, I had creativity, but found them in the fine arts. Boy, 10 years devoted to the local art school, where he studied together with learning in the secondary school. However, young Max had also distinguished himself in the musical field. He has spoken in his school years with various vocal ensembles for children’s festivals and wrote their own music. Family and friends were well received his work.

    At the age of 12 years, the guy demonstrated the sister of self-written lyrical song in English. Sister praised her and offered to carry on a family holiday. This is a family performance became the starting point of the musical career of the future stars of modern pop music. At the same lordly has changed my priorities and realized that instead of the artist he would become a singer.

    Max Barskih in childhood
    Baby photo

    The turning point in the life of a boy was a time when, after graduating from high school, you had to choose a University. Parents are strongly demanded, so he enrolled in the Academy of internal Affairs. But he did not give the parent’s desire, taking the decision to become a student of the Kiev municipal Academy of circus and variety arts, where he was credited with no problems.

    «Factory of stars-2» and PR

    An overwhelming desire to get on the big stage pushed the actor to take part in the famous Ukrainian show «star Factory-2», which was a producer Natalia Mogilevskaya. Young people in 2008 was the qualifying round and became a member of popular vocal project.

    Max Barsky in the show
    In the show «Factory of stars-2»

    Eccentricity, looseness and impressive ability to present themselves Barsky helped to win recognition of the fans, so as not to notice it among the other participants was impossible. In the framework of the project «Factory of stars-2» Barsky presented two of their hit «the Stranger» and «Anomaly», which became the leaders of the charts of most music radio and television.

    Despite the fact that created and executed the max and songs were good, they weren’t the reason for the massive popularity of the singer. During one of the speeches, a crowd favorite on stage took from his pocket a sharp object, which was to cut his wrists. The controversial act has caused in the truest sense of the word hysteria of the public. The artist himself said this action he has devoted Svetlana Loboda, who did not reciprocate.

    Max Barskih
    Bright appearance of the executor |

    Barsky began to discuss the main lines of the Ukrainian media, describing his loud act on stage as a good PR move.

    From the project «Factory of stars» singer left, deciding that full-time job in the music field will bring him rather will bring him recognition and career growth, than the glory of «the industrialist»


    The actor claims he writes all his songs himself, with lyrics and music.

    In 2009, the pet girl of modern public stage to present his debut album «1: Max Barskih», which includes 13 striking songs recorded in the best music studios of Kiev. Along with this 19-year-old actor just over a year was down 4 clip, immediately became Ukrainian hits. The singer filmed the song «S. L..» (the name which implies the name Svetlana Loboda or love’s a Bitch), «Empty», «Agony» and the song «DVD», which Max Barsky and Natalia Mogilevskaya sang a duet.

    Following the year 2010 was particularly fruitful. In addition to singing career the outrageous singer proved himself as an actor. He successfully passed the qualifying audition musical novel «Mademoiselle Zhivago» and was invited to the role in this film. Max Barsky and Lara Fabian played a major role in one of the eleven episodes of «Mademoiselle Zhivago», where a cute singer perfectly entered in the image of the Russian soldier, madly in love with a charming French Fabian.

    After a triumphant 2010, which brought max’s huge popularity and recognition in the CIS, Budva filmed another one of their hit single «Lost In Love | Lose» in 3D so that it becomes the first performer in the post-Soviet space, which debuted on television in this format. New single Barsky becomes the leader of the charts and is headed by the «Euro hit TOP 40» radio Europe Plus.

    On him with the speed of the hurricane began to crumble prestigious awards domestic show-business. Max Barsky received the award Muz in the nomination «Breakthrough of the year», «Crystal microphone» in the nomination «Singer of the year» and became the winner of «Video of the year» and «Best male performance» at OE Video Music Awards in Latvia.

    Max Barskih on stage
    On stage |

    In 2012, the singer released a second album Z. Dance and wanted to prove himself at the most prestigious vocal contest «Eurovision». However, he has failed to win in the qualifying round, losing a leader Gaitán only a few points.

    In 2013 the crowd favourite Max Barskih releases his new song «Freud», followed by a self-titled album. Through the year out of the digital version of the album, and radio «Lux FM» shone this Valentine’s Day, each hour celebration starting on songs from the new album. In March 2014 Max Russian sang «Lullaby» and began writing a new album.

    For a long time, the singer delighted fans only covering songs by other artists, or video clips on your own composition. But in 2015 year he released the song «Friend of the night», which was later included in the album «Fog» (2016). With a fresh album, the singer toured Russia and the near abroad, during the year, giving concerts in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Astana, Kiev and other major cities.

    The singer believes his success and popularity by merit of their joint creative team with well-known music video Director Alan by Badaeva, who is a producer Barsky.

    Personal life

    As a public persona, Max Barsky likes to talk about his relationship. After a big public scandal about «Max Barsky and Svetlana Loboda» in which a young performer proved his love to the singer attempted suicide right on the stage of the vocal show «Factory of stars-2», the guy repeatedly tried to melt the ice in the heart of the beloved. He publicly admitted Loboda in love and devoted songs.

    Max Barsky and Svetlana Loboda
    Svetlana Loboda |

    Despite the fact that the ex-soloist of «VIA Gra» never said a talented and nice guy in return, Svetlana Loboda and Max Barsky recorded a duet and erotic clip of the hit song «Heart is beating», together they even held a creative tour of Ukrainian cities. After the birth of Svetlana Loboda daughter Max made a public statement that now his heart is open to love.

    It soon became known on the novel of the singer with one of the participants of the new «VIA Gra» Misha Romanova. She has several years living in the Kiev apartment of the singer is his childhood friend. Beloved max is also a native of Kherson, and nowadays, young people learn together in the Municipal Academy of arts in Kiev.

    The couple is frequently seen together, Max Barskih and his girlfriend often visited social events, cinemas and cafes. Young people call their relationship is purely friendly, but their friends and acquaintances think that between Michael and max is something more like love.

    Max Barsky and Michael Romanov
    Misha Romanova | viznes

    In February 2016 Max surprised everyone at a private party «Grammy-16». The singer openly embraced in front of cameras model Masha Rudenko, famous for his affair with Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones.


    • «1:MAX BARSKIH»
    • «Z. Dance»
    • «According To Freud»
    • «Mists»

    Max Barskih

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