Maria Meadow

(biography, photo, video) Mariya Lugovaya

photo Maria meadow

  • Name: Maria Meadow ( Mariya Lugovaya )
  • Date of birth: 23 July 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Meadow Maria : a biography

    Mariya Aleksandrovna Lugovaya was born in St. Petersburg in July 1987. The girl was a real gift for parents. Quiet, good child that never was capricious as a child and could get good grades in school. Mary worked hard in musical and choreographic schools. Violin and ballroom dancing, reading books and a huge interest in art – this is what distinguished Maria meadow from their too modern and superficial peers.

    In high school, she is seriously thinking about a future profession. She loved music and choreography. She was trying to choose between them one thing on which to focus after school.

    Mary’s meadow helped define one of the older friends, whom she regarded with respect. It was he who, well knowing Masha, told her to try themselves on stage. Because there need both passions girls. Meadow decided that the sensible advice and went to St. Petersburg Theatre of youth art. 2 years before graduation, Maria has mastered the basics of acting, received a common notion of what the theater is.

    After graduating from school with a gold medal, meadow went to one of the best theater schools in the country – the state theatre arts Academy. She came to the wonderful teacher, Semyon Yakovlevich to Spivak, who introduced the girl in that mysterious and multifaceted world of the acting profession.

    The St. Petersburg College theater produced Mary Meadow in the world of art in 2008. Aspiring actress took in the Alexandrinsky theatre.


    Mary’s meadow debut on stage took place rather quickly. She was entrusted the role in the play «Living corpse». At this stage the young actress played 5 years. During this time she managed to play in several bright performances and greatly enhance their skills.

    Since 2013 till now Masha is working at the Moscow youth Theatre. To move from one capital to another she had in connection with many offers from filmmakers.

    A cinematic biography of Mary meadow began with a small role in the series «Favorsky». I must say, first, the artist, accustomed to the theatrical rules of the game, not very liked on the set. Mary even said rashly, that it will no longer be removed. But came to the aid of talented St. Petersburg actress Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Lisa gave some advice to a Junior colleague and helped me to adjust in the challenging world of cinema.

    Probably, friendly encouragement and participation persuaded Mary to accept the offer to star in the next movie. It was detective Andres, Puustusmaa called «18-14». He was released in 2007 and brought Mary’s meadow invaluable experience in filmmaking. Indeed, in this tape she was working on a film set with such masters of Russian cinema, Ivan Makarevich, Bohdan Stupka, Alexey Garmash, Fyodor Bondarchuk and Alexei Guskov. Obviously, this project has helped the young artist to love and understand cinema.

    In the same year, Maria meadow starred in another great movie – historical drama «cadets». This painting was highly acclaimed by film critics and won the top award at the 10th Eurasian Teleforum.

    But waking up in the famous meadow was appointed after the release of the melodrama «the Redhead» in which the actress appeared in a star role. The audience, especially the female half, with a sinking heart watched the events in the life of a talented red-haired Taci, the heroine of meadow. The girl, who had lost vision, with all its external fragility bravely walked towards her goal of becoming a concert pianist. And barrier in its path – blindness cannot be prevented Tasi to achieve the dream.

    Of the last films of Mary meadow can be divided into two, brought the actress even more popular. In 2011, the screens out the historical drama of Sergey Snezhkina «the White guard». Masha played the sister of Nai-Turs Irina. This great movie definitely deserves a place in the Golden Fund of Russian cinema. However, as another, which was released in 2014 year – drama of the Novel Chaliapin and Yevgeny Tkachuk’s «Demons». Meadow played Dasha Shatov. This young actress has shown incredible maturity and subtle psychology. And yet – a great skill transformation.

    Personal life

    Masha has always been and remains very modest and well-mannered man. It is not entirely superficial and superficial gloss, the desire to be something she is not. It seems this girl came to us from the last century, and in the present it is just a guest. Perhaps that is why the personal life of Mary of the meadow is hidden behind seven locks.

    There are only unconfirmed rumors about the affair, which allegedly occurred between Mary and her partner on the film «Red» by Andrew Shipanova. Colleagues artists noticed that the couple often quarreled on the set, but between them slipped something elusive, pointing to the romantic relationship. But meadow and and deny the existence of the novel, stating that they have only business contacts.


    • «Tabor»
    • «18-14»
    • The Junkers
    • «Red»
    • «The white guard»
    • «Zoy’s love»
    • Jamaica
    • «The third world»
    • «Demons»


    Maria Meadow

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