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  • Name: Marion Cotillard ( Marion Cotillard )
  • Date of birth: 30 September 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Paris, France
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: actress of theater, television and film
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Marion Cotillard: biography

    Marion Cotillard – French actress, known to the General public for her role as Edith Piaf in the film «Life in pink», as well as participation in the movies «Taxi», «Start» and «Macbeth.» She is the first actress after Sophia Loren, who received the «Oscar», performing the role not of the English language.

    Marion Cotillard was born in Paris to a musical family. Her father Jean-Claude Cotillard was an actor-MIME and theatre Director who created a family troupe of «Cotillard». Later he also taught acting at the Higher school of dramatic art, and later became its Director. Have Niseema Teijo – actress of theatre and cinema, together with her husband in acting class teaches and promotes artists. Marion was the eldest child in the family. 2 years after the birth of her daughter at Niseema and Jean-Claude bought the twins Quentin and Guillaume. They too went the way of creativity: he became a sculptor, and Guillaume, a writer.

    The girl felt comfortable in the family circle, but struggled to find recognition among their peers. From the age of 6 her outlet was theater, in which she spent most of her free time by attending rehearsals of the mother or father.

    Shortly after the birth of a boy, the family moved to the South of France, in Orleans. There is little Marion attended the women’s College named by Victor Hugo, then in orléans lycée Voltaire. Additionally trained in classical dancing and singing with private teachers. High school she graduated in the Paris school of Moliere, where in addition to the General education program studied acting.

    After obtaining the certificate Cotillard arrives at Orleans High school of dramatic art, headed by her father. On the theatrical stage she has achieved great success, playing in many performances. For the play «Discontinued business» she was awarded the prestigious theater awards «Tony».


    In the movie Marion Cotillard debuted in 1994 in the role of Matilda in the French melodrama, «the story of a boy who wanted someone to kiss.» Attention movie lovers actress drew after 2 years, she appeared in the fantasy Comedy «Beautiful Green» in the role of Masha. But wide fame came to her in 1998, after the release of the Comedy Thriller Luc Besson’s «Taxi». Marion plays Lily Bertino – girlfriend extraordinary and extravagant driver Daniel. She later played in two sequels of the blockbuster «Taxi 2» and «Taxi 3».

    Reinforced the popularity of the actress among French lovers of cinema and musical Comedy «Lovely things». In this picture the actress from twin role: she plays twin sisters Marie and Lucie, who in addition to appearance not have anything in common. For the filming of this movie, Marion handy received in childhood vocal skills, as both her character according to the scenario.

    Worldwide fame Cotillard got in 2007 when he released the musical drama «Life in pink», is a cinematic biography of the legendary French singer Edith Piaf, played by Marion. The title of the painting comes from the famous song «La Vie en rose,» which became the hallmark of the singer. Marion Cotillard are incredibly dramatic and sensually to convey all the key stages the life of Edith Piaf and received rave reviews from film critics of Europe and America. For this work, the actress received the «Oscar» at the 80th awards ceremony.

    To repeat the success of this film could Belgian film of 2014 «Two days, one night». In this drama, Cotillard plays is in a difficult position woman Sandra, colleagues which to vote for her dismissal to receive an annual bonus. The actress was able to realistically demonstrate the whole range of emotions of a man caught in a difficult situation. For the role of Sandra Marion was nominated for «Oscar» and received the main prize of the European film Academy.

    But the actress was in demand not only in the French cinema. She played in many Hollywood films. We can distinguish three of the most significant roles in American films. In the science fiction Thriller «Inception» Marion Cotillard got the unusual role of the dead wife of the hero, which after death continues to haunt the world of dreams. The partner on the set for the actress became a legendary American actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

    In the drama «Fatal passion» about America in the 1920s, she turns into a Polish immigrant, arrived in the United States in search of a better life and who was faced with undisguised hostility towards foreigners.

    In the tragedy of 2015 «Macbeth», which is an adaptation of the eponymous play by William Shakespeare, Marion Cotillard got the role of lady Macbeth, treacherous wife of a Scottish Lord who wanted to be king. Interestingly, this role claimed by Natalie Portman.

    Also Marion Cotillard dabbled in voicing. In the animated film «the Little Prince» his voice tells rose that he left on his planet the main character.

    Personal life

    In the late 90-ies of Marion Cotillard met with French actor Julien Rastamon. Later she had a romance with actor Stephen, Guerin-Tilly and singer Mathieu Blanc-Francem, better known under the pseudonym Sinclair.

    In 2003 on the set of the melodrama «fall in love with me, if you dare,» she met actor Guillaume Canet. They not only played a loving couple in the film, but also suffered a romantic relationship in real life. Some time they saw each other only occasionally, as Guillaume at the time was married to German actress Diane Kruger. After Kane managed to break up, Marion went to live with him in a civil marriage. In 2008, they announced their engagement, but still did not register their relationship officially. In may 2011 Marion and Guillaume his son Marcel Canet.

    The actress loves to collaborate with their favorite musicians. She starred in the music videos «The Next Day» David Bowie, «The Eyes of Mars» group «Franz Ferdinand», «More Than Meets» the French singer Yodelice, «No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes» by the canadian rock musician, Hawksley of Workman and many others.

    Marion Cotillard — an active fighter for the protection of the environment and is representative of several organizations concerned with the ecology of our planet, in particular Greenpeace. In their composition, the actress participated in a large number of shares in many countries.


    • 1998 — Taxi
    • 2001 — the Pretty things
    • 2003 — fall in love with me, if you dare
    • 2004 — the engagement
    • 2007 — Life in pink color
    • 2010 — the Beginning
    • 2012 — Rust and bone
    • 2013 — Fatal passion
    • 2014 Two days, one night
    • 2015 — Macbeth


    Marion Cotillard

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