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  • Name: Mario Casas ( Mario Casas Sierra )
  • Date of birth: 12 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: La coruña, Spain
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Mario Casas: a biography

    Mario Casas — Spanish actor, star of the widely famous movie «Three meters above the sky», «Summer rain», «the Ark», «the Witches of Zugarramurdi». Predominantly starred in his native country, although he has experience of cooperation with foreign companies, both European and South American.

    He was born in the Spanish city of a coruña, in the family of a Builder and housewife. He has a sister Sheila, and three Christian brothers, Oscar and Daniel. If you don’t count the younger Daniel, who is only two years, the rest of the boys followed in the footsteps of older brother and also became actors. But Sheila has a career in law.

    I must say that, initially, Mario was not thinking about the cinema. When he was a boy, the boy was attracted to the heroic profession of policeman and fireman. And in 7 years, Mario said that would be a football player. He even went to the sports section of the main club of the city, Deportivo. Who knows, maybe today the world will know of the Casas as a great striker, but in 1994 the family moved to the suburbs of Barcelona and on this football career is over kid.

    Mario received in school a good art education. In high school he was invited to appear in commercials, and the young man got the first experience with the camera. Seeing new perspectives, qasas at 18 he moved to Madrid and entered the acting school Cristina Rota, after which he began to play in a big movie.


    At first, Mario Casas starred in the only television series. Most of them were only in Spain and outside the country is unknown. Except, perhaps, the television series «Paco’s Men», which began to broadcast, code Mario is already a star. The first work that came abroad, it was me Antonio Banderas ‘ «Summer rain», followed by the youth drama «Sex, party and lies» and the social picture of the «brain drain».

    A real breakthrough in the career of Casas occurred in 2010. Was first released the film «Three meters above the sky», Mario has been awarded several awards, and then the controversial tragicomedy «Neon flesh.» This picture has received considerable attention because of the social themes and the amazing divergence of opinion of the critics: «Neon flesh» were called bad taste, and a masterpiece.

    These works Mario Casas drew attention to himself, so no wonder it was approved for the main role in large-scale post-apocalyptic TV series «the Ark». In parallel, the actor managed to pull in one of the highest-grossing Spanish films of recent years – in Comedy horror movie «the Witches of Zugarramurdi».

    In addition to local films, as well as collaborative paintings by Spanish and other European film companies, the Casas once took part in a South American disaster movie «the 33». From recent work of the actor is called historical romance «Palm trees in the snow», the sitcom «Killer light» and crime Thriller «the Bull».

    Personal life

    Mario Casas quite often there are novels on set. So, while working on one of his first TV series he started Dating a rising star with Amaya Salamanca. Then the actor fell in love with Maria Valverde, a partner in the film «Three meters above the sky». They dated for 2014, but this relationship came to nothing lead.

    Later there was talk that Mario has a close relationship with the actress Blanca suárez, with whom he starred in «the Ark», and Clara Lago, the new actress in the second part of the melodrama «Three meters above the sky. I want you».

    Recently Casas met with the actress of Ukrainian-Ethiopian origin Bertha Vazquez. She, again, was his partner in the movie, in one of his last films «Palms in the snow». But, according to information from social networks, they are not together.

    Mario Casas in the interviews declares that it is ripe for the creation of a family, and dreams that he will have at least three children. But for an actor it is very important that the wife was not just sensitive and gentle woman, and one that will be able to take unusual traditions and notions of the inhabitants of the province of Galicia, because the young man reveres all tribal customs. And a girl he has not met.


    • 2006 — Summer rain
    • 2010 — Three meters above the sky
    • 2011 — Neon flesh
    • 2011-2013 — the Ark
    • 2012 — Three meters above the sky: I want you
    • 2012 — Group 7
    • 2013 Witches of Zugarramurdi
    • 2013 — Ismael
    • 2015 — Palm trees in the snow
    • 2016 — Bull


    Mario Casas

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