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  • Name: Marina Zudina ( Marina Zudina )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married to Oleg Tabakov

    Marina Zudina: biography

    In Moscow on 3 September 1965 at a young artistic family of journalist Vyacheslav and music teacher Irina Sudimyh a daughter, Marina. Distribution after training, they move to the Republic of Komi and spend there 3 years.

    In early childhood, parents do not notice Marina special talents and inclinations. She is eager to participate in the initiative, not singing and dancing. The situation changed when Irina Zudina as a music teacher seriously engaged in the creative education of her daughter. In the 9 years she sang with pleasure and dreamed of a career in Opera. In 10 years she is passionate about choreography, was even enrolled in ballet school, but due to age restrictions it was not accepted.

    Deciding in high school to become an actress, Marina Zudina approached it with seriousness and perseverance. Year it is prepared, the material chosen for the program, develop a stage voice, knowing exactly what he wants to study with Oleg Tabakov. Efforts were not in vain, and it has succeeded. In 1986, she is graduating from GITIS, the course Tabakov and hits him in the Studio theatre.

    Cinema and theatre

    First role came in the days of the students. The talent of the actress spotted Director Georgy Natanson proud of so far, and invited her in his film «Valentin and Valentina». Then there were films such as «Still love, still hope…» Lyrchikova, «On main street with an Orchestra» Todorovsky. Critics praised Marina Zudin. She was always very natural in every frame, the viewer believes her sincere smile, eyes, laughter.

    In the theatre of Marina V. Suginoi unlucky. For six years she suffered from thirst in the filled serious roles that could comprehend and experience the full. Very memorable were her acting work in productions of «Chair», «Roof» and «Biloxi Blues».

    In 2014, Marina played Blanche in the play «the Tram «Desire» — is very welcome to her role.

    Today in fragile shoulders Marina Vyacheslavovna Suginoi more than 30 roles in film and a strong, vibrant roles in productions. Since 1995 she has the title of Honored artist of Russia, and in 2006 the national.

    Personal life

    The romance between Marina Suginoi and Oleg Tabakov broke out in the mid-80s. Zudina then studied on the course Tabakov. As Oleg Pavlovich was married they hid the relationship. From the eyes of Nathanson did not escape special care Tabakov, who came to the Marina on shooting with hot cakes.

    First tobacco, of course, had not planned to leave the family and do not treat their romance seriously. The difference of 30 years inspired the skepticism of many fans of gossip. However, the affair lasted 10 years. After a few years, Oleg realized that between him and Marina is a real sense, and the age difference is very small, bourgeois reason to refuse happiness.

    Tabakov children from a previous marriage seriously took care of his father. Daughter of Alexander still doesn’t want to communicate with him. His departure from the family was surprised even Zudin, but she admits that after the marriage was relieved because it was less gossip.

    Were born of their shared children — a son Paul and a daughter Mary. Mary was too young to figure out my future occupation. But Tabakov-Junior student in the theater Tabakov College senior. Follows in the footsteps of parents and achieves success. The young man played in the film by Anna Melikyan «Star», and Konstantin Bogomolov asked him to play «Snuff».

    As for Marina Suginoi, today the role of mother is most important of all.


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    Marina Zudina

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