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  • Name: Marina Zhuravleva ( Zhuravleva Marina )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Activities: singer, composer, songwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marina Zhuravleva: biography

    Marina Zhuravleva – the singer, the singer of the Soviet and Russian hits music love lyrics. The winner of the competition of singers, songwriter.

    Marina A. Zhuravleva was born on 8 Jul 1963 in one of hospitals of Khabarovsk. Her father was a serviceman and mother was a housewife. A girl from a young age was fond of singing and music. After his family moved to Voronezh the young Marina was a soloist of the ensemble of the city Palace of pioneers. She has a diploma from music school, piano class.

    Marina Zhuravleva in his youth
    Marina Zhuravleva in youth | Official website

    The desire of the Marina to public speaking in her youth had brought the girl to a music group «Fantasy,» in which she took the place of the soloist. Very quickly Zhuravleva became a professional musical performer. At the age of 16 years she received an invitation from the Voronezh Philharmonic. She was offered a job in ensemble «Silver strings». The girl agreed and after school exams went on their first tour, which lasted four months.

    Marina Zhuravleva in his youth
    Marina Zhuravleva young | full Movie

    At age 17, Marina went to Dnepropetrovsk all-Union competition of young performers of pop song and became its laureate. Back in Voronezh, Zhuravlev entered the musical College at the pop Department. In addition to vocals she has mastered the flute. Training in Voronezh, the artist is not finished. Despite her young age, Zhuravleva married and had a baby, and then transferred to complete their education in Moscow. In an interview, Marina recalled that at the Moscow school was going to do after school, but participation in the competition in Dnepropetrovsk was late for the entrance exams.

    Career growth

    In 1983, Marina has left Voronezh Philharmonic and the ensemble «Silver strings». After the competition of a variety of departments of the USSR, she was noticed and invited to Moscow. The long-awaited relocation of the capital took place, and Zhuravlev began to work in a jazz orchestra «Sovremennik», which was led by Anatoly Kroll. In 1986, the Marina graduated from the Moscow musical College named after Gnesins, and a year later left the band. The reason became acquainted with her future husband Sergey Sarychev.

    Marina Zhuravlova
    Marina Zhuravleva | Official website

    In 1988, Zhuravleva took part in recording the audio tracks for the film «Prisoner of If castle» by Viktor Avilov in the title role, performed in concerts, composed poems to new music compositions. Close cooperation with Sergei Sarychev led to the emergence of the first solo album of Marina under the title «Kiss me once», which was released in 1989. A year later another album, «red carnations», and in 1991 – the collection of songs «White cherry». We can say that the songs written by Sarycheva and made Zhuravleva is their joint children born in the marriage of two talented people.

    After the release of the mixtape, «White cherry» the couple began to collaborate with the theatre of Alla Pugacheva. Worked for about a year under the patronage of prima donnas, artists went on tour in the US. Marina mentioned in an interview that when he and Sergey left, then left the car at the airport, as I was planning to come back soon.

    Career abroad

    In the nineties, she was very popular. At that time there was social networking such as «Instagram» or «Facebook». Fans could follow the life of their idols on the Internet. Clones Zhuravleva traveled the country with the fictitious doubles of famous teams. One colleague Marina caught one of the scammers directly into the concert hall. He showed the audience a joint photo with this artist, her album cover and deception enraged crowd smashed the space and equipment to pieces. The time of troubles in Russia caused Marina’s fears, when I received the offer to stay in the United States, she agreed and never regretted.

    Marina Zhuravlova
    Marina Zhuravleva | Official website

    In 1992, the song performed by Marina Zhuravleva «My train is gone» sounded in the cult film of its time «good weather In Deribasovskaya, or Brighton beach again it rains». The main heroine of the picture was performed this song in a Russian restaurant of America under the pseudonym Masha Star. Marina herself has performed not only in clubs of the United States, but also in concert halls, outdoor venues and even stadiums.

    Marina Zhuravlova
    Marina Zhuravleva | Official website

    In 1998 began to emerge for the song by Marina Zhuravleva. The singer recorded the music video for the song «the heart wound I have» together with the artists from the team of Martha Mogilev. It was planned and the second video but due to technical difficulties, its manufacture was frozen. Most music videos Zhuravleva, posted on the Internet represent the Amateur cuts her concert videos.

    Marina Zhuravlova
    Marina Zhuravleva | Official website
    The actress tried herself as an actress, starring in a cameo role in a detective «the Lawyer» in 2003. After 7 years, it again called out to the movies. In 2010 Marina was played clear in the psychological novel «Voices». Her filmography yet ends.
    Marina Zhuravlova
    Marina Zhuravleva | Official website

    How many years Zhuravleva spent in exile? To this question the singer says that he does not consider himself an immigrant. Marina Zhuravleva goes to concerts in Russia, Canada, Germany, Israel, USA. With this schedule it is difficult to call a resident of a particular country.

    The best songs

    In 2003 he published a collection of the best songs of Marina Zhuravleva, which included 17 tracks in different years. Among them were song: If you’re beside me», «White cherry», «the heart wound I», «Train of love», «yesterday», «Star» and others.

    These songs Marina wrote during the heyday of his career in Russia. In America, the singer has released three albums, the compositions of which were presented at concerts in Germany and the United States. In 2013, Marina Zhuravleva has recorded a new album with the support of «Road radio» and record company «Kvadro-disk», called «Migratory birds».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Marina Zhuravleva was not less interesting than her music career. In his youth, the artist was a very attractive girl. She had luxurious Golden hair, model height and weight, has a gorgeous voice and mischievous eyes. Men went crazy. The singer three times married. Her first husband was a fellow student at the Voronezh musical College. From him the actress gave birth to daughter Julia in 1982. But, like many of the early marriages, the Union was fragile and quickly disintegrated.

    Marina Zhuravleva and Sergei Sarychev
    Marina Zhuravleva and Sergei Sarychev

    The second man appeared at the Marina anatolevny in Moscow. During the heyday of his artistic career the singer has married a rock musician from the group «alpha» Sergey Sarychev. They met in 1987.

    Tandem Sarychev and Zhuravleva was very successful. The pair have toured together, Sergey wrote songs for his wife and eventually began to perform the duties of a producer. In 1992, the couple was invited on tour in America, they flew to give two dozen concerts, but never returned.

    Marina Zhuravlyova at a time
    Marina Zhuravleva now

    In 2000, their marriage has ceased to exist. By the time the couple had lived some time in America. The third man Marina Zhuravleva found itself in the US, it was the immigrant from Armenia. The couple lived together for about ten years, but this love story ended. With her third husband Zhuravleva divorced, too. The daughter of singer Julia received an American education and became a doctor, she lives and works in America.


    • 1989 — «Kiss me once»
    • 1990 — «Red carnations»
    • 1991 — «White cherry»
    • 1994 — «Let them talk»
    • 1995 — «Play the guitar»
    • 1998 — «If you’re beside me»
    • 2001 — «Girl with a loose braid»
    • 2013 — «Migratory birds»


    Marina Zhuravlova

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