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  • Name: Marina Yakovleva ( Marina Yakovleva )
  • Date of birth: 1 April 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Zima, Irkutsk oblast
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Marina Yakovleva: biography

    Marina Yakovleva was born in Siberia, in the town with the beautiful name Winter, which is in the Irkutsk region. None of her family were not related to the arts: his father was a machinist and mom was a paramedic. When she was 5, her parents decided to divorce. The mother married second time and took the Marina, moved to the city of Shelekhov. There Yakovleva appeared younger brother Vladimir.

    In school, the future actress did not even think about his talent. The idea is to associate life with a stage and cinema came to her in the last class. There were new movies with popular actress Inna Churikova, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Nonna Mordyukova.

    The girl went to Moscow and managed to get into GITIS, having a huge competition. It should be noted that the selection Committee noted her «appalling pronunciation», reinforced by the fact that Yakovlev was saying. But charisma and charm inside was more important than accent, and the Marina became a student of the acting Department.

    After high school she focused on film career, also participated in the popular newsreel «jumble». In late 80s she is in the troupe of the theatre «School of modern play», and after the collapse of the Soviet Union is moving into a New drama theatre. In addition to playing on stage and film sets, Marina Yakovleva dabbled as a TV presenter: she gave various useful tips in a special section, regularly published in the newspaper «From a woman’s life».


    In the movie, Marina Yakovleva made her debut in 1978 in the film «Wind of wanderings» stories by N. M. Prishvin. Then followed a number of smaller roles that helped the actress to gain necessary experience, which ultimately led to the melodrama «Scenes from a marriage» and Comedy «Citizen Leszek», where she played the main characters.

    Very quickly Marina Yakovleva became popular. She was invited to melodrama «dreamboat» musical «Silver Revue», a screen adaptation of the classic novel «the Precipice», a social drama «found guilty», the children’s film «Morning without marks» and many other paintings.

    Very popular with the audience was a historical TV series «Mikhail Lomonosov», the tale «After rain on Thursday», the drama «Good intentions». Also at the Marina in 1999 was a very interesting experience – she starred in the documentary «How to photograph his wife, that she was not offended?», in which a professional photographer shared their ideas and secrets of shooting portraits at home.

    In the 21st century Yakovleva not disappeared from the scene. On the contrary, it is very often invited into projects of various genres. Just the actress, more than 110 films. The most vivid came his characters in the Comedy «unexpected joy» crime drama «Crazy angel», a lyrical Comedy «Stroybat» and psychological drama «the March of the Slav». Now Marina starred in the melodrama «the Mystery of Russian gems», which should be released in 2016.

    Personal life

    In the movie «flying Squadron of hussars» Marina Yakovleva starred in the crowd, and the main male role of Denis Davydov was the actor Andrei Rostotsky. But it was her chose a man to dance at the ball waltz. So began the relationship of young people, and in 1989 they were married. During this wife Marina appeared in the credits under the double surname Yakovleva-roztots’ka.

    But the first marriage lasted only two years, which was the difference in social status. The fact that the Rostock comes from an old aristocratic family, and his relatives did not accept a simple Siberian Yakovlev. They strongly pressed for Andrew and that was the cause of the rupture of relations between spouses.

    After some time Marina met another actor Valery Storeroom. In their family were born two sons, Theodore and Ivan. At first the relationship was fine, but then my husband became jealous of Jacob to its success and the huge number of offers from filmmakers. In 1991, the couple divorced, and Valery even stopped to chat with children.

    Later the woman was short-lived romances with people who are not within the sphere of show-business. For example, in Israel, Marina met with the English subject, she also met an artist who moved to permanent residence in the United States. But Yakovlev married never came out.

    By the way, both son Marina not have contact with the acting profession. They discovered his mathematical skills and became programmers.


    • 1980 — Citizen Leszek
    • 1981 — Gypsy happiness
    • 1982 — Silver review
    • 1983 — convicted
    • 1985 — After the rain on Thursday
    • 2004 — the unexpected joy
    • 2008 — the Choice of my mom
    • 2010 — Stroybat
    • 2013 — drop dead diva
    • 2014 — My favorite dad


    Marina Yakovleva

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