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  • Name: Marina Vlady ( Marina Catherine Poljakova-Bagarova )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: Clichy-La-Garenne, France
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: French actress and singer of Russian origin
  • Marital status: Widow

    Marina Vlady : biography

    Catherine Marina Polyakova-Baigarova, better known to us as Marina Vlady was born in the French city of Clichy-La-Garenne may 10, 1938. Marina Vladimirovna Russian roots: her mother was a ballerina-the noblewoman of Russia, the father of Ukrainian Roma.

    Vladimir Polyakov-Baydarov graduated from the Conservatory in Moscow and went to France. The purpose of the trip was participation in the first world war. Vladimir wanted to volunteer, but the Russian army didn’t take it: he was the only son, and my mother at that time was widowed. Only after moving to France, Vladimir went to war and served as a pilot. At the end of hostilities he decided to stay in Paris. Poles-Baydarov sang beautifully and was accepted to the Paris Opera.

    Mother Milica E. Inwald he moved with his family from Russia in 1919. Her father served in the Russian army in the rank of General. Milica was a student of the Institute of noble maidens at Smolny. After the start in St. Petersburg, pogroms, the family emigrated.

    The parents of Marina Vlady met in Belgrade. While her mother’s family lived there and the father came on tour. After his marriage in the family were born four daughters: Olga, Tanya, and Junior Milica Marina.

    Olga, Tanya and Marina chose the acting profession. His first role in the movie Marina played 11 years of age. It was a small episode. The melodrama was called «Summer storm». The main role in the film played sister Tanya. Special acting education at the young artist was not. In childhood and adolescence Marina attended ballet school in Paris. Ballerina Authorities did not, but ballet training helped to acquire future artist plasticity and gracefulness.


    Alias «Vladi,» the French actress took after the death of her beloved father. Under this name it is known in Russia and in France. And to be in a movie, the artist began in 1949. After a cameo role in the film «Summer storm,» she’s in for 4 years has played in several films. Acquiring the necessary experience, the young actress got the main role in the melodrama «first-class girl» and «First love», released in the early 1950s.

    The first tangible success came to Marina Vlady after the release of the painting «Before the flood». For this work she was awarded the prize Suzanne, Bianchetti.

    The authorities acted not only in French, but also Italian Directors. In 1954 she appeared in the film «Days of love» Santis that became classics of Italian cinema of the neorealism period.

    In the USSR, Marina Vlady learned after the release of the painting «the Witch», where the French played a major role. Romantic blonde beauty immediately captivated Soviet audiences. After this film, the Authorities began to recognize the streets of Moscow.

    Another award Marina received after the release of the film «Modern history» in 1963. Here she played a negative character – nymphomaniac Regina. This is not the first experience of transformation in character with the sign «minus». The ability of the Government to show convincingly low-lying inclinations and the dark instincts was opened by the Director Godard in the early 1960s. He took Marina Vlady to kinonovell «Hypocrisy», where the actress played the owner of the shop, to translate if not all of existing shortcomings. Her talent to transform from an angel into a demon and Directors, including Ancho and Meszaros. As such, Power starred in the films «Sirocco» and «two of Them».

    French actress with Russian roots she starred in the film Director, who also has family ties with Russia. It’s her first husband Robert Hossein. The authorities appeared in the film «Night spies», «You poison,» and «Sentence». The last picture, released in 1959, was awarded at the film festival in Moscow.

    But the greatest popularity was brought to Marina Vlady tape Marco Ferreri called «Queen bees», which appeared on screens in 1963. The film received a prize at Cannes, and Government, in addition to awards at Cannes, was nominated for a Golden globe.

    In 2012, the French actress was awarded the prize «Henri-Langlois» award for her long and successful film career. In my life, Marina Vlady starred in such famous Directors as Marcello Mastroianni, Orson Welles, Giuseppe de Santis, Jean-Luc Godard and Robert Hossein. It has to its credit more than 100 roles in movies.

    Personal life

    In the life of Marina Vlady had many Affairs with famous and brilliant men. First against the lovely charms of a young actress (then Marina was only 15 years old) could not resist the 27-year-old Marcello Mastroianni. As he wrote to the Authorities later in his memoirs, he gave her the first lessons of flirting, when they starred together in the film «Black feathers». Mastroianni was fascinated by the young French woman opened her way in the world of cinema, introducing many well-known actors and Directors. But a full-fledged novel, they have failed.

    Young girl has found a new object of Marlon Brando. But handsome was more resistant to the charms of the Marina. But famous Directors Orson Welles and Jean-Luc Godard so in love with actress, offered her marriage. Unfortunately, 17-year-old Marina Vlady chose 28-year-old Robert Ossana, known to viewers for his role as Geoffrey de Parka in «Angelique». By the way, the Marina was first offered the role of the main heroine of the film, but during filming started scandals with her husband, and the Authorities abandoned the work. Married to Ossana had two sons – Igor and Peter. The breakup was painful, and former spouses are unable to maintain friendly relations.

    Second husband of Power was the test pilot Jean-Claude Brule. Marina was fascinated by the heroic romance of his profession and married again. Soon came their General’s son Vladimir. But this marriage also ended quickly.

    Authorities admitted that she was tired from novels and fans, and she wants to rest from a stormy personal life. With this intention she went to Russia, where he received an offer from Sergei Yutkevich to star in the film «I am flying to Moscow.» In the capital, the Authorities came with the entire family, mother and sons. She planned to work in Moscow for 2-3 months, but fate brought her with Vladimir Vysotsky. The affair dragged on for 12 long years, he graduated from with the death of the bard. Marina Vlady recognizes that Vysotsky was the main love and passion throughout her life. After his death, the actress couldn’t listen to songs performed by Vladimir Semenovich, because I felt almost physical pain.

    In France, after the funeral of Vladimir Vysotsky Power came back broken. They say she tried to commit suicide. Ill with depression brought Marina oncologist Leon Schwarzenberg. He was treated for cancer a sister Power. Leaving behind his family, Leon has been with the Authority for 23 years. In a cruel twist of fate, he died of cancer. It is rumored that after her husband’s death, the actress began to abuse alcohol. Saved her work – she wrote a memoir and dogs being looked after Power.

    But it was not all trouble and misery that fell on the actress. After a terrible road accident was lost two grandchildren, and his son barely survived, spending several months in a coma.


    About Marina Vladi spoke up again in Russia in October 2015 in connection with the news, which shocked many. It became known that the actress has decided to sell the death mask of Vladimir Vysotsky and his last poem, dedicated to her, with the autograph of the poet. Authorities explained his action by the fact that she moved from a large house to a small apartment near Paris, so had to part with many things that are of value.

    «It’s not just about the money. I turn my life and throw themselves into the future,» said Marina Vlady.


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    Marina Vlady

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