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  • Name: Marina Shimanskaya ( Marina Shimanskaya )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Marina Shimanskaya: biography

    Marina Shimanskaya — Soviet and Spanish theater and film actress, famous in the early 80-ies thanks to romantic Comedy «take care of women,» disaster movie «Thirty-fourth ambulance,» and the film adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky «someone else’s wife and husband under the bed».

    Marina Shimanskaya young
    Young Marina Shimansky

    Biography of Marina Shimansky starts on 27 Oct 1955 in Saratov. She was born in the family of ordinary people who had no relation not only to cinema but also to any other kind of art. Incidentally, the girl’s father, Mieczyslaw I., survived his time a real family tragedy: during Stalin’s repressions of all of his family were shot because they were from the Polish aristocratic family, and the guy got sent to places not so remote for quite a long time.

    Marina Shimanskaya, Algis Arlauskas, Elena Mayorova
    With Alyson Arlauskas and Elena Maiorova | 7 days

    Still in preschool Marina is seriously interested in the visual arts. First, she painted with a pencil, then paints, and was successful in this occupation. Parents gave her daughter to art school, and she planned to devote his life to painting. But in high school Shimanskaya began to take an active part in the school performances. None of the student’s performance was not without her attention, strengthening the love of the stage. And in the end, the biography of Marina shimanskiy directly associated with the acting profession after she decides to enter the theater Institute. Although the draw she never stopped, just doing that for the soul.

    Marina Shimanskaya
    Actress in a youth | 7 days

    First, Marina went on to study acting at the Saratov theater school, where its leaders were honored art worker Georgiy Bannikov and people’s artist of the USSR Rimma Belyakova. And then Shimanskaya goes to Moscow and became a student of the legendary State Institute of theatrical arts named after Lunacharsky, A. V.. On the course of Oleg Tabakov, she met and befriended another future star — Elena Maiorova. After graduating from University Marina for many years played in the Moscow theatre «the Hermitage», and in 1991 moved to the company Theatre-Studio under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, but served in her only season: the reason for this was the personal life of Marina Shimansky.


    Film debut as an aspiring actress started when she was just starting to study in GITIS. She got the role of the teacher-Intern Lydia Nikolaevna in a lightweight teen movie «When I’m a giant». The picture was a great success, and the Marina begin to enter one sentence after another, but she regularly rejects scripts, listen to teachers and focusing on learning. On the set Shimanskaya returned only in the last year. And created a striking and memorable image of Catherine in the historical-adventure film «flying Squadron of hussars». The actress managed to show your character with two sides: and as flirtatious and frivolous daughter of the landlord, turn the head to Denis Davydov, and as a true patriot of his homeland, demonstrating loyalty to Russia during the attack of Napoleon’s army.

    Marina Shimanskaya in the film
    The role of the captain Luba in the movie «Save the women» | full Movie

    But the most famous movies of Marina Shimansky is a romantic Comedy «take care of women,» which also noted Andrey Gradov, Igor Sklyar and songs sounded performed by Yury Antonov and disaster film about a train accident, «Thirty-fourth ambulance». Interestingly, the role of the bride Rai in this film tried more than two dozen Actresses, but the Director every time something did not suit. When he saw Marina, all doubts suddenly vanished: she perfectly understood the psychology and mannerisms of the heroine. After images of the captain of the tug «Cyclone» Love and bride Rai Shimanskaya was among the most favorite national artists and even appeared on the cover of the magazine «Soviet screen» in 1981, which was considered one of the highest forms of recognition.

    Marina Shimanskaya in the film
    In the role of a viscountess Mrs Pei in the film «Comic lover, or Love venture of sir John Falstaff» | Movie-theater

    Following this success was followed by the teen Comedy «Morning is wiser than evening» and easy melodrama «cultural campaign in theater». Then there was the social drama «can’t choose your Parents» with him Smolyakova, a children’s humorous film «that scoundrel Sidorov» from a young Vladislav Galkin, a fantastic Comedy «Comic lover, or Love venture of sir John Falstaff» with such masters as Anatoly Papanov and Evgeny Evstigneev. In subsequent years, Shimanskaya helped to create melodrama «Happy, Eugene!» by Elena Tsyplakova and adaptation of the Comedy of the story by Fyodor Dostoevsky «someone else’s wife and husband under the bed» with wonderful actors Oleg Efremov, and the Marina Neelova.

    Marina Shimanskaya in the film
    In the role of Svetlana in the film «the Winner» | full Movie

    Starring in a lyrical Comedy «Close to you», Shimanskaya was long gone with larger screens. Until 2004 she avoided film sets and made an exception only for my Spanish friends, who decided to create the short film «Man without a man.» Again get a taste for acting, his filmography Marina Shimanskaya complements the drama «Winner» and the historical and biographical TV series «Fights». And if the young actress had to display striking beauties, but now she was able to throw out on the spectator of the nature of his heroines, the rural provincial of his wife Svetlana and Lev Trotsky, Natalia Sedova.

    Personal life

    Comedy «Protect women» has not only brought fame, but also changed the personal life of Marina Shimansky. On the set she met her future husband, actor Alyson Arlauskas, which the audience should be well remembered in the film by Leonid Gaidai «Sportloto-82». Between the young people ran a spark of love, gradually developed into a great feeling and eventually Algis made Marina offer hands and hearts.

    Marina Shimanskaya and Algis Arlauskas
    With her husband Alyson Arlauskas | LiveInternet

    Almost immediately, the couple had a daughter, Olga, and after nine years and a son, Alexander. In the early 90-ies of the Russian cinema is plunged into silence. Husband of Marina Shimansky decides to immigrate to Spain, because he was half Lithuanian and half Hispanic. He even had a property in the Basque country, in Bilbao, inherited from the maternal grandfather. Dad took him and a daughter, Olga, and Marina took her small son to relatives to Saratov, and continued to tour with the theatre of Oleg Tabakov. But at some point the woman realized that for the sake of half-empty halls for the audience refuses favorite people: her husband and children. She is released from the troupe, takes son Alexander and also moved to Spain.

    Marina Shimanskaya Mechislavovna
    Marina Shimanskaya Mechislavovna today | First channel

    In Bilbao Shimanskaya learned Spanish, created together with Alyson Arlauskas a private professional school, where he teaches young actors and writers. The Marina itself teaches acting classes. But in 2013 between the actress and her husband ruptured, and personal life of Marina Shimansky changed. They tried to establish a relationship, even turned to a professional psychologist, but the specialist was unable to help, declaring that the spouses already for a long time, see before themselves the different purposes. As a result, the husband and wife divorced, Arlauskas went to another woman, one of the Spanish friends of the Marina. But the actress does not hold grudges nor husband, nor his new girlfriend, although the departure of Algisa she experienced very painful. By the way, as Shimanskaya divorce was not registered, officially she is still the wife of Algia of Arlauskas.


    • 1978 — When I’m a giant
    • 1980 — a Squadron of hussars volatile
    • 1981 — take care of women
    • 1982 — Thirty-fourth soon
    • 1984 — another man’s wife and husband under the bed
    • 1984 — that scoundrel Sidorov
    • 1986 — Next to you
    • 2004 Man without a man
    • 2009 — Winner
    • 2011 — fights: a Woman under the «classified»


    Marina Shimanskaya

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